"What Will a Civilization a Million Years Ahead of Earth Look Like?"
Did a Massive Extraterrestrial Body Impact Earth 12,000 Years Ago?

Comment of the Day: "What Will a Civilization a Million Years Ahead of Earth Look Like?"




"All of these conjectures assume human beings simply getting more advanced in some linear way... and assuming the same for biological creatures elsewhere. Yet, in less than a century of the existence of binary ai, we have many scientists talking seriously about parity and beyond of ai. The 'beyond' is also likely to be an exponential development. And it is to arrive in less than 50 years, not centuries or hundreds of centuries. The big philosophical question is: If "we" survive a million years, what is 'we'? I would feel much more familiar with identifying with a dinosaur or fish than what ai will become in the next few centuries, if ai is what I 'become'..."


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Interesting post and very much correct, we do assume too much about the universe and how another civilization may rise or fall based on our own experience. We really have no clue about whats out there. There are so many archetypes for civilizations. For all we know many intelligent civilizations may have risen without the wars and fighting over resources we have here on Earth. Without the threat of cosmic or terrestrial destruction. They may have spawned on a planet in a perfect little corner of space that has no natural way of destroying them. No stray comets or asteroids. This would allow them to build upon scientific knowledge easily and unobstructed by politics or racial bias. They may know nothing of war. Having never had a need to fight one. Predicting the natural advancements of something as amazing as a intelligent civilization has far to many variables.

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