New Discoveries About the Early Galaxies of the Universe
"Out of Africa" --Which Way Did Humans Migrate?


If they had access to telescopes far more powerful than our own, it might look a lot like what the Deep Impact spacecraft recently saw from its vantage point 50 million kilometres away.

Maybe in 50 million years, DailyGalaxy will have thumbnails that link to larger pictures.

Maybe in 50 million years, DailyGalaxy will have thumbnails that link to larger pictures.

Good one Yimba, I wanted a larger image too.

the bigger picture:

Ridiculous! Have a look at bathymetry (Google Earth) data and tell me how North America suppose to be separating from Eurasia while there isn't a single breaking point in the earth's crust neither in Iceland area nor in Bering Sea? It is a continuous continental "plate".
Closing of Mediterranean? Again, how?

@Roman: Nice, I would recommend to go to iceland and stand on top of the volcano and repeat your sentence :D
On a more serious note: Buying property in monaco does not seem like a good idea anymore!

I saw that before, and thankfully I liked the site so I saved it to my bookmarks

this is for 50 Million Years

and this is for 150 Million years

and for those long lived, this is for 250 Million years... and that's when Daily galaxy will provide larger images... or at least the source link :D

Sounds like a pretty good plan dude. Wow.

The 90's called and they want their webmaster back.

The link below supplies high def globes for the earth through all of the phases of continental shift. Pretty interesting, Might be worth checking out

Oh sorry heres the link, under "Continental Shift Globes")

It seems you don't understand implication of Iceland crust being continental without any ridges (as opposed to "oceanic" crust with "spreading" ridge system). It means there is no spreading points of any kind at N62 latitude, look it up!. Mobilist's theory goes puff when it meets real data from the field. Sorry.

World leaders gathering in Italy for a summit this week will be able to don parkas designed by Belstaff, the maker of the movie star's jackets if things get stormy.

and peace will rule the planets,

this is the dawning of the age of....

opps, been there, done that

hang on's going to be a bumpy ride

They will take over the world with their telekinetic powers, while humans will fall due to lust, and greed.

Great job whomever did it!A more realistic view of our future 2 million generations!50 Million can certainly seem like a very long time for many of us humans!
Your's sincerely,Adam Gal from Australia 28/08/2012.

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