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Weird Physics of New Theories of the Origin of Our Universe



The standard theory of cosmic inflation states that our universe expanded rapidly in the moments after its birth at the Big Bang, which explains why the universe is billions of years old, as well as why the universe is nearly flat. The theory's conclusions about how the universe should look match observations by NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP).

But University at Buffalo physicists Ghazal Geshnizjani, Will Kinney and Azadeh Moradinezhad Dizgah have challenged the accepted wisdom with their radiocal study: "General Conditions for Scale-Invariant Perturbations in an Expanding Universe," which finds that that while inflation isn't the only viable model of the early universe, other possibilities would require strange physics -- such as a speed of sound faster than the speed of light.

The team found that only three kinds of early universe theories can explain the distribution of matter in today's universe, assuming that the standard theory of gravity is correct and that the universe was expanding in early times (both widely accepted suppositions).

According to the physicists' calculations, viable early universe theories must incorporate either an accelerated cosmic expansion (inflation); a speed of sound faster than the speed of light; or energies so high that scientists would need to invoke a theory of quantum gravity such as string theory, which predicts the existence of extra dimensions of space-time.

"The takeaway result here is that this idea of inflation turns out to be the only way to do it within the context of standard physics," said Kinney, an associate professor of physics who credits UB research scientist Geshnizjani, with formulating the idea for the study. "I think in many ways it puts the idea of inflation on a much stronger footing, because the available alternatives have problems, or weirdnesses, with them.

"It may well be that you can come up with a speed of sound faster than the speed of light, but I think people, as a general rule, would be more comfortable with something that doesn't involve super-luminal propagation," Kinney continued. "Inflation doesn't require any exotic physics. It's just standard particle physics."

Cosmic inflation accounts for the distribution of the matter in the universe by incorporating quantum field theory, which states that under "normal" circumstances, particles of matter and something called antimatter can pop into existence suddenly -- before meeting and annihilating each other almost instantly.

According to cosmic inflation, materializing pairs of matter and antimatter particles flew apart so quickly in the rapidly expanding early universe that they did not have time to recombine. The same principle applied to gravitons and antigravitons, which form gravity waves.

These particles became the basis of all structure in the universe today, with tiny fluctuations in the matter in the universe collapsing to form stars, planets and galaxies. The concept relies on widely studied ideas to explain how the universe began and evolved.

Still, however bizarre alternatives to inflation might seem, Kinney acknowledges that other models are possible. His own work has included exploring other theories, including ones that rely on superluminal sound speeds.

The Daily Galaxy via University at Buffalo

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So are they saying that inflation and quantum gravity are mutually exclusive? Viable theories must incorporate either inflation or quantum gravity.

Why did spacetime suddenly expand so rapidly only to stop shortly after?

I'm disappointed at how removed from the observations cosmology is.

I'm all for employment for math whizzes but why cosmology???



"So are they saying that inflation and quantum gravity are mutually exclusive?"

No,the article states that the two are incorporated into the theory of cosmic inflation.

Quote: "Still, however bizarre alternatives to inflation might seem, Kinney acknowledges that other models are possible".
AD: The inflation model is indeed itself very bizarre and illogical.

The only logical model is a cyclic model.

The only logical cosmology model is a steady state model where all movements in the Universe eternally are assembling and dissolving gasses and particles.

The argument for discarding the Steady State Theory was the finding and measurement of the CMB which really represent the “primordial soup” that is eternally omnipresent.

It is in this soup that all the cosmic movement takes place for ever, assembling and dissolving gasses and particles with infolding and outfolding processes in 3D Cell-like magnetic circuits. This process is universal in all levels of formation/creation and this principle has no beginning and no end.

The eternal 3D Cell electromagnetic spherical circuit principles are the correct answer to the question of the Hen and the Egg.

Ivar Nielsen
Natural Philosopher

-- James Ph. Kotsybar

“Amusing,” thinks God,
”that My weakest force
ironically becomes the strongest.
The meek shall inherit, over due course – the last become first, the shortest, longest.

“So gravity, most obvious, shall be
the greatest ever unsolved mystery
which, though its effects everyone can see,
can’t be described satisfactorily –
a force that’s both uniform and mundane,
predictable yet able to allude
a simple explanation that sounds sane
of its ever attractive attitude.

“And action at a distance?
Let men try
to come to terms with
what they most deny.”

finally, a few people who can think outside the big bang box.try to imagine that eternity and infinity are real states of the universe. if the big bang happened then it was a localized event. this single part of the universe was born so to speak around 13 billion years ago and is now around 30 billion light years across. or is it that we cant see any further because we are not yet capable or there is too much stuff in the way for us to see further with our present technology. in any case it is illogical to think that at the end of the universe there is nothing else. even nothing is something. think about it. we are finding that space is a misnomer, as it is packed with energy from an infinite number of stars that have been burning for an eternity. dark matter? all of that matter didn't just disappear. it is all still here as energy which is the same as matter, just the other side.

i want to know how a community of atoms can be self aware? if you could shrink yourself down to a size where you could stand on an electron within yourself and look out, what would you see? are all of your parts connected? no. there is space between all of our base parts. the same space we look out into at night when we look at the stars. in one second of your big self your small self would have lived, easily, 100 thousand years. can you ever possibly be aware of each other? and yet we are aware of ourselves. if we are a model for the universe then chances are the universe is aware of itself. areas of the universe are moving at thousands of times the speed of light. and thought is the only universal element.

I thought long and hard about infinity and the great beyond and just as I was about to achieve cosmic conciousness I found that I had gone quite insane!

The Nasa website has the following:
“The shape of the universe is determined by a struggle between the momentum of expansion and the pull of gravity.”


“The simplest version of the inflationary theory, an extension of the Big Bang theory, predicts that the density of the universe is very close to the critical density, and that the geometry of the universe is flat, like a sheet of paper. That is the result confirmed by the WMAP science.”

As some of us discussed in a previous article, the Hubble Constant is the foundation-stone of Big Bang Theory and has been falsified by observation numerous times. However, to come up with this ‘flat Universe’ theory, they use this same Hubble Constant.

At some point -hopefully sooner rather than later- this mass denial in the Scientific Community will come to an end.

Whenever I try to ponder the universe before time, that is, when it existed at a quantum gravitational state -

I turn to the Silmarillion.

I have read that all the matter and energy that exists in our universe was present already at the time inflation ended. And that at that time, the universe was the size of a grapefruit. Is this in fact what we now believe to be the case? How does that work? Sounds like some pretty weird physics.

Can anyone tell me why gravity isnt the equal and opposite reaction to the expansion of the universe?? It struck me when I was very young as a very obvious solution and I still cant see why it isnt mentioned more often......

hey Jerry, I just had the same idea, that gravity is a consequence of spatial and temporal variations in the universe's energy density....

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