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According to the British physicist Stephen Wolfram, intelligent life is inevitable. But there is a hitch. Although intelligent life is inevitable, we will never find it -at least not by looking out in the Milky Way. As evidence Wolfram points out In order to compress more and more information into our communication signals - be they mobile phone conversations or computer- we remove all redundancy or pattern. If anything in a signal repeats, then clearly it can be excised. But this process of removing any pattern from a signal make it look more and more random - in fact, pretty much like the random radio "noise" that rains down on Earth coming from stars and interstellar gas clouds.

According to Wolfram, if someone beamed our own 21st-century communication signals at us from space we would be hard pressed determining whether they were artificial or natural. So what chance do we have of distinguishing an ET communication from the general background radio static of the cosmos?

ET artifacts coordinated by computers would look far more like a natural onject. It is easy to distinguish a technological artifact such as a car from a natural object such as a tree. The tree is far more complicated. But, says Wolfram,"this is simply because our technological artifacts are primitive. As they become more complex - with computer processors enabling them to make a moment-by-moment decisions - they will begin to look just as complex as trees and people and stars." We have slim chance, he suggests, of distinguishing an ET artifact from a natural celestial object.

If Wolfram is right and ETs are out there but we will not be able to recognize them - either in their communications or their artifacts - then of course they could be here in the Solar System and we would not have noticed.

Wolfram thinks ETs will not want to travel to Earth -  or anywhere else for that matter. In Wolfram's view, everything in the Universe is the product of a computer program. In fact, he imagines an abstract cyber-universe of all conceivable computer programs, all the way from the simplest up to the most complex. This "computational universe" contains everything from the Apple Macintosh operating system to a programme for creating a faster-than-light starship

Wolfram believes he has found nature's big secret - how it generates the complexity of the world, everything from a rhododendron to a tree to a barred spiral galaxy by applying simple rules over and over again as a simple computer programs. Wolfram came to this remarkable conclusion in the early 1980s when he discovered that the simplest kind of computer program - known as a cellular automaton - can generate infinite complexity if its output is repeatedly fed back in as its input. Wolfram has found evidence that the kind of computer program that produces endless complexity can be implemented "not just systems of biological molecules but in all sorts of physical systems - chaotic gas clouds, systems of subatomic particles and so on. He concludes that all over the Universe life - though definitely not life as we know it - will spring up spontaneously. It is a fundamental feature of matter."

The existence of this computational universe is the crucial thing.  But the reality is it would be it easier and more efficient for an ET civilization to stay at home and use a computer to search the computational universe for useful programs rather than try to get the same information by hunting for ETs to talk to among the 200 billion or so stars in the Milky Way. "It's a simple numbers game," says Wolfram.

Everything is generated by computer program,"and that includes you and me," says Wolfram. "Someone halfway across the Galaxy could have found the computer program for you and conversing with you at this very moment."

Casey Kazan via ] M. Chown,The Universe Next Door and A New Kind of Science by Stephen Wolfram


"Someone halfway across the Galaxy could have found the computer program for you and conversing with you at this very moment."

I'll have what he's smoking.

More fodder against Fermi's so-called "paradox"!

(yes, Fermi's Paradox is my Nemesis!)

Though I have to break paths at the lack of imagination as to why an advanced civilization would wish to venture away from home...

what's a natural onject? lol

LOL yeah I'll have what he's smoking too! That guy can't be serious, lol thinks God is a computer programmer... wowwwww

This article has been posted twice already on this site

This article has been posted twice already on this site

This article has been posted twice already on this site

Crazy story it seems. Everything and nothing are both attributed to the Computer. Yes, absolute reality is immpossible to find scientifically. Why not develop spiritual science for a change?
If this story has already been posted twice , what does one hope to go on repeating it? Csaey Cazan may just have some reasons to justify it.
I could not make any head or tail out of the story, may be some intelligent IT expert can help. So i am forwarding this story to two such experts that i know abut.

There is a basic logical flaw with computational universe ideas. If I take a box of crayons and make an amazing sketch of your face, which is widely praised for its accuracy, does that prove that your face is made of crayon?????? mike c

It does, Mike, if you find out you are the crayon version and your counterpart is intertwined amongst another "dimension". Or something like that ;)

Anyway, I'm going to reformat the universe, or at least this partition, because the humanity file seems to be corrupt beyond repair. I've made a backup just in case I need to restore it to its original condition, or maybe I’ll leave the corrupted file going and restore the original, uncorrupted file along side to see how each evolves, and compare for future reprogramming.

Read "The Eerie Silence" - Paul Davies

The universe is an unforgiving place. Life is like a fungus that tries to grow wherever it can, but keeps getting wiped out, eradicated by galactic forces (gamma bursts from dying stars, CMEs from the home star, asteroids, comets, volcanoes, plagues, earthquakes, the list goes on and on).

If life can evolve to the point where it will simulate itself in a virtual universe, so what? The fact still exists that that life is on the universe's hit list. The only way to ensure the continuation of life is to explore and colonize. That's why an ETI must seek out other intelligences, so that perhaps they might help their own species continue. DNA, in whatever configuration it might be found, is driven to survive, that is what it does. If DNA finds that it can propagate as a computer program, then it will do so.

Good point though about highly evolved communication and technology being indistinguishable from chaos.

SiliconJon, Keep that backup safe- we're gonna need it! By the way, what system date did you use? Which period has the ideal and pristine humanity file data?
When Wolfram says "Everything is generated by computer program" I think he means that everything develops, comes about, is generated by the iteration of algorithmic computation, and that this process is spontaneous, that is, self-arising, and self-directing. Basically describing the hypothetical mechanism by which the universe in all it's detail arises spontaneously. But does the universe have a teleological direction? Does it have a purpose? My guess is that the answer to both is a yes, though our relatively primitive science may not be able to understand any of that in our lifetimes.

hEY "mANE"
Why read info like this if your incapable of understanding what is being said. It could very well be the case and you would not know.
Same as an image is made up of pixels, science has shown the universe is made up of finite bits. The smallest measure or pixel of the universe is a Plank length, this applies to time time.
We live in a decrete world, exactly how a computer would simulate/create it!!!!!

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