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Image of the Day: A Trillion Miles from Earth: A Spectacular Spiral Galaxy


About trillion miles away from earth, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope photographed a spectacular and stunning image of a spiral galaxy named NGC 4911 which lies over 320 million ligh-years away from the "Coma Cluster" of about 1,000 galaxies and islands of stars which is likely similar to the Milky Way. Looking at this stunning image forces one to ask: what mysteries and life forms exist there?

One light year is equivalent to 5.9 trillion miles.The galaxy consists of "rich lanes of dusts and gases near its center. NASA Scientists reported that the cluster is one of the densest collections of galaxies in a nearby universe. It was entitled "Island Universe" that shows the "majestic face-on spiral galaxy" in the Northern Constellation Coma Bernices amid a sea of stars.

The image combines data from 2006, 2007 and 2009, which is a high resolution copy of the image.The formations seen along the arms of the main galaxy are the result of the nearby galaxy which is passing "perilously close to each other". The galaxy and other spiral near the center of the cluster are being transformed by gravitational tug of their neighbors.

Via NASA/Hubble


Only a light year away........?

About 1/6 of a light year away, I doubt it.

Where does one start to point out all the errors in this post? I really think it's time to delete this rubbish.

If you don't mind my asking, what exactly occurs at "About trillion miles away from earth" ?

In the most common use of the terms, this galaxy is about 2x10^24 miles away... i.e. two trillion trillion miles AKA 2 sextillion. However, there is an old use of the terms in which a billion is a million millions, and a trillion is a million billions. In that old-fashioned use of the term this thing is two quadrillion miles away.

How many light years a trillion miles make?
I am sure this galaxy is closer than Andromeda?

The story states that "One light year is 5.9 trillion miles."
If this is a trillion miles away, would that not make it .17 light years away.

The story states that "One light year is 5.9 trillion miles."
If this is a trillion miles away, would that not make it .17 light years away.

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Makes me feel small, like a little baby peanut. I saw that in BBC months ago...nice discovery. Great going NASA.

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Oh, so the galaxy isn't a trillion miles away from earth but the "camera zoom" is set to a trillion miles from the Satellite or slightly less than half a lightyear away. Again that galaxy is actually billions of light years away.

If this galxy was a trillion miles from Earth , the Milky way would be doomed. the new galxy would be Milky NGC 4911

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