The Mystery of Omega Centauri: "Why Were the Early Galaxies Dense With Stars?"
"Extraterrestrial Life May Not be Based on DNA or RNA" --New Research (Today's Most Popular)

Saturday's 'Comment of the Day' --Extraterrestrial Life Common in the Universe --Wishful Thinking?



"There is absolutely no reason to believe that life wouldn't evolve exactly as it has here given the enormity of the universe. It will be carbon based and have DNA coding very similar to ours. Why? Because that is the way chemistry works and the chemicals are the same everywhere in the universe. So it really is a situation where the chemicals are everywhere and the chemistry is unified, so the only real variable is environment. I would go so far as to speculate species very similar to what we have here on Earth. We should expect to see similar adaptations (perhaps solved with different morphology) in those life forms as well. The bigger question is whether we will ever find any life we can actually "communicate" with. Even if it exists, the scale of the universe and the limiting factor of light speed will greatly hinder that ability. No discussion of intelligent life on other planets is complete without at least a mention of the Fermi Paradox."

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I would disagree as we currently very limited in what we can decipher at a distance. And we really don't know if chemical reactions are the same through out the universe, the same way that we don't really know if our 'physics' is the same throughout the universe.

I really would like to agree with you, but... I just cannot. Just as I really cannot agree with what I've presented.

We just don't know and we may not know what we think we do.


The hardest thing would be to communicate between galaxies. Once we have better instruments if their was any type of intelligent life in this corner of our Milky Way we will know about it. That day is not too far off. Hopefully intelligent life isn't so rare that we would have to wait until we master worm holes to be able to "really" travel the vastness of space to find out. The main thing is we just started looking for these planets, our technology is still very limiting.

There isn't even proof here on earth of Macroevolution. Look at the facts. We have zero verifiable evidence of a species turning into another species. We can't assume the latter on other planets if we can't even prove that it happened here...

i might agree that a mirroring of biology is possible in the vastness of our universe. considering the diverse strategies of lifeforms and ecosystems in our planet's development in such a relatively short time, it is feesible that the tenaciousness of life (in general) could "design models" to flourish in the best way that appliable physics allows. i.e. insect, pterasaur, bird, bat and cephalopod, fish, bird, whale, seal...

at this point in our own evolution it is beneficial to any potential extraterrestrial ecologies that we are still in the stone age of space travel, physics and extra stellar communication. our objective of finding other life in the universe is akin to a child chasing a butterfliy. that initial wonder and affinity would lead to the grim exploitive interests we still exhibit on mother earth.

the universe is doing a great job of holding the barbarians back.

There must be some higher form of communication capable of traveling the vast distances of space instantly. The speed of light is obviously just too slow for any true exploration of the universe. There has to be a way to sidestep that limitation.

Matthew... its just possible based on recent research that neutrinos travel somehow, marginally quicker than the speed of light.

@Mark D: Nah, the poor Prof in charge of that particular experiment has had to resign, shame really..

Pretty good, and a great help to me, thank the authors

maybe using some sort of quantum entanglement theory to communicate across vast distances....???

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