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Hyperclusters of the Universe Hint that Something is Behaving Strangely


The large-scale structure of the Universe appears to be dominated by  vast "hyperclusters" of galaxies, according to the new the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, compiled with a telescope at Apache Point, New Mexico. The survey plots the 2D positions of galaxies across a quarter of the sky. The science team has concluded that it could mean that gravity or dark energy – or something completely unknown – is behaving very strangely.

We know that the universe was smooth just after its birth. Measurements of the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB), the light emitted 370,000 light years after the big bang, reveal only very slight variations in density from place to place. Gravity then took hold and amplified these variations into today's galaxies and galaxy clusters, which in turn are arranged into big strings and knots called superclusters, with relatively empty voids in between.

On even larger scales, though, cosmological models say that the expansion of the universe should trump the clumping effect of gravity. That means there should be very little structure on scales larger than a few hundred million light years across.

"Should be." But according to Shaun Thomas of University College London (UCL), and colleagues aggregations of galaxies stretching for more than 3 billion light years have been found. The hyperclusters are not very sharply defined, with only a couple of per cent variation in density from place to place, but even that density contrast is twice what the tandard cosmological models theory predict.

A 2D picture of the sky cannot reveal the true large-scale structure in the universe. To get the full picture, Thomas and his colleagues also used the color of galaxies recorded in the survey. More distant galaxies look redder than nearby ones because their light has been stretched to longer wavelengths while travelling through an expanding universe. By selecting a variety of bright, old elliptical galaxies whose natural colour is well known, the team calculated approximate distances to more than 700,000 objects. The upshot is a rough 3D map of one quadrant of the universe, showing the hazy outlines of some enormous structures.

Dark energy is usually assumed to be uniform across the cosmos. If instead it can pool in some areas, then its repulsive force could push away nearby matter, creating these giant patterns.

Alternatively, we may need to extend our understanding of gravity beyond Einstein's general theory of relativity. "It could be that we need an even more general theory to explain how gravity works on very large scales," says Thomas.

A more mundane answer might yet emerge. Using colour to find distance is very sensitive to observational error, says David Spergel of Princeton University. Dust and stars in our own galaxy could confuse the dataset, for example. Although the UCL team have run some checks for these sources of error, Thomas admits that the result might turn out to be the effect of foreground stars either masking or mimicking distant galaxies.

A comprehensive catalogue of spectra for Sloan galaxies is being assembled in a project called the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey. Meanwhile, the Dark Energy Survey will use a telescope in Chile to measure the colors of even more galaxies than Sloan, beginning in October. Such maps might bring hyperclusters out of the haze – or consign them to the status of monstrous mirage.

The richest supercluster of galaxies in the nearby universe is the Shapley Concentration, made up of 25 separate clusters grouped together in one giant supercluster some 700 million light-years away and with a total mass of about 1016 (10,000 trillion) solar masses. Its gravitational attraction contributes perhaps 25% of the motion of the Local Group.

At the core of the Shapley Concentration is an extraordinary remarkable complex formed by several rich clusters of galaxies from the Abell catalog – A3558, A3562, and A3556 – and by the two minor groups SC 1327-312 and SC 1329-314. The central and most massive cluster is A3558, which is dominated by a cD galaxy.

Image at top of page showsthe Shapley Supercluster or Shapley Concentration (SCl 124) -- the largest concentration of galaxies in our nearby universe that forms a gravitationally interacting unit, thereby pulling itself together instead of expanding with the universe. It appears as a striking overdensity in the distribution of galaxies in the constellation of Centaurus, it is 650 million light years away. The image is a radio map of galaxies in the core of the Shapley Concentration.

The Daily Galaxy via and the Physical Review Letters, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.106.241301

Image credit: Credit: T. Venturi, S. Bardelli, R. Morganti, & R. W. Hunstead, Istituto di Radioastronomia.


looks like these micky mouse physicists will have to invent another bit of "Dark" something or other to explain this... my money is on "Dark Crap"

Epicycles upon epicycles... History repeats itself and contemporary cosmologists are either dumb, extremely religiously-like dogmatic about their cherished beliefs or just pretending like they don't aware there is a paradigm crisis in physics.

replace "the light emitted 370,000 light years after the big bang" with "the light emitted 370,000 years after the big bang"

Interesting. For me, this kind of gets back to the idea that perhaps the universe itself is a living organism. When I look at a picture of the filament-like structure of galaxy clusters, I think of the synaptic filaments of a brain.

For goodness sake, there is no beginning, there is no end, the universe has always been, and always will be..!!

Hurrah for Fred Hoyle..!!

Quote: "Hyperclusters of the Universe Hint that Something is Behaving Strangely".

Yes - and that something strangely behaving origin inside the mind of modern astrophysicists and cosmologists who are completely stuck in their one way gravity and linear thinking.

An example: Dark matter was invented when the illogical gravity was contradicted regarding the orbiting movement of objects in our galaxy. Not even an also invented very strong black hole/black object in the centre of our galaxy was strong enough to keep the objects from moving away from the galactic centre.

- The very same goes for all other inventions of “dark magic”. Modern cosmologist cannot skip the strange gravity approaches and the linear illogical Big Bang Bluff and therefore they have to invent a lot of strange things in order to hold on to their dogmatic ideas.

- Modern cosmologist should be forced to study the universal 3D-cell-biology and electromagnetism before fiddling around with their strange ideas based on FAIRIE DUST = Fictional Ad hoc Inventions Repeatedly Invoked in Efforts to Defend Untenable Scientific Theories.


- Our Solar System was created directly from inside the Milky Way centre:

“New Solar and Galaxy Formation Knowledge” -

- One can get more cosmological knowledge compared to modern theories when reading the Creation Myths in a modern way:

“The Milky Way Mythology and the Stories of Creation” -

Ivar Nielsen
Natural Philosopher

"We know that the universe was smooth just after its birth."
How could "we" know this? Because of mathematical modelling? Is there some direct evidence to back this statement up?

as a young physicist working in the field of astronomy I feel the need to say that you guys are absolutely right. Modern cosmology is all mathematical masterbation. And if an observation contridicts it, then it must be wrong. my department spent weeks picking apart why the neutrino experiment that had them going faster than light couldn't be true. I'm so tired of this religious like dogma. Let real science shine through

Yes, Je Nolan, there is. WMAP.

Very well thought out comments.. have to agree with all you guys.. well done.. especially Ivar Neilsen..

"1016"? Really? Is it that hard to put a superposition tag in your frigging page? Why should we listen to any science from someone who doesn't take numbers seriously?

I pay all my bill using dark money. All they have to do is believe it's there.

Moronic foolishness - I find it interesting that man can deny the true's given to us in nature - most will not except an all knowing Creator (I call God, Jesus Christ and Savior) and find it appalling that little man will not come to grips with this.
An Apostle writer of many books wrote; for this reason I, Paul, the prisoner of Christ Jesus for you gentiles, if indeed you have heard of the dispensation of the grace of God which was given me for you, how that by revelation "He" made known to me (Paul) the mystery (by understanding Paul's knowledge of Jesus Christ which was written in earlier text)which in other ages was m not made known to the sons of men, as it has now been revealed by the Spirit to His Holy Apostles and prophets: that the gentiles shall be fellow heirs, of the same body, and partakers of His promise in Christ through the gospel (news) of which I (Paul) became a minister according to the gift of the 'grace' of God given to me (Paul) by the effective working working of His power.
Note; this is an amazing mystery w/a purpose that most will call foolishness - most would rather hear the marbles bouncing around in their sculls than the give the 'true' Creator any thought which will lead 'them' to an eternal destruction where this message will haunt forever, it's your choice, He did everything else, made it simple, deny the free gift of His Son, He'll have to deny you, He's a Just God, in the beginning "GOD" an awesome One at that, life here is but a vapor forever is eternal, dwell on that for a moment, then huble yourself before Him, He will heed your prayer!

Well questioned my friends!
Keep it up. The Truth is standing right in front of us!

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