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New Space Venture the Next Google? --"Could Add Trillions of Dollars to the Global GDP Mining Asteroids"


Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt and billionaire co-founder Larry Page have teamed up with "Avatar" director James Cameron and other investors to back an ambitious space exploration and natural resources venture, called Planetary Resources, that will be unveiled at a Tuesday news conference at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, according to a press release issued this week.

The new company will combine the sectors of "space exploration and natural resources" in a venture that could add "trillions of dollars to the global GDP." The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Planetary Resources will explore the feasibility of mining natural resources from asteroids, a decades-old concept.

Planetary Resource was co-founded by Eric Anderson, a former NASA Mars mission manager, and Peter Diamandis, the commercial space entrepreneur behind the X-Prize, a competition that offered $10 million to a group that launched a reusable manned spacecraft. Other notable investors include Charles Simonyi, a former top executive at Microsoft, and K. Ram Shriram, a Google director.

The venture will be the latest foray into the realm of "reality scifi" for Cameron. The plot of his 2009 science fiction blockbuster film, "Avatar," featured resource mining on alien planets.

We witnessed a similar shift from a DARPA-funded government-centric computer industry of the 70s and early 80's to an entrepreurial private sector strategy that created the computer industry, spawned the Internet, Apple, Intel, Google, and Microsoft. The shift from government-funded to private launched the US as the world's innovation leader.

"Events such as the flight of “SpaceShipOne” and current work on commercial human suborbital/orbital flight systems herald a ‘New Space’ era," said Dr Charles Lurio, publisher of "The Lurio Report" which covers the new private space sector. "Commercial activities could expand to produce economic benefits to rival the Internet/Web revolution.

"The Cold War era ‘moon race’ linked space to a government framework and a public mindset that effectively prohibited developing practical spaceflight abilities for people and cargo.  Only comsat - type space businesses could succeed, since radio signals provide their own transportation to and from orbit."

This is exactly why the rise of the US private space sector is so vital and so timely. US entrepreneurs from Jeff Bezos to Tesla and Space X's Elon Musk to Microsoft's Paul Allen, are heading at full steam into our space future. With international partners in abundance including the space programs in Canada, Japan, Europe and India along with other countries, the US space program is preparing for an exciting dynamic future.

"The US space program is not atrophying, quite the opposite. The new NASA budget and program will create the opportunity for the private sector to do for space what it did for computers: massively reduce costs and similarly increase capabilities," said Lurio.

The Daily Galaxy via Reuters

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Maybe the next Exxon. Google doesn't seem like the right comparison to make. Editor's Note: We're using Google in the sense that it's an iconic company that represents a shift to a new era.

Finally you guys are getting with the program . If they ipo planetary resources corp. they will be buried in cash before they even get off the ground . Everybody from sovereign wealth funds to individual investors will want in . I want in. There is also an exciting implication that I'm sure the the pentagon and other countries have already war gamed . Which will demand a much larger presents in space . Just like here on earth .Shipping lanes will need protection . Treaties are all well and good but if you are not equipped to enforce them they are useless.

James Cameron makes propaganda against using our own resources HERE, and he wants us to search for them in space?!

So the universe is available for raping by the rich? Who gave them authority to destrory space as well as earth. These rich criminals need to be stopped. Have a world vote on who should be allowed to rape a plunder the universe. 1% think they are entitled to all.

I think carrion has some issues!

Reply to Allan W Janssen .
yes , I have issues. the corporate raping and corrupt greed of the 1%. Mabybe "google" can invest in the problems of THIS PLANET before screwing up the rest of space. Problems that are created by the 1%, oil greed, climate deniers, radioactive japan, dead Gulf of Mexico, rainforest destruction for more greed. But then, ALLAN, has decided that I have issues. Editor's Note: Hey "Carrion," the investors in Planetary Resources are all self-made entrepreneurs who have changed the world for the better --creating Google, Microsoft, Amazon, XPrize--through their intellect, drive, and ambition. If the 99% had
1% of their creativity the world would be a better place.

How about we shut down Google and other parasites. Divide up their cash horde to every person in america. Instantly solving the great depression of 2008-15. Lets have a vote on that, ALLAN

This is what eventually will get us into the real war of the worlds. The competition for resources with an alien civilization. The abuses we commit on this planet we will now commit wherever we expand into, and that will get us into big trouble sooner or later (I'm talking thousands of years into the future here). But we can´t help ourselves, we're just behaving the way nature intended us to. This warning is now registered centuries in advance.

For ALLAN. A nice reminder on how honourable corporations are (just like google)

Vast Mexico Bribery Case Hushed Up by Wal-Mart
After Top-Level Struggle:

former executive described how Wal-Mart de Mexico had orchestrated a campaign of bribery to win market dominance. In its rush to build stores, he said, the company had paid bribes to obtain permits in virtually every corner of the country.


Get ready for space pirates!

For infrastructure development alone this is the type of enterprise we need. I remember the Cold War well, and I look forward to tapping the abundance of the universe and moving beyond Earth instead of fighting over dwindling resources. The USA and USSR had the ability together, and probably each individually, to destroy all life on Earth. The USA and Russia still have this ability. For over fifty years we've looked forward with hope even when hope seemed hopeless and we didn't know if there would be life in the morning. Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin could still end it all in thirty minutes or less. While we all hope that they forebear from this, let us also hope for continued human advancement and let us celebrate these entrepreneurs and their enterprise.

Perhaps it's appropriate that the graphic above has a CCCP (USSR) helmet with a Google logo. Let us work together to build rather than fight to steal scraps from one another. Let humanity's having survived the Cold War be worth something.

Instead of being positive, these left wing crazies like carrion always attack from the negative.

They are what my wife calls ........... "Serenity Stealers!"

And we need to stay away from them!

I would like to see some diamond asteriods break up some of the monopolies on Earth! Lets do it! However, in space, doesn't the physics of two bodies attacting cause asteriods to be pulled toward the visiting spacecraft(body 2) and thus toward Earth?(indirectly?) thoughts?

carrion, you've taken a surprising USA-centric view especially coming from the left. I thought the left liked to accuse the right of being too USA-centric. First, you've failed to notice that Allan's link is Canadian. Second, do you truly believe the USA runs the world and can stop everything? I'm sure Mr. Obama's life would be easier if that was the case. If this group doesn't do this someone else will. If the USA and Europe refuse to permit it, then Russia or India or China or Brazil or someone else probably will allow it. The only difference will be how it's done and by whom. Google...trillions of dollars added to the GDP? Let's not get carried away. They haven't even launched nor shown their technical capabilities and already the media is acting as if this is the second coming. I'm all for privatization within the space industry but think perhaps we should look past the hype and try to determine if they have a chance in hell of success as a first step.

andrew: Instead of being positive, these left wing crazies like carrion???

Like the RIGHT WING GOP teabaggers are positive? What planet are you on anyway? hahahahah

Besides, who said I was left-wing? Just more hate from the Right towards anything other than their reality. Maybe jesus will get the diamond asteriods. maybe, if the RIGHTwing GOP de-funds more programs, that will help. rigt ANDREW the bagger

Methinks his name is appropriate!

Note: First, you've failed to notice that Allan's link is Canadian
actually I did notice as I'M CANADIAN!!

So much for Right/Left eh?

Wow all you guys having a cow. James just got back from a solo dive to the bottom of the deepest point of the ocean . Now he's going to reach into the solar system and bring back things we need . This will bring the cost of everything down. Mining on the earth is hard as all the heavy elements sink to the core .All that we have is what is thrown up in the froth of silica or dropped from the sky. It would be great if the 99percent could do the job but they are too busy hating each other to get anything done . It's so simple folks One apollo size metallic asteroid contains more metal than has been mined in the entire history of mankind. And if you want to build anything serious in space our gravity well precludes it. If you think the fountains of paradise will be build from the earth to the sky . Think again they will be built from the sky to the earth. And from zero g to the surffice of the moon.

@Carrion: What do you think of the scarcity and monopoly of "RARE-EARTH METALS" ?? China alone controls 90% of total world production of that( and they have limited supply of that). In space, we'll have trillions of tonnes of such metals. You might say why go for it? But the sad fact is precious metals such as gallium/Indium/arsenide/Lanthanum is vital for running the PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone that you are using to post those messages or Neodymium/Neodymium for quality headphones/speakers and so many more. Without those metals the world we know it, will not be able to run.

The implications of this are tremendous. It would literally save the planet. Our predecessors let us down, badly. Corporations and banks are looking for the next buck to steal from us. At least these guys are looking ahead and outward. We need to do this. Good luck Planetary Resources.

I see this as a "Better than our options" type deal. Since sooner or later they will need people to mine (robots cant do it all, some times they will find things they are not made to do). Also, never think they will allow enough material to come back to Earth to flood the world and lower their profits, no matter how useful it may be here.

1. It will put more and more people into space. This alone will move space research much faster. Effects from galactic forces, solar forces and just plain being human will be learned a lot quicker.

2. It will move our understanding of the cosmos a lot faster. Telescopes and other instruments, even if not part of the official ship equipment, will make their way to these places where mining is going on. The recreational astronomers will make many many discoverys that just cant be made from Earth.

3. It will move technology like a bullet. People living in space will try things when in emergency (and non emergency) situations that people in the comfort of the home planet will never be able to simulate. Using a newly discovered ore to cover a habitat to stop radiation or maybe for fusion or fission. Even there they will have recreational chemist that will analyze things they find and figure out all kinds of "unofficial" uses.

The list goes on but again, my time is short.

Maybe finally, hopefully, the cost of electricity in the Philippines will go way down if they find something useful in outer space.

listen people, I never said it was a bad idea to go to space and mine "ultra-rare minerals.
My whole point was not to go but how. If the private 1% goes and does the job. Only the 1% will reap the rewards. With the amounts of cash the west spends on wars, Our western goverments should be able to do this for ALL the people, not just for the 1% to profit from.
If our "leaders" cannot get it together or are blinded by partisan hate then they need to be voted/tossed out. Space is for all not just .0001% of the population.

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