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CERN's Search for a "New Physics" --Could the Higgs Boson be a Mirage?


Scientists pursuing a particle --the Higgs boson-- they believe may have played a vital role in creation of the universe indicated they were coming to accept it might not exist after all. But they stressed that if the elusive particle turns out to have been a mirage, the way would be open for a "new physics" to try to answer one of the great mysteries of the cosmos.

The CERN research center, whose giant Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been the focus of the search, said it had reported to a conference in Mumbai that possible signs of the Higgs noted last month were now seen as less significant.

"Whatever the final verdict on Higgs, we are now living in very exciting times for all involved in the quest for new physics," Guido Tonelli, from one of the two LHC detectors chasing the Higgs, said as the new observations were announced.

CERN's statement said new results, which updated findings that caused excitement at another scientific gathering in Grenoble last month, "show that the elusive Higgs particle, if it exists, is running out of places to hide."

The centers' research director Sergio Bertolucci told the conference, at the Indian city's Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, that if the Higgs did not exist "its absence will point the way to new physics."

Under what is known as the Standard Model of physics, the boson, which was named after British physicist Peter Higgs, is posited as having been the agent that gave mass and energy to matter just after the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago.

As a result, flying debris from that primeval explosion could come together as stars, planets and galaxies.

In the subterranean LHC, which began operating at the end of March 2010, CERN engineers and physicists have created billions of miniature versions of the Big Bang by smashing particles together at just a fraction under the speed of light.

The results of those collisions are monitored by hundreds of physicists not just at CERN but in linked laboratories around the world which sift through the vast volumes of information generated by the LHC.

Scientists at the U.S. Fermilab near Chicago have been in a parallel search in their Tevatron collider for nearly 30 years. Last month they said they hoped to establish if the Higgs exists by the end of September, when the Tevatron closes down.

For some scientists, the Higgs remains the simplest explanation of how matter got mass. It remains unclear what could replace it as an explanation. "We know something is missing, we simply don't quite know what this new something might be," wrote CERN blogger Pauline Gagnon.

"There are many models out there; we simply need to be nudged in the right direction," added Gagnon, an experimental physicist.

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So they spent &30 billion to search for something that doesn't exist? Must be republicans.

Agreed spent all that money to just realize that some new physics had to come into play give me a break

Yes, but if they did not spend that on the research, how would they know for certain that it did not exist?

That is a great point to bring up. Thanks for the post.

@bigfan & Lexusmaxus

You don't understand what science is do you?

The proving or ‘disproving’ of the Higgs existence was the primary goal of this project but not the only one.

The very building of the LHC will advance us let alone what the experiential results will ultimately give us.

You merely have to look at previous incarnations of the collider and the work done at CERN to see all scientific endeavour will lead to progress and often give us world changing advancements we’d have never found or thought of without first searching. After all you’re using one of the greatest right now to berate it very means of coming into existence.

Yea sure nothing ever comes out of CERN funding. They didn't invent the worldwide web or anything like that now did they. Oh wait they did. Who knows what will come of projects like this. Even besides the physics theres the huge distributed computing grid CERN is using to process the petabytes of data. The collider generates gigabtyes of data per second. If you think we learned nothing there, well.

You don't understand what science is do you?

You don't understand what science is, do you?

Punctuation makes all the difference in the world.

I actually can't tell how punctuation makes any difference there :p What would the alternative meaning be?

Robert, people like you piss me off. This is an interesting article and all you can do is point out someone's fucking punctuation? Get the cucumber out of your ass and get off the interwebs.

Only to someone who is a anal-retentive.

But seeing as this is not a comment section for the presentation of academic papers, I’m sure everyone else will forgive such a huge transgression.

Only to someone who is a anal-retentive.

But seeing as this is not a comment section for the presentation of academic papers, I’m sure everyone else will forgive such a huge transgression.

Not to claim anywhere near the math and physics expertise of the Standard Model fans, I hope the Higgs particle is not found. Imho, Standard Model seems to be too pat, a limiting self-prophecy, a block to expanding our physics and minds to higher dimensions.

because of cern or at cern they learned how to trap antimatter for record times. so i wouldn't say cern was a bust. Just a way to test for the unknown, and look, we still haven't created black holes or blown ourselves to smithereens lol

I am not a nerd, just a stoner trying to find more answers :)

We need cern so someday I WILL have my levitating skateboard!

Yeah i want that skateboard too

Yeah i want that skateboard too

FEARFUL SYMMETRY (from Songs Of Experiments)
-- James Ph. Kotsybar

Beyond notice, out of site
in dimensions wrapped up tight,
shall only weakened gravity
reveal your supersymmetry?

Do you match, sine qua non,
boson to a fermion?
Will you ever edify
how the forces unify?

In what quanta, small or large
will we find your mass and charge?
In what membranes do you roam?
Which dimensions call you home?

In magnetic chambers narrow,
will you tell us of time’s arrow?
How long do your components last?
Have you broken, in the past?

Quarks from gluons will divide
when we make hadrons collide:
Will this show us where you hide
or leave us unsatisfied?

Beyond notice, out of site
in dimensions wrapped up tight,
will only highest energy
return your supersymmetry?

All matter and energy manifest from the ether, which is also responsible for gravity and that is why the higgs and graviton have not and will not be found. What was old will be new again.

Quote: "We know something is missing, we simply don't quite know what this new something might be," wrote CERN blogger Pauline Gagnon.

Having the totally illogical thesis as the BBB = Big Bang Bluff, you are misssing the whole point from the very beginning.

Shift to a cyclic world perception where all movements in the Universe are eternal changing.

Also shift to a viewpoint of Electro- and Thermodynamics in the Universe.

Ivar Nielsen
Natural Philosopher

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