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NewsFlash: Rumors Swirling that CERN will Confirm Existence of Higgs Boson


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Scientists at CERN might be on the verge confirming the existence of what they call the "Higgs boson", according to rumors circulating this week. Higgs, they believe, is a particle, or set of particles, that might give others mass.

According to Columbia University mathematician, Peter Woit, "CERN will soon have to decide how to spin this: will they announce discovery of the Higgs, or will they wait for some overwhelmingly convincing standard to be met, such as 5 sigma in at least one channel of one experiment? The bottom line though is now clear: there’s something there which looks like a Higgs is supposed to look. Attention will soon move to seeing if this signal is exactly what the SM [Standard Model] predicts (e.g. will the excesses in different channels agree with SM predictions?)."

The theory, developed by British physicist Peter Higgs in the 1960s. hypothesizes that a lattice, referred to as the Higgs field, fills the universe. This is something like an electromagnetic field, in that it affects the particles that move through it, but it is also related to the physics of solid materials. Scientists know that when an electron passes through a positively charged crystal lattice of atoms (a solid), the electron's mass can increase as much as 40 times. The same might be true in the Higgs field: a particle moving through it creates a little bit of distortion, which that lends mass to the particle.

The question of mass has been a puzzling one, and has left the Higgs boson as the single missing piece of the Standard Model yet to be spotted. The Standard Model describes three of nature's four forces: electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces.




The search has been on for over ten years, both at CERN's Large Electron Positron Collider (LEP) in Geneva and at Fermilab in Illinois. To look for the particle, researchers must smash other particles together at very high speeds. If the energy from that collision is high enough, it is converted into smaller bits of matter -- particles -- one of which could be a Higgs boson. The Higgs will only last for a small fraction of a second, and then decay into other particles. So in order to tell whether the Higgs appeared in the collision, researchers look for evidence of what it would have decayed into.

But finding the Higgs boson will not close the book on particle physics. While the Standard Model accounts for fundamental forces such as electromagnetism and the strong nuclear force, it cannot make sense of gravity, which is disproportionately weak compared to the other forces. One possible explanation is that we experience only a fraction of the force of gravity because most of it acts in hidden extra dimensions.

Meanwhile, a new analysis from the BaBar experiment, which ran at the SLAC National Accelerator Lab in California until 2008, suggests the standard model is not what it seems.

According to the model, a particle called the B meson, studied by BaBar, decays to produce particles including a W boson, which then decays further into a tau particle and a tau neutrino. Now BaBar reports B mesons decaying into tau particles more often than the standard model predicts.

"It looks like the standard model has something in it that we don't understand," says BaBar spokesperson Michael Roney at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.* The BaBar team's results are not statistically significant, yet, but they hope a Japanese experiment called Belle will confirm their results soon. If it is confirmed, the standard model may need a revamp, even if the Higgs is discovered to fit neatly into it.

Image at the top of page shows CL 0024+1654 a large cluster of galaxies located 5 billion light-years from Earth. It is distinctive because of its richness (large number of member galaxies), and its magnificent gravitational lens. The blue loops in the foreground are lensed images of a spiral galaxy located behind the cluster.

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symmetrymagazine and


there is no Higgs particle - a field, possibly

A field needs force carriers (i.e. Particles) to conduct its effects between objects.

A field needs force carriers (i.e. Particles) to conduct its effects between objects.

In the game of Hide and Seek which the All, the One, the Higgs Boson, the Whole of Reality, plays with itself to escape the boredom of Alone-ness (All-One -ness), the so-called discovery of the Higgs Boson, may actually prove to be "Self-Discovery," the Recognition of Observer-Awareness as its "Self" at the Experiential Boundary which "separates" Relative Existence (Observed Existence) from Awareness Existence(Observer Existence). This is the "Poof" moment when the Illusion of Reality disappears. Perhaps we should be more cautious in our search, for we may very well find that for which we are looking.

Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

And just what, exactly, does the image of a galaxy cluster 5 billion LY away have to do with the search for the Higgs? Editor's Note: Phenomenon of mass/gravity in the Universe.

THE EXCUSE for SUCH an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS PROJECT as CERN is GROSSLY INSUFFICIENT to WARRANT IT: Those Behind CERN ~ would do well to pay more attention to the FINDINGS of Nassim Haramein, who has already proven the existence of INFINITY in the proton. He has many presentations on youtube, including, "The Schwartzchild Proton": . . . and many others, including: "Crossing the Event Horizon": . . . and: "Infinity, Oneness & Grand Unified Field ~ Nassim Haramein":; OR view the paper:

The question above by Carl Bowers, was also one of mine. ~ And, from reading the other comments, it seems that this material has an audience who is quite "aware" . . . perhaps, sadly, more than the scientists involved in CERN and those who are behind this "old world" experiment.

So rumors are news worthy now? Gees. Editor's Note: You bet! Especially rumors about a discovery that could change our current view of the Universe.

Suppose weapons researchers find a way to produce higgs fields from all the demensions, and some how project this field at objects to be destroyed. Destroying things is always easier than being constructive.

Higgs Boson / “God Particle” -2012 Science validates a 150+ year old discovery ……............Infinite Intelligence….Steve Meyer / New Thought Movement / HolisticDNA

The Sixth Sense Activation Sequence – GROUNDBREAKING New Book in 2012!

“New Thought promotes the ideas that “Infinite Intelligence” or “God” is ubiquitous, spirit is the totality of real things, true human selfhood is divine, divine thought is a force for good, sickness originates in the mind, and “right thinking” has a healing effect..." Wikipedia

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