Sunday's 'Comment of Day': "Humans May be One of the Early Advanced Species in Our Universe"
Neanderthal Art? 1st Paintings Discovered in Spain's Nerja Caves

Monday's 'Comment of the Day': "On Fermi's Paradox"



"While all this conjecture may be entertaining, a few conclusions may be drawn: 1. If we are here.... and smart, chances are that others are here, and smarter! 2. Biology is a good starting block for intelligent life, but as we are now demonstrating, AI and future evolution wil be non-biological, and perhaps one day ethereal! 3. Unless you're a Borg, ultruism and morality seems to be an inherent quality of inteligence, even if we haven't displayed much of it yet! 4. Nothing, I repeat, nothing, is beyond possibility in this universe. (Remember, they were going to close the patent office about a hundred years ago because everything had been invented!) 5. No matter how far we advance, there is going to be a certain group that needs to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the future!"

Allan W Janssen 

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Image top of page: A false-color image of the nuclear region of the galaxy NGC 4151, showing a region about 1000 light-years across. Blue is radio emission, green is optical emission from ionized oxygen as seen with the Hubble Space Telescope, and red is X-ray emission as seen by the Chandra X-ray Observatory. ]Image Credit: NASA/Chandra X-ray Observatory/Hubble Space Telescope, and Wang et al., 2009


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