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Physicists said Thursday the potential discovery of the "God particle" was a gateway to a new era that could see humanity unlock some of the universe's great mysteries including dark matter.

The discovery of the  long-sought Higgs boson, an elusive particle thought to help explain why matter has mass, was hailed as a huge moment for science by physicists gathered in Australia, where CERN's findings were unveiled via videolink from Geneva at a landmark conference attended by hundreds of the field's top experts.

Scientists hailed the announcement, speculating that it could one day make light speed travel possible by "un-massing" objects or allow huge items to be launched into space by "switching off" the Higgs.* CERN scientist Albert de Roeck likened it to the discovery of electricity, when he said humanity could never have imagined its future applications.

"What's really important for the Higgs is that it explains how the world could be the way that it is in the first millionth of a second in the Big Bang," de Roeck told AFP.* "Can we apply it to something? At this moment my imagination is too small to do that."

Physicist Ray Volkas said "almost everybody" was hoping that, rather than fitting the so-called Standard Model of physics -- a theory explaining how particles fit together in the Universe -- the Higgs boson would prove to be "something a bit different".

"If that was the case that would point to all sorts of new physics, physics that might have something to do with dark matter," he said, referring to the hypothetical invisible matter thought to make up much of the universe.

British physicist Peter Higgs smiles at a press conference on July 4, at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) offices in Meyrin near Geneva. After a quest spanning nearly half a century, physicists said on July 4 they had found a new sub-atomic particle consistent with the Higgs boson which is believed to confer mass.

"It could be, for example, that the Higgs particle acts as a bridge between ordinary matter, which makes up atoms, and dark matter, which we know is a very important component of the universe."

"That would have really fantastic implications for understanding all of the matter in the universe, not just ordinary atoms," he added.* De Roeck said scrutinising the new particle and determining whether it supported something other than the Standard Model would be the next step for CERN scientists.

Clarification could be expected by the beginning of 2013; definitive proof that it fitted the Standard Model could take until 2015 when the LHC had more power and could harvest more data.

The LHC is due to go offline for a two-year refit in December that will see its firepower doubled to 14 trillion electronvolts -- a huge step forward in the search for new particles and clues about what holds them all together. De Roeck said he would find it a "little boring at the end if it turns out that this is just the Standard Model Higgs".

Instead, he was hoping it would be a "gateway or a portal to new physics, to new theories which are actually running nature" such as supersymmetry, which hypothesises that there are five different Higgs particles governing mass.

The hunt for Higgs -- the logical next step of which de Roeck said would be searching for, and eventually being able to produce, dark matter particles -- has already had huge benefits to medicine and technology.

Volkas said the Internet was born at CERN as a solution to high-volume data-sharing and other major spin-offs were likely to follow as physicists continued to "push the boundaries of pure science".

The Daily Galaxy via 2012 AFP 


This is so amazing that I feel rather awkward at commenting at all ....

All I can say is that I feel that our particle physicists and cosmologists should take the eternal universal model of our existence at least equally in mind with the currently severely constrained model of our Big Bang universe.

From a personal perspective, confirmation of the Higgs also moves our technology right into the concept of “space” as an environment of fields which will require and motivate us to reconsider how we propel our spaceships, transmit our communications, transfer information in out computers.

Maybe an intriguing possibility is 2 mass values for the higgs pair. The slight energy difference being the cause of matter-antimatter density differences of charge mass moment imbalance.

Just a thought.

Simon, What do you mean by "a Higgs pair"?

So space has an electromagnetic field. I'm comfortable intellectually with that. And now it has a Higgs field as well. OK. Does it also have a strong field and a weak field? And I think, but correct me if wrong, that it does not have a gravitational field since General Rev tells that's it's simply curved instead, and thus there's no "field" of gravity.
I'll copy the Permalink and revisit in a day or two. thx.

Again this is "posted" for you to see, is your mind creating this message? This is a message from outside. What if your reality is a product of your own mind, like a dream is, but is more consistent than a dream because your mind is in a different state?

When are they going to find the Satan particle?


From moment to moment, existance is held together by all of the parts that make it up. for "time" to move, all of these elements must be present. Imagine each event as a bone in a skeleton, the Higgs boson is the cartilage in the joints of matter and time. like ectoplasm, it transmits/recieves data from moment to moment with any changes applied to the next moment. I'm postulating that if we try to apply the nature of this field to space travel, we may wind up time-travelling inadvertently, or even winding up in a parallel universe. the most i can really seem to deduce from this discovery at the moment is that reality is simple enough to dream, so why think it's undefined? it's constantly complicated, and not entirely graspable by one human mind, so science must evolve thusly, over time. the know has to be collective, so reality is no dream, not ours anyway.

California Z, (not to confuse me with Simon Jackson, this is a different Simon replying!) but don't all matter particles come in pairs? Neutrino's being the classic example (neutrino and anti-neutrino) so sooner or later the anti Higgs boson should turn up somewhere?


Quote: "Higgs Boson Will Unlock Great Mysteries of the Universe".

That is: The scientists put all their confidence on a small "graviton"-particle to explain their "mysterious universe".

This is just ridiculous and it reveals how far out and astray the modern cosmology is. If their overall cosmological ideas were universal and natural, they never had to rely on any small particles to explain the movements in the Universe at all.

- Their next “logical CERN-step” is now to find the "anti-Higgs Boson" (Just as Simon wrote above) because the new finding still doesn´t explain their strange consensus-model of the universe.

The Big Bang idea and the Gravitation Model of the Universe are all wrong from the very beginning and therefore they never will find any valid answers to their cosmological questions.

"Mass" is not a matter of a "graviton-particle" in a "gravitational field" but a matter of atomic electromagnetism attracting and binding particles together or to repel particles away.

Unless the consensus scientists bin their strange BB and Gravity Model with all its strange and “dark cosmology epicycle additions”, they´ll never find logical answers to anything universal.

Ivar Nielsen
Natural Philosopher

Samuel Jackson: "Say God Particle one more m*********ing time. Say it!"

That's how I feel every time that term is used.

@Ivar Nielsen:

You maybe right but instead of trying to convince the readers of this blog of the folly of the present cosmologists, you may want to convince the scentific community so that they spend the billions of dollars into pursuing research on your ideas rather than on BB or Gravity Model. I'm sure someone would respond and either disprove or try to prove it.

In the meantime, it would be great to put some facts or theoretical work here or anywhere rather than simply rebuking what the cosmologists are doing. Your theory above seems to be like the elusive Theory of Everything. I seriously hope you can pursue it and explain many phenomena with it but until then even if the scientists are wrong, either let them learn from their mistakes or show THEM that they are wrong.

I, for one, am going to mostly just wait and see what develops from this. The only thing I'm going to predict is that it's going to be something awesome, and in my lifetime (unless a meteorite falls on my head or something).

The Internet wasn't born at CERN. The Web was.


You wrote:
"You maybe right but instead of trying to convince the readers of this blog of the folly of the present cosmologists, you may want to convince the scentific community so that they spend the billions of dollars into pursuing research on your ideas rather than on BB or Gravity Model. I'm sure someone would respond and either disprove or try to prove it".

AD: What does it really take to convince the modern cosmologist that they are wrong, if even concrete cosmological observations doesn´t?

Take for instants the problem with the "galactic rotation anomaly" where the objects in our galaxy doesn´t obey "the laws of objects orbiting a gravity centre".

This fact should really convince the cosmologist that they are wrong, indeed. But instead of revising the laws they invent and add an epicycle where "dark matter" should balance this anomaly and direct contradiction.

In fact, the movements of the stars in our galaxy shows that they are created in the galactic centre and moved out in the galactic surroundings. This is the only and logical explanation that fits the concrete cosmological observations. When stars and planets etc. leave the swirling galactic centre they all have the same orbital velocity as measured. There is no need for "dark matter" but a great need for looking different on the natural and cyclic cosmology.

The cosmologists are not working strictly scientific in this matter. When a hypothesis is contradicted, the whole theory shall be disgarded and revised and not repaired by adding invisible forces of any kind.

The very same goes on regarding a lots of other consensus cosmology. Instead of changing their cosmological views, they just add more and more epicycles.

- It is really very strange that modern cosmologists are working with the most unknown and illusive force of gravity, (which is not a force in itself) instead of working with the known forces of electricity and magnetism.

Besides this, cosmologists also have to work with atmospheric dynamics; thermodynamics and hydrodynamics in order to understand and describe what is going on. All these dynamics are working in a cyclic and natural way - contrary to the linear way of the Big Bang idea that never can be falsified and therefore cannot be a scientific theory at all.

"Volkas said the Internet was born at CERN" ? Really? so DARPA did nothing at all? I seem to recall CERN made a browser and web server, but the internet existed and was in use long before that, unless CERN is now claiming they invented the USA Defense Department, UseNet, BitNet, Archie, DEC and all the other services that comprised the internet before Netscape?

If CERN insists it created the Internet, can we get recovery from them for the DARPA budget since 1980?

Everyone knows that Al Gore invented the internet.

De'javu is a memory of a dream,(Jung); Quantum/Human Entanglement. Collective Unconscious/Conscious is a more consistant discription of, Interdimentional Space Time, rather than Higgs/Bose, Hawkin won the bet! The waking hours are the catalysts for all our dreams (Jung). The real Question is how much remains of the Free Will? Another way to ask the same question is how much of the universe is Dark Matter or Dark Energy?

@phoney name: 'Ectoplasm'?!

I agree with Bob Greenwade. Wait and see type feelings. I does seem to me that if it affects all the rest of the particles in existence, then it should be the easiest to detect.
oh yea, HI Ruth!

Alright sp..It's good to be back!

@GalaxyDwarf, Approaching the singularity. I'll walk you through. It's easy.

Don't try to merge. Focus. It will appear. I just need a very tiny amount of probability.

You know it's going to happen. I wonder how long it is going to take for the atheists to make sure someone changes the name of "God particle" to "Atheist Particle"?

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