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Did a “Forgotten” Two-Kilometer-Wide Meteor Plunge Earth into the Ice Ages?

From the X Files: The IAU's "Commission 51" and the Search for ET Life




The International Astronomical Union's (IAU) formal Search for Extraterrestrial Life has been established as "Commission 51 --a dedicated body of scientists searching for extraterrestrial life. The bioastronomy objectives of the commission include: The search for planets around other stars; The search for radio transmissions, intentional or unintentional, of extraterrestrial origin; The search for biologically relevant interstellar molecules and the study of their formation processes; Detection methods for potential spectroscopic evidence of biological activity.

Professor Sun Kwok, the University of Hong Kong’s dean of science, believes that evidence of extraterrestrial life will be discovered within the next fifty years, but perhaps as soon as twenty years. And although he expects to discover microbial life, he firmly believes that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe, and also believes that “a lot of scientists also hold the opinion that there is intelligent life out there.”

At the recent annual assembly of the IAU, Kwok was elected vice-president of the bioastronomy Commission 51 for the next three years.

The Daily Galaxy via IAU 


That Commission 51 shares its number with Area 51 is almost certainly a coincidence, but excites that perversely creative portion of my mind.

Humor aside, though, I wish these people all the best. I actually expect them to find a lot of stuff between the microbial and the intelligent.

The people who insist that there is no such thing as intelligent extra terrestrial life have obviously not thought it through properly... Either that or they themselves don't have the intelligence to understand the question and its ramifications!
Life abounds everywhere where the conditions are favourable and even in a lot of places where they are totally hostile. It's a human vanity to think there are no other beings of our own calibre in the Universe, the question should be: Where are they? Not: Are they there?..

Start with learning from The Show Ancient Aliens. Then if we can find a way to make the lens' that would see what the animal's eye spectrum can, and even more, that we know not of today, then we will be able to see those things that would just awe us today. I had a couple or more, of experiences happen to me, from the age of a child, that I have never before told(except my family, which knew I was not crazy). I have died and been shocked back, from what I call, HIS HEAVEN. The rest is just plain easy common sense, to try to figure out. Are men still so vain, as to believe why human intelligence has taken such a giant leap from??? Seriously??? Too many look TOO hard for the answers, while they can be found so easily!!!

The search for real evidence of extraterrestrials and UFOs has never been more urgent as the end of the Mayan Long Count Calender rapidly approaches. Who knows what cataclysmic event may await us on this fateful day. Will the Mayan "earth gods" show up as promissed to save mankind from a physical magnetic pole shift?

My own UFO story here in San Diego has won front page coverage in every newspaper in town for good reason. My accidental photo of 10 daylight UFOs has been successfully linked to other UFOs as well as countless ancient artifacts and the Nazca Lines in Peru. The LA Times broke the story and labeled the evidence on my non-profit website and Youtube video "UNSETTLING" See for yourself, Google "Inaja UFO Photo"

We will find no ET life, intellignet or otherwise. That's why we havent seen any evidence to date. The entire universe was created for us the at the instant it was first observed by life on this planet. Biocentric universe. Wave functions collapsing. Way cool.

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