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Gary Mckinnon hacked into NASA and found that they have an entire department dedicated to airbrushing artifacts out of NASA images. A smoking gun, in my opinion, for a huge cover up of other civilizations they don't care to tell us about. Also the goldilocks zone is a bit of a misnomer, as we continually find life in the most "inhospitable" places even on our own planet. It doesn't take one big leap of the imagination to realize the possibility of life in most regions of space; some of which is undoubtedly self aware and advanced.

[The Hubble Near-Infrared Image of NGC 4696 in the Centaurus Galaxy Cluster above reveals stars in NGC 4696, a large elliptical galaxy in the Centaurus Galaxy Cluster, about 150 million light years from Earth]. 


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Is there life beyond our planet? Almost certainly. There's too much universe for there not to be, in all probability. But there is also too much universe for there to be a reasonable possibility of them reaching us.

A smoking gun? Sorry, you're an idiot. Don't worry, it's perfectly normal. This is no smoking gun.

I would be surprised NASA didn't have such a department. It would be sensible and obvious to have one. A necessity in their business.

NASA gets all kind of image data. It has to subject it to all manner of corrections, transformations and analysis. Photography beyond the Earth's atmosphere is not trivial. You're going to get artefacts. You're going to have a lot of things to fix.

A huge part of what NASA does is to analyse image data sent back. It is the #1 export back to Earth of anything they send up there. They're going to have a large faculty for dealing with that.

Why would you want to remove artefacts anyway? Overall there is one glaring justification. Artefacts do nothing but distract. They can distract scientists, the public and algorithms used for automated analysis.

Your smoking gun is like claiming that a magazine removing red eye from reader submitted photos that will be published is proof of some kind of hidden and nefarious purpose. Yes there are things they don't want you to see. Things that you don't need to see. Irrelevant mistakes.

A smoking gun would be an original picture showing something other than an artefact.

I don't think you can argue probability and statistics when you only have one single data point.

What I never understand about those who think NASA is involved in some sort of conspiracy to hide evidence of life in the cosmos is this- the actual people who work at NASA would be doing backflips of joy to be able to be the first group to discover life somewhere other than earth. There is NO WAY POSSIBLE that these people who analyze things like the Goldilocks wobbles wouldn't shout this stuff from the rooftops.

Think about it. NASA immediately published the video from the Cassini mission that sent the probe to Titan (see here- ), people think they are HIDING something?

April Fools? .....Fell for the one last year....Editor's note: G...We caught so much grief for last year's April's Fool post, we decide to pass this year. Too bad, we had a ball doing it.

This is a hoax. If it is true, it needs to be vetted. We need to see where this guy got his information. Otherwise it's he-said-she-said.

Being called an idiot by someone who cannot spell conspiracy correctly is a minimal degradation I can live with. I do not claim to subscribe to all of the information out there related to fringe topics, but I think the bigger idiot is the one who writes them off entirely. The imagery Gary McKinnon claims to have seen, were in folders labelled processed and unprocessed that reportedly contained images of craft above the atmosphere. This is quite different from the practical editing you were suggesting. I concede it may not be a smoking gun, but it does make a reasonable person want to look a little deeper into the subjects of ufo's and life on other planets. This idea is further substantiated by the many credible proponents with claims of a cover-up.

Something we do agree on, is that life most certainly is not limited to our planet. It doesn't take a huge leap of the imagination to postulate that some of that life could be self aware or even technologically advanced. Remember the short time it has taken our species to advance to our current capabilities. I agree that NASA will be the first to scream from the rooftops when they find microbes or worms on another planet, but they might not be so outspoken about finding sentient beings.

Buzz aldrin says that ufo's most certainly exist. Then Neil Armstrong says no way possible, since the moon is barren so must everything else. Then you can look at the fake moon landing videos and think they never went there. I will say this as sure as I'm writing this extraterrestrials exist and have been here I the past. This planet is a little science experiment for them. I don't believe this I know it. Proof? Only the lack of. No missing link, human genome mapping part of DNA can't be found anywhere else on the planet, So, I have none other then what people post on the net most of which are hoaxes. This is about the best I've seen, very well documented one of witnesses is a cop.
Shouldn't even be doubted by the public in my mind. USA government has been railed by other countries at the UN in the past for not disclosing what they know. That should tell you something right there. NASA and the government are concealing the truth. I fear its like an ostrich hiding from a lion in hole only big enough for its head.

"Also the goldilocks zone is a bit of a misnomer, as we continually find life in the most "inhospitable" places even on our own planet."

This staement makes no sense at all. Just because there is an inhospitable environment somewhere on a planet doesn't change anything about that planets location relative to its star (Goldilock's Theory).

There are two types of people in this world.
First are people like me who view evidence and then form conclusions from it! (e.g. Darwin)
Then there are those who form opinions and then go looking for evidence to support their point of view. (e.g. Pat Robertson)
A small difference in methodology, but a world of difference in consequences.

"Also the goldilocks zone is a bit of a misnomer, as we continually find life in the most "inhospitable" places even on our own planet."

The term goldilocks zone supposes that life is able to exist on planets that are in a zone, relative to a star, that is ideal for liquid water to exist. The term is a bit of a misnomer because it suggests that life is limited to those planets alone. It doesn't take into consideration other zones where life might also be possible. Life has a tendency to find a way to exist regardless of ideal location. Life is also not limited to carbon-based forms.

If any evidence is being hidden from the public I doubt it was found recently, and the great majority of us gov and nasa know nothing about it. Personally i just dont think it is possible to keep something of this magnitude quiet in this day and age unless it is top top secret. surely you wouldnt find it just hacking into a nasa server that is accesible via the internet.

very self-centered to think there is life out there, yet we will never find it due to our lack of technology and the immensity of the universe. That just shows how we still think of ourselves as the center of the universe and everything has to evolve around us. Just because we cant travel far distances and/or find life somewhere else does not mean other civilizations can not do it. In fact if you believe there are other civilizations in the universe then by default you have to believe there are way more advanced than us capable of things beyond our understanding. We have been contacted by extraterrestrial life before, but world governments do not want to announce the news because of the impact it would have on people/religion/government. Especially on the major corporations that control the world....THATS MY OPINION ..please respect it

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There are those who go around calling people idiots for claiming NASA cover up information. Shame on you.
These are the people that to this day think man landed on the moon and everything NASA do is for the good of man.

Even in 2012, we sit on bombs to get into space.
A stones throw away from the steam engine in terms of technological progress.

If man landed on the moon i am an alien.

Maybe in 2069 but come on... look at the technology today - then in 1969. It is clear it could not have happend due to the limitations of humanity.

Humanity is not designed to travel space - the biology must eveolve far further ahead.

Thus begins my favorite season of the X-Files, which I didn't even watch until I re-watched it recently. The movie really let them kind of refresh the premise, and after the doldrums of seasons 4 & 5, 6 is like a breath of fresh air.

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