Massive Dark Stars May Still Exist in the Far Reaches of the Universe (Weekend Feature)
“Digital Revolution Will Make Human Civilization Invisible to Extraterrestrial Search" --Frank Drake (Weekend Feature)

Comment of the Day: “The Digital Revolution Will Make Human Civilization Invisible to Extraterrestrial Search"



"When you look at the current level at which our own technology is advancing, quantum computing, cloaking technology, robotics, nanotech, communications. It's not really such a far stretch to think that somewhere out there among the trillions of possible life harboring planets, that another intelligent civilization has done the same things. If they had even a 100 year head start on us they would already be so far advanced, now give them a 1000 year head start or even a 1 million year head start. Their technology would be so far in advance of our own.

"They could literally be here right now. Existing inside and outside of our known reality. Hidden only by a technological barrier. If they were a billion years older than our civilization i doubt we could even comprehend there technology. A type 3 civilization as Michio Kaku says would have the technology to harness the power of an entire galaxy. Who knows what a type 4 civilization would resemble. When you consider how short 1 million years is on a cosmic scale, its not out of the realm of possibilities."


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Mathew's commentary, UFO controversy, ancient Indian scriptures like Upanishad/ Vedas, Zen Buddhism, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum computers fill our conscious world. The realization of the totality of the universe and possibility of other'alien' intelligent beings, really makes it to the concept of 'universal consciousness ' as the Creator of our physical visible universe as well as invisible dark matter and dark energy that is repelling 'our' visible world far into space and time of unimaginable expanses! How to comprehend our existence in this expanse is truly a challenge that human made machines will never be able to decipher, LHC or what not!Look at the energy or time scales, the individual human stands as an invisible entity!It is a fight between total unequals. The only weapon we have is the human mind. It needs to expand to the level of universal consciousness of the 'Creator'. Meditation of the mind provides the only hope of salvation!

Get Rid of The " Rap - Rap on the Star Stuff ,,,
The Last Thing We NEED is Another Mouth Piece,,

"....universal consciousness of the 'Creator'"---

It is high time people outgrow from such wooly beliefs to understand existence in truly objective manner. Caged in such imaginary beliefs, mind cannot grasp realities of the universe in a scientific way. You need an exorcist of some kind.

In 75 years, rocket ships will be museum pieces. Dyson Spheres will be rusty tin can concepts. Everything new will go in the “nano” direction where immense energy densities are readily available.

It is time for alien to the earth,coz it is 2012 now!

Has science created human life force? Physical body is dead without it. What is it? Big Bang consequences we know but then what existed before, we do not. Science came with human development, without the modern science. Has science of past 1000 years is able understand what happened precisely in the 13 billion years of existence.Science is there to understand how the universe
is operating and not to know why it is so? Such a high logical evolution pattern can not come out of mere chance/randomness!
This is for Raj , the scientist, from Narendra Nath, a small time University Physics Professor who has managed and run over a dozen R & D projects in many innovative areas of activity in India, besides spending productively six years abroad in USA and UK.

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