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Russia Takes Lead to Create Manned Moon Base with USA & Europe


            MoonBase, painting  by Phil Smith


Officials from Russia’s Space Agency, Roscosmos, are reportedly in talks with Europe’s ESA and NASA over possibly establishing a collective an orbital station around the moon, or a manned lunar research base. According to Russian news site RIA Novosti, while the country intends on making the moon its focal point, Russia’s plans calls for more than merely putting boots on the lunar surface.

According to Roscosmos chief, Vladimir Popovkin, that leaves only two options: “setup a base on the Moon, or launch a station to orbit around it. We don’t want the man to just step on the Moon,” Popovkin stated in an interview with Russian radio station Vesti FM.

“Today, we know enough about it, we know that there is water in its polar areas,” he said of the moon, adding “we are now discussing how to begin exploration with NASA and the European Space Agency,” he added.

During the late 1950’s Soviet and US. Scientists first began discussing the possibility of establishing a permanent manned outpost, but as the Cold War drew on, those plans never went any further.

Given that NASA has more recently focused its attentions on Mars and left exploration and research of the moon to the growing private space exploration and development sector, it’s difficult to predict if such a huge collabotaive project endeavor become a reality.

Russian researchers have planned on starting a 12-year-long moon exploration programme (2025-2036), which will have several stages with first being a placement of an orbital station on a near-moon orbit, and the last – construction of a permanent base on the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite.

Lunar orbital station can be built within two years of 2025 and 2026. The facility can shelter a crew of four cosmonauts. Later on a first-stage base will be built at the Moon’s surface, which is aimed at hosting two-week-long manned missions to the satellite. 

A second-stage lunar base is scheduled to appear in 2035-2036 – this facility will help start using lunar resources and prepare for industrial use of natural treasures of Earth’s natural satellite.

Image below is Alan Chinchar's 1991 rendition of the Space Station Freedom in orbit, a step for Moon and Mars Exploration, which it can be used as a basis for an orbital assembly and experiment complex,along with commercial facilities for prolonging lifetime of satellites on their orbits, as well as assembly of spaceships, heading for the Moon and Mars.

Image at top of page is Moon Base, painting  by Phil Smith.


           Alan Chinchar's 1991 rendition of the Space Station Freedom in orbit.

The Daily Galaxy via orbiterchspacenews and


It makes more sense for all parties involved in a moon or mars program to work together including China and India. It would stop the duplication of equipment and technology and get the space faring nations working together not against each other on putting bases on the Moon and Mars.Working for a common goal unites people which is earthlings should strive for.

Would this mean that some countries finally will be extracting recources from outside earth to keep our consumer society running?

Is this done to counterweight the Chinese spaceprogramm? The Chinese have it there goal to make space there resource-supermarket, so they become independent from other countries, to get there resources?

It's good that Russia is seeking to make this an international effort. One wonders though if anything goes wrong if they will point the finger at some mysterious American conspiracy.

Well done, Russia. If governments and the rest of us can put aside distrust of each other and commit themselves to cooperating for the benefit of humanity as a whole, then why not investigate new, extra-terrestrial options? But if we continue with the same old habits of conflict, greed and reckless disregard for our planet, we will only end up spreading the poison. Can the U.S. genuinely commit itself to a new and sincere cooperation, to sharing and mutual responsibility? If and when the moon is found to possess usable resources, will the U.S. fall back into its recent pattern of force, grabbing power, taking control and impose its will on others, or can it truly enter into a new global consciousness? One could ask the same of Russia. However, I think that unlike the majority of Americans (who like their country being the empire of the modern world), the Russian people (who have already experienced the dark side of greed and power, and the pain of loss and humiliation) would strongly oppose any attempt by their government to colonize and economically dominate the moon. I would hope that those involved in a moon station, or any other extra-terrestrial cooperation, would be intelligent and mature enough to see the great opportunity for developing a new global attitude, a new and genuinely supra-national concordance for the good of all mankind. It is still not too late.

You America haters make me laugh. When you ever realize that ALL governments try to control the people and ALL people are just trying to live, maybe you can see past your jealousy of what others have and work on improving your lives. I know the word "work" scares a lot of you and you think that crying about others will make your life better and if thats helping you then good. If you believe the crap other are preaching to you that all Americans are rich then you go ahead and continue being a good little sheep all your life and die early poor and angry.

"All" is correct,

but there are levels of damage and levels of ignorance and self righteousness.

the latter two being a major issue with the usa that the rest of the world is very aware of.

we have every right to worry about the damage being caused by that country that refuses to learn lessons from world affairs of the past and refuses to join in a future in which all country's can be happy.

theres nothing to "win" anymore, get over it.

the one thing the moon does have is a lack of atmosphere and is within range to take advantage of its power providing benefits, the usa's old plan to host solar farms and beam that energy back to earth via microwaves is a very scary thing considering the lack of respect for non american human life they employ, and then theres the aiming failures we consider an issue and a long running joke (at least it would be if people didnt keep dying) based on the american military.

lets hope they take advantage of the carbon nano tubes and other options to bring that energy safely to earth...if they are going to stick with it this time and not pull funding again.

Project Requires:
Spaceplanes to LEO Stations
HEO LEO to Moon shuttles.
Orbital Lunar station
Lunar base.
& add Hotel modules on Lunar Base & HEO LEO stations.
about 2K jobs alone & more Spaceports on Earth to effect.

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Russia is ahead in terms of aeronautics and space technology, they are just following the tradition.

Finally all the big power coming together to a common goal. This will really help Man kind progress further.

There are a lot of blogs and articles out there on this topic, but you have captured another side of the subject. This is good content thank you for sharing it.

There are a lot of blogs and articles out there on this topic, but you have captured another side of the subject. This is good content thank you for sharing it.

I am impressed, I must say. Very rarely do I come across a site that both informative and entertaining, and let me tell you, your site is important; the issue is something that not enough people are talking intelligently about.

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