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Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' --Explores Origins of Human Existence and the Eternal Question: "Are We Alone in the Universe?"




Ridley Scott's Alien (1979) was a landmark in screen science fiction is structured,ike Alien, around a journey into space. The year is 2093: Prometheus is a brand-new spacecraft. Prometheus and its crew of 17, in deep sleep for most of the voyage, has been sent to the planet within the solar system identified from the stars in the paintings discovered four years earlier on the Isle of Skye of 35,000-year-old cave paintings depicting a man reaching out to what appeared to be a small constellation of stars.

Scientists Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) recognized this painting as identical to other cave paintings found in different parts of the world, and Shaw is convinced that "they want us to come and find them". After the spacecraft lands on the planet, a group of scientists is dispatched to search for the people referred to as "engineers" because "they engineered us".

When asked how she knows this, she replies that she doesn't know but that's what she chooses to believe. The reply is virtually identical to one given to her (in flashback) by her father when, as a child, she asks him how he can be so sure her dead mother is in "paradise".

Significantly, Shaw wears a crucifix around her neck even as she proceeds to search for whomever, or whatever, created the human race.

Perhaps the most important member of the expedition is David (Michael Fassbender image above), an android who fills the role played by HAL in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey David, who has been given a quirky sense of humour, models himself on Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia, and early on is seen revisiting the scene from that film in which Lawrence impresses one of his men by not reacting when he puts his hand in a flame: "The trick is not minding that it hurts."

At the end of the day, Prometheus targets the human desire to prove that we're not alone in a vast universe of seemingly infinite galaxies and planets.

In the video below, Emory University professor of Biomolecular Chemistry explores the mythological foundations of the search for life on Earth and beyond. Don't miss this, it's terrific.

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'prometheus' possibility of intelligent life outside solar system ..intresting waiting for the filim to be released in theatres

I loved this article it was really well thought out.

I saw this movie and I was so excited for it but they just tried to re create the movie Alien in 2012. Personally I didn't like it, the storyline wasn't thought out properly but the ending was OK.

they didn't try to recreate alien at all. Alien is a totally different movie. I loved prometheus i thought it was a really good movie.

Well Alien is one of my fave movies of all time, so I don't mind. Aliens and all the other franchises were but pale imitations made for the splatter market.

The movie is full of scientific and technological mistakes. It looks like a movie from 1970's based on a cartoon from the beginning of science fiction.

"...targets the human desire to prove that we're not alone in a vast universe..."

--Great comment. What I have to remark on, is the inferior desire that humans want to search for intelligent life on other planets. What they don't realize, is every organism on THIS PLANET is every bit as intelligent as we are.

They say opposable thumbs made all the difference? You'll still never find comfort without admitting this, however obscure, but simple nonetheless, TRUTH.

this was a great movie and help explain who/what the Alien was in the original movie Alien. it is also a great story of the Ancient Summarians legends of the Anunaki(the Engineers). And the questions posed by the Anunakis about us. Are we bioengineered livestock to be eliminated after we completed the task for the "gods". or do we have our own destiny. The aliens were created bioweapons to be used to destroy us. In the begining of the movie a "god" (Enki)takes the bioweapon himself to turn the weapon upon his brothers (Enlil) before they can kill the humans. in the original Alien movie when the science officer first finds the alien in the Human host, he is watching it on a computer screen. Just above the screen is the Winged Disk. the symbol of the Anunaki. A parrelel to the story of our creation. we were an alien implanted in an Anunaki host to be livestock for... We are no different than the Aliens who hunted us. BioCreations of the "gods". The unseen key to this movie is that humans live in a free will zone. The Engineers could have killed us directly with their technlogy. but did not. they used the Alien creations to give us a chance and a possible self created destiny. which is the bottom line question. do we have a right to be here(destiny). Only WE will determine that. Even the "gods" do not have the power to decide that.

The science blog story that explains the science of the movie has great photos and is called "Prometheus Holograms by the Alien Spaceship Holographic Universe Structures." It is at

the movie is good,the story did not end it has a continuation,but the important is the origin of humanity,what if there is someone ahead of us,cause the story gives information that we had the same dna.i like the movie even it is sci-fiction,i 'd like to wait the continuation of the story,that we are not alone.....

There are 236 genes in human DNA that is not found in any other living creature on earth. Where did it come from?

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