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DNA Found in Meteorites --New Research Views them as Molecular Tool Kits that Provided the Building Blocks for Life

Dna-building-blocks The components of DNA have now been confirmed to exist in extraterrestrial meteorites. Meteorites hold a record of the chemicals that existed in the early Solar System and that may have been a crucial source of the organic compounds that gave rise to life on Earth. Since the 1960s, scientists have been trying to find proof that nucleobases, the building blocks of our genetic material, came to Earth on meteorites.

New research, published next week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, indicates that certain nucleobases do reach the Earth from extraterrestrial sources, by way of certain meteorites, and in greater diversity and quantity than previously thought.

Extensive research has shown that amino acids, which string together to form proteins, exist in space and have arrived on our planet piggybacked on a type of organic-rich meteorite called carbonaceous chondrites. But it has been difficult to similarly prove that the nucleobases found on meteorite samples are not due to contamination from sources on Earth.

The research team, which included Jim Cleaves of Carnegie's Geophysical Laboratory, used advanced spectroscopy techniques to purify and analyze samples from 11 different carbonaceous chondrites and one ureilite, a very rare type of meteorite with a different type of chemical composition. This was the first time all but two of these meteorites had been examined for nucleobases.

Two of the carbonaceous chondrites contained a diverse array of nucleobases and compounds that are structurally similar, so-called nucleobase analogs. Especially telling was the fact that three of these nucleobase analogs are very rare in terrestrial biology. What's more, significant concentrations of these nucleobases were not found in soil and ice samples from the areas near where the meteorites were collected.

"Finding nucleobase compounds not typically found in Earth's biochemistry strongly supports an extraterrestrial origin," Cleaves said.

The team tested their conclusion with experiments to reproduce nucleobases and analogs using chemical reactions of ammonia and cyanide, which are common in space. Their lab-synthesized nucleobases were very similar to those found in the carbonaceous chondrites, although the relative abundances were different. This could be due to chemical and thermal processing that the meteorite-origin nucleobases underwent while traveling through space.

These results have far-reaching implications. The earliest forms of life on Earth may have been assembled from materials delivered to Earth by meteorites.

"This shows us that meteorites may have been molecular tool kits, which provided the essential building blocks for life on Earth," Cleaves said.

The Daily Galaxy via the Carnegie Institution


Here it is, proof that life on Earth came from outer space!

I with they would hurry up and proove this 100% so that christfags can shut up


What do we know?

Capt ajit vadakayil

are you serious chris? you are a dumbass if you think that disproves anything about Christ. You obviously must not know his message...

such irony that someone named "Chris" would make such an anti-Christian comment!

It does disprove it. It's yet more evidence that we were created by evolution, chemistry, cosmology. Not a magic man. We are spread out among the stars, and jesus and all the other primative wackos of 2000 years ago knew nothing about anything. You would have thought that god would have mentioned these things.

People who think that the bible relates to science are the same as people who read the astrology crap in the paper and say "WOW".

It's simple tricks for simple minds. Religion is a tool of politics, war, money, control, power and nothing more. Catholic church, scientology - same game, different strategy. You christians will die out when this kind of science goes mainstream.

Yes Maree I am aware of the irony.

Go chris!

Headline reads "DNA Found in Meteorites" then the first words in the article read "The components of DNA have now been confirmed to exist in extraterrestrial meteorites." This is not the same thing. Disappointing.

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The above article only proves that some carbon-rich meteorites, scattered in outer space, contain organic compounds!!! Not a Big Breakthrough in my opinion. They consist of figments of compounds close to, but not really Amino Acids (which in a complex combination may create DNA blocks ). This does NOT PROVE that those rocks contain DNA. Organic compounds usually contain atoms of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, etc. ( these elements are found all over the universe) So, it is not surprising that some meteors contain organic compounds. Do not hastily conclude from so little data that life on earth came from outer space!!! That is not a logical conclusion.

Amitabha (yogashaktidurga.wordpress)

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