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Is CERN Closer to Finding the "Higgs"?--This Week's 8 TeV Collision Most Powerful in Human History

Saturday's 'Comment of the Day': "Easter Island --A Message for the Planet?"




"I'm pretty sure the people at the height of Easter Island thought their technology conveyed some sort of invincibility on them as well. If humanity is ever to think of itself as immune from the limitation of planet Earth it will only be on the day that mankind had made itself independent of planet earth. And that day is a very long way off. So as a species we are in a race. Can a technical species with no restrictions on its population growth reach the ability to survive and thrive in the common environments found in reachable space before the inevitable crash from overpopulation?"


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It's too late now.

Sure, all these stupid ideas are coming from the Liberal mind set that always believe that what they think and theorize are the ONLY TRUTH, my Obama (Your momma's) ass !!

Why does every web forum I look at have some asshole American bleating on about Obama, as if their politics are more important than whatever subject is under discussion. Here's a clue; the rest of the world doesn't give a shit about your opinions, OK? That means YOU, Mr D. Rey.

Easter island is always used as an example but the truth is ambiguous at best .The one truth that is undeniable is that the easter islanders did NOT go extinct .

In recent times the island has served as a warning of the cultural and environmental dangers of over exploitation. Ethnographers and archaeologists also blame diseases carried by European colonizers and slave raiding of the 1860s for devastating the local peoples.[3]

@ phasmainmachina
look here .... http://blog.nss.org/
you won't find anyone like mr/ms Rey there .Only people that are trying to help us to survive the likes of rey.

When we denigrate others, whatever form of put-down we cast on others, shows FAR more about ourselves than those we condemn.

Damned condemners always calling us names!

See? As soon as you read the word "Damned" it changed your mood ever so slightly, am I right? Look up MEME and understand that our nasty temperaments only infect others. So thanks to all those below who passed their vileness, crankiness, meanness, etc, on to me like some cheap French Whore passing on STDs. Thanks for all the bitchy negativity and name calling. What a wonderful peoples we are. Oh, and sorry, nothing personal France.

Although I hate to thing so negatively, we as a species may be racing the clock for survival. We're starting to find possible safe harbors, but they're a long distance away. That's why I've been studying General Relativity and the Einstein Field Equation this week instead of commenting earlier. We humans need options. Hopefully we have time, but perhaps it's best to get started opening up those options.

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