Opening of Antarctic's Lake Vostok May Reveal Life from Earth's 20-Million-Year Past
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Sunday's 'Comment of Day': "Humans May be One of the Early Advanced Species in Our Universe"




"I believe that an advanced species would probably try to dominate the cosmos. I also believe that advanced intelligence would be AI, and their ability to obtain energy and mass would be far greater than any biological system. In addition, there is a possibility that their silence proves that instantaneous space travel is not possible, that is assuming that other advanced species exist, and are attempting to colonize the universe. The question is, if they are silent, and instantaneous space travel is possible, and these are artifical beings, how long is it before they arrive?"


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This Chandra X-ray image above shows the central portion of the Andromeda Galaxy. The blue dot in the center of the image is an unusually "cool" million degree X-ray source of unknown nature. Just above this cool source is a source (yellow) that is thought to be due to X-rays from matter swirling toward a supermassive black hole in the nucleus of the galaxy. This black hole contains the mass of 30 million suns. Numerous other X-ray sources are also apparent. Most of these are probably due to X-ray binary systems, in which a neutron star or black hole is in a close orbit around a normal star.


A number of hypotheses:-

1. Any aliens are so far away that we'll never meet them.
2. Advanced alien species may have been born, flourished and perished whilst our planet was covered in dinosaurs.
3. Alien species aren't advanced enough for space travel [yet].
4. Alien species have advanced beyond corporeal realm.
5. Alien species are so alien we would miss them if we were staring right at them.

To even assume that we are somehow advanced is both terracentric and ethnocentric with regards to extraterrestrials.

The probability of highly advanced ETs is so large that their interference and co-mingling with biologicals (us) renders contact obsolete. Our species is very young and in an advanced society where science is central and the technology bordering on the magical it would seem rather pointless to mess around in the affairs of a few billion terrestrial apes.

You could also consider that they maybe are thinking completely different than humans, and maybe never think of colonizing the universe. Maybe they are so far developed that they are satisfied with the things they already have and things within reach of their solarsystem.

Or maybe this part of the universe is completely unimportant to ET's

I find it disheartening that we automatically assume that 1: that our science has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that instantaneous space travel is impossible (which it doesn't it's only a theory based on the physics we currently understand and can detect) 2: that ET's haven't already come here from afar just because we lack the ability to significantly understand them, communicate with them, or be advanced enough to be contacted by them. 3: the assumption that we are somehow science focused, has anyone read the news lately? We are definitely not science focused when we are reducing funding for scientific research, eliminating space travel from Nasa programs, and we have all the religious crazies running around trying to hold onto their tribal concepts from our primitive past.

Or of course, there may be nothing out there.

5. Alien species are our masters, and we are their slaves. And of course, the best slave is one who is unaware of his imprisonment.

6. Intelligent life is inherently un-stable.

If evolutionary principles are universal, then we can expect the dynamics of biology to be universal. Perhaps "intelligence" is NOT a trait that, over time, maximizes its reproductive success. Perhaps there are numerous alien civilizations that have already come and gone. Perhaps none produce intelligent beings successful beyond brief periods of time.

Human is one of how many species existed
On Earth since life began? Hundreds of
Millions to billions; yet we're the only one
Capable of understanding basic science.
Isn't it too naive to assume intelligence is the
End result of evolution?

While all this conjecture may be entertaining, a few conclusions may be drawn:

1. If we are here.... and smart, chances are that others are here, and smarter!
2. Biology is a good starting block for intelligent life, but as we are now demonstrating, AI and future evolution wil be non-biological, and perhaps one day ethereal!
3. Unless you're a Borg, ultruism and morality seems to be an inherent quality of inteligence, even if we haven't displayed much of it yet!
4. Nothing, I repeat, nothing, is beyond possibility in this universe. (Remember, they were going to close the patent office about a hundred years ago because everything had been invented!)
5. No matter how far we advance, there is going to be a certain group that needs to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the future!

I believe that just because HE believes this post it doesnt make it true.

Even Star Trek's Gene Roddenberry's conjecture on a prime directive presents a plausible argument. When those planes were flying over that lost tribe in the Amazon while photographing them sparked societal concern that their lives were changed (without permission).

Intelligent beings could perceive us in one of three ways: victims to be subjugated, beings to be studied from afar unobtrusively or food and resources.

Or just comic relief.

Would a machine want to explore? If so, what would a machine look for? Certainly not another Earth, but mineral resources and sources of power to utilize in reproducing and advancing in design.

Machines would probably continue to miniaturize, as the best way to improve material and energy utilization. A highly advanced, non-biological life form may have evolved to be very small and highly localized.

Beyond reproducing, what we consider important, probably would not interest a non-biological life form.

If you see a lion in a jungle, would you try to make contact straight up?

I think and believe that a superior intelligent species would have a classification system to rely on as to whether other interstellar species are worth the effort to either contact or study.

It is misleading to claim that the laws of physics deny instantaneous travel. ET is not prevented from travelling instantaneously within ET’s time frame. However the absolute nature of the speed of light does mean that time intervals are not absolute. So whilst ET’s travel time may approach zero our time interval can never be less than the time it would take light to travel from ET’s departure point. To travel instantaneously ET would have to convert all associated mass into energy on departure and then reconvert back to mass on arrival. But unless ET can harness the Higgs field this is most probably impossible. In which case ET will have to retain mass. This in turn will imply ET aging slightly during the journey. The first half of the journey would involve massive acceleration and the second half equally massive deaccelaration as ET reduced velocity to match that of the end point. The implied G- forces would be a problem for organic life. However at constant acceleration even organic life can acquire relativistic velocities within a year and hence reach the ends of the universe within a few years of travel. Therefore after developing appropriate technology ET instantaneously colonized the entire universe. However ET will probably arrive here long after our civilization is dead and gone.

why would they arrive?

if they are more advanced then we would be of no real interest to them.

if we are more advanced we'd probably be seen as a threat and avoided (as we are so violent as a species (as are all the other biological life forms on this planet))

but we have to admit were not far from monkeys with sticks especially in mental terms and i really hope we are not the advanced species :\

i think i'd be happier as a microchip :)

Those who travel arrive.

Whenever ET meets one of its own kind they mind share and hence become identical?

So ET needs to travel in order to get away from its own kind and thereby gain individuality?

Assuming that life does exist in the cosmos.
And the life is intelligent enough for space travel.
The possibly of a peaceful encounter is highly unlikely. As the human species has evolved, our aggression has not faded in
the least. Our thirst for power
Has blinded our path.. ET should not visit.

"A number of hypotheses:-"


How 'bout this one:
We're so dumb aliens don't bother to contact's like having to watch all episodes of House M.D. with Justin Bieber... You can't do it.

Hahaha! Comic Relief is right on, as is the House MD Hypothesis!
The question is, I think: Why would anyone with intelligence even come here? That's as dumb as going on Big Brother!
There must be many higher forms of intelligence than our species, with far more interesting characteristics.
We may have come a long way, fast, but not as far as we seem to think in my opinion. Anyhow, the Road is long... Keep On Dreaming!

I would assume that any intelligent species would have been inherently derived from a world of Darwinism, and so would fully understand the nature of a potential external threat. Is it so stupendous to think that such beings would operate on a kill or be killed basis?....

....However beautiful the Earth is, you cannot help but appreciate the underlying vulnerability of the little blue dot. We constantly watch the skies in awe of the cosmos, when in reality, it wouldn't hurt to watch with a little caution from time to time. We spend much of our money and efforts in defending our territories, and developing our localised militaries, but fail to spot the obvious. We are capable of understanding ourselves, our building blocks, and to an extent, space itself....But has anyone stopped to think about what would happen if we were actually under attack?

Intelligence alone is nothing. Non-biological life forms (AI) would lack all desire. Biological life forms seek expansion and interaction due to powerful biological motivations. Intelligence must be matched with such motivations to have anything like "Der Wille Zur Macht" (Nietzsche).

Whoa...little too sunjective for my's a big place and has been there for a long time...beyond the scope of any mind I suspect...

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