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First Human Settlement on Mars to be New Reality TV Show (VIDEO)



Mars One hopes to establish the first human settlement on Mars in 2023. It has created a technical plan for this ambitious mission that is “as simple as possible” and says it has identified potential suppliers, such as SpaceX, for every component of the mission.

The Neatherland-based Mars One plans to fund the mission by making it a reality TV show, in the “biggest media spectacle in history” with help from Mars One ambassador Paul Römer, co-creator of the globally successful Big Brother reality TV show. Watch the astronauts make their journey, and also choose which candidate gets to go (as in the Big Brother show).

Here’s the Mission Schedule

2013: Crowdsourced selection of first four astronauts; a replica of the Mars settlement built in the desert to help the astronauts prepare and train, and to test the equipment — all carried on TV.

2014: Production of the first Mars communication satellite.

2016:  Supply mission launched for Mars — to land October 2016 with its cargo: 2500 kilograms of food.

2018: Robotic exploration vehicle lands on Mars to pick best location for the settlement.

2021: . Two living units, two life support units, a second supplies unit and another rover create a habitable settlement.

2022: Liftoff on the future SpaceX Falcon 9 Heavy.

2023: Landing on a lander built by SpaceX, likely a special variant of the Dragon capsule.

2025: Second group of four astronauts lands.

“Mars One is an extraordinarily daring initiative by people with vision and imagination,” says Mars One Ambassador and physics Nobel prize winner Gerard ‘t Hooft. “This project seems to me to be the only way to fulfill dreams of mankind’s expansion into space.”

The Daily Galaxy via Mars One Project



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I think this is crazy enough that it just might work.

Private enterprise taking the lead in space exploration and colonization. This is something that would have been (and, to the best of my memory, actually was) laughed at only twenty years ago, and was unthinkable forty years ago.

But, as Dr. 't Hooft points out, this is the only way to do it without all the political stuff that would be necessary to get it done by the government.

My only concern is that we don't yet know how well the human body would keep up in the long term under slightly over one-third the gravity of Earth. We know that astronauts have problems in the microgravity of orbit, but is Mars' gravity enough to alleviate those troubles?

I'm also curious about what expectation there will be regarding having babies. That could be a whole different can of worms whichever way it goes.

But while I support this project in principle, there's no way I'd make the trip myself. The idea, as stated in the video, is that the Mars settlers would be expecting to stay for the rest of their lives. Even if my personal health would allow for the trip, my emotional ties to the people and places around here are too strong.

I do wish all the best to whatever astronauts make the trip, and to the masterminds behind it.

Red Mars Kim Stanley Robinson anyone???

were can we sign in for this mission ?

This will never happen.

Great concept, i think. I fear that if life is not exciting enough the stupid producers will force issues to boost ratings. And yes Honest Aeb. Look how the video grapher in KSR's Red Mars was treated by the crew?
I tend to like any thing that will get us settling MARS, but to do it just as a reality show. Uhg. I am not so sure.
Unfortunately I would probably watch it.

I wonder what Zubrin has to say about this?

We live in exciting times. Planetary Resources want to mine neo asteroids and private companies dock with the ISS. Predictably, some charlatans pop out of the woodwork, cheapening the thrill and dumbing down the amazing achievements we see. Trust TV ("reality" TV in particular) to reduce something amazing to a gameshow. Sigh.

cool idea, I would feel better about it if they could first figure out how to use a green screen correctly before they start colonizing mars

Cool idea but its going to be crazy if someone decides they hate it and wants to come home but instead their misery is just broadcast to the whole world. I could see this potentially getting quite messy.

Particularly if we were to deem that an emotional breakdown is not wanted on tv, ratings fall through, program goes under. Then these poor people would be left their with no supplies.

It does sound to me that this idea may benifit mankind.
However, according to the Cosmic calendar homo sapiens has only
survived on planet Earth for minutes and we have reached a stage
in our evolution where we are on a course of self destruction.
Are we advanced enought to begin to inhabit another planet. I very much doubt it. Despite this we will go ahead anyway, it is in our genetic makeup to push the boundries.

This has between one chance in a hundred and one chance in a thousand of coming off. But I really hope it does.

can't we send smartypants?

Ya thats a good idea until they reveil to us they allready have anti gravity aircraft, Fuck mars we will go alot farther than that and find a real earth like planet!!

YES YES YES!!!!!!! This is brilliant and totally feasable. By doing this privatelty we can avoid the US military highjacking this for imperial purposes. Private money, private companies and true pioneer spirit will make this work.

Send obama, romney, and the rest of congress over there..

It will probably get deleted but " ;) "

This is a joke, they are seriously kidding, they think its important to go to Mars, its not important there are more important things to do in Earth like fixing crappy economy making life better for everyone then thinking about Mars, and maybe its just me but why the hell not start with moon first... we don't have a moon base yet and we want Mars... yea very smart choise.

Grow up! One day, as a species we will need to leave this planet. We should all ready have a base on the moon and when the shielding issues are figured out, time for the rest of the galaxy.
You are as much a part of fixing your economy as any elected self serving politician so find a job and quit expecting other people to fix your life.
Lastly, quit whining in public areas. It makes you look like a whiny little bitch.

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