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Is the Universe Spinning? New Research Says "Yes"


Physicists and astronomers have long believed that the universe has mirror symmetry, like a basketball. But recent findings from the University of Michigan suggest that the shape of the Big Bang might be more complicated than previously thought, and that the early universe spun on an axis.

To test for the assumed mirror symmetry, physics professor Michael Longo and a team of five undergraduates catalogued the rotation direction of tens of thousands of spiral galaxies photographed in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

The mirror image of a counter-clockwise rotating galaxy would have clockwise rotation. More of one type than the other would be evidence for a breakdown of symmetry, or, in physics speak, a parity violation on cosmic scales, Longo said.

The researchers found evidence that galaxies tend to rotate in a preferred direction. They uncovered an excess of left-handed, or counter-clockwise rotating, spirals in the part of the sky toward the north pole of the Milky Way. The effect extended beyond 600 million light years away.

"The excess is small, about 7 percent, but the chance that it could be a cosmic accident is something like one in a million," Longo said. "These results are extremely important because they appear to contradict the almost universally accepted notion that on sufficiently large scales the universe is isotropic, with no special direction."

The work provides new insights about the shape of the Big Bang. A symmetric and isotropic universe would have begun with a spherically symmetric explosion shaped like a basketball. If the universe was born rotating, like a spinning basketball, Longo said, it would have a preferred axis, and galaxies would have retained that initial motion.

"It could be," Longo said. "I think this result suggests that it is."

Because the Sloan telescope is in New Mexico, the data the researchers analyzed for their recent paper came mostly from the northern hemisphere of the sky. An important test of the findings will be to see if there is an excess of right-handed spiral galaxies in the southern hemisphere. This research is currently underway.

The Daily Galaxy via  University of Michigan

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Thank you for an extremely interesting article

I would ask that you might read "past" the overall humour of my 2008 published poem on the state of the universe (which is merely my poetic style) to consider whether or not the basic concepts of the poem present an argument for scientists at the University of Michigan to read more of my poetry!

You could say that this theory is more philosophically based than theirs

The Big Bang -v- The Big Doughnut Theory MkIII (Or what happens when a Big Doughnut Spins)

Ideally to be read following my earlier poem:


Now, those Sausage Rolls without their sausage
Their pastry long, and smooth and glossy
Described how there had never (EVER) been
The need for a
To start this mess that we’re in
In fact I can think of nothing much worse
Than a “BIG BANG” to start off a whole Universe!
Therefore, and in keeping with my original theory
(Regarding the general distribution of matter)
Without any need for a

Our cosmic dust into a great space
(That had waited how long?)
For this event to take place
I return to my doughnut
The original plan
(Remember the type with a hole, and no jam)
But to make it much clearer (ie the system we’re in)
I have added another element;
For if our doughnut were of
In the form of a vacuum with matter within
(analogy DOUGH)
In view of it’s totally enormous
It’s speed could then vary
For when “Spun” on it’s axis at slow revolutions
It’s centre could seem to be totally still
Whilst an object attached to it’s outer circumference
Much faster than light might travel
The dough at it’s surface grew darker and darker
(Just like night)
As it's speed prevented the escape of all
I would then suggest that this may be the answer
For the reason there exists such a mass of
Does not result from ANY
But merely because;
Light cannot escape
So you see
(Although on the EDGE you will not)
Determines our SPEED in this plot

And as SPEED is as TIME
(Just in case you’d forgot)

The “SPIN” is the reason;




March 2008

Would love to have their views.


Egal Bohen

Alpha the fine-structure constant of ELECTROMAGNETISM is responsible for this spin axis. The CMB is a real EM analogue for pseudo-force gravity. EM forces are REAL, but gravitational forces are imaginary. Spin - Orbit - Revolution The big-bang is phony and did not create the universe. Charged particles create spinning objects and this pre-existed the big-bang throughout eternity.

Alpha the fine-structure constant of ELECTROMAGNETISM is responsible for this spin axis. The CMB is a real EM analogue for pseudo-force gravity. EM forces are REAL, but gravitational forces are imaginary. Spin - Orbit - Revolution The big-bang is phony and did not create the universe. Charged particles create spinning objects and this pre-existed the big-bang throughout eternity.

I beleive the universe spins like everything else. Why wouldn't it. Then we don't need to trust in dark matter being there. We can only see a small part of our universe. To say everything is expanding is wrong in my opinion. Say No To Big Bang! We see a small section of our universe moving. Just like our galaxy spins, our solar system spins, our earth and moon spins, on down to our protons and nutrons, so does the universe. It just makes sense.

Wouldn't that explain why everything is moving apart?
And... why didn't anyone think of it before?


- Everything small and large in the Universe is spinning and orbiting - infolding and outfolding in eternal changes. That is: Everything IN the Universe and NOT the Universe itself.

Ancient cultures know this. For instants "Churning the Milky Ocean": - showing how the Milky Way galaxy rotates.

- Right and left turning galaxies are mythologically pictured as right and left turning svastika´s.

Ivar Nielsen
Natural Philosopher

Indeed - if that happens, i.e. if the Universe is spinning along an axis, then it must be having a geometric center as well - a bad news for the Cosmologists who believe that the Universe has no center and has no preferred direction. The theories have to be rewritten.

Spinning relative to what?????

lol fred.. and theories don't have to be re written but come anew

This comment thread is...really something. Maybe the Timecube guy will check in and share his thoughts as well.

What about speed? Everyday going faster then the last?

file under *Duh*

On earth water will spin in the drain Clockwise or CCW, depending on the location with the equator. This is because of the North (negative) and South (positive) poles. Galaxies likely have their spins and rotations, depending on their location with the EM force constant called ALpha the fine-structure constant, which varies in strength along a dipolar axis that roughly aligns with the dark flow singularity 150 billion light years away, according to Kaslinski of NASA. EM forces shape the Universe, and not gravity. All inferred theoretical black holes at galaxy centers, have never been seen, but have inward negative poles, and outward jets of electric current from positive poles. Galaxy 3c303 has a jet of electric current 150,000 light years long, which is as long as the galaxy itself. Galaxies are close together compared to their sizes, and jets are commonly measured to extend as long as the galaxy itself. Electromagnetic forces rule the universe, the confusion lies in purporting the big-bang gravity theory of the universe, by inventing dark matter and dark energy.

I'm with Fred. With out a center and undefinable edges, what would be the universe's rotational reference?

I'm with Fred. With out a center and undefinable edges, what would be the universe's rotational reference?

Michael Longo says, writes: "the simple answer is that the Universe was spinning relative to other universes in some larger space." "We could never see outside of our Universe in principle, but if we could show that the present Universe still retains the initial angular momentum within its galaxies, it would be evidence that our Universe exists within some larger space." "Since angular momentum is conserved, it seems it must have been born spinning and create a rotation axis that influences galaxy rotations." "The Universe has a large net angular momentum if galaxies tend to spin in a certain direction." "galaxy collisions would not cause a change in overall angular momentum."
Longo also says that previous researchers have studied data in the southern hemisphere already, and have found an excess of right handed spins, would indicates a DIPOLE in space ! HE states there is a very slim chance that this is not correct, and the statistics are very strong to support it. So, this has really already been confirmed by other researchers, and proves the big-bang theory is incorrect. That space existed outside the big-bang before it happened. And that the universe is far larger and older then what the big-bang says.

Fred had nailed it! If the universe is spinning, how could it ever be proven? Everything might be rotating but there would be no point of reference.

If there are other universes out there they cannot interact or be a reference for our universe or it would have to be part of our universe.

Newtonian physics don't play here.

They need to resort the data. Instead of grouping by northern and southern hemispheres, try above and below the plain of the milky way. I wouldnt be surprised if the spin differntial would be more significant than 7%.

This was the work that Galaxy Zoo did, and they found no anisotropy in galaxy rotations. They explain in their paper why some others might.

I proposed this "Spinning Universe" hypothesis in 2000 and sent an article to both Science and Nature. As one would expect, they promptly rejected the idea. Since then, I prepared another article, with data gathered from NASA's official website and entitled " Assigning a role for spin (rotation) in the make up and function of the universe". You can find both of these articles and other smaller essays in my new website

Please check it out! I am glad people are now realizing this "outlandish" truth!


Very interesting comments. I am not a physicist but I can't help thinking that current theory has missed something here. A couple of basic principles: Everything spins! Surely this is an obvious sign that the universe itself is spinning. If this is the case then it is not surprising that the galaxies are apprently accelerating away from eachother. (In fact the universe is accelerating towards them). This is surely the explanation for the current observations and does not involve a mystical dark matter.
I would also propose that the universe is a spinning medium and not an inert vacuum as thought. If this is the case then the medium must have properties that allow wave travel. My memory of physics is that waves need a medium to travel through and that a medium has internal forces or tensions. This is a bit like string theory but really wave theory. Is it not possible that spin and the internal forces of the "fabric" of the universe could be responsible for all of natures forces?
Interested in any comments

I beg to disagree on the dark matter; I think this 'dark matter' is all that matter that has not ignited through nuclear fusion reaction and thus become the stars and galaxies or, because of their small size, remain as planets and their satellites as well as the trillions of other bodies that exist in the universe but can be visualized and studied. This translates to hydrogen,which is by far the most abundant element in the universe. And, visible or not, all matter will exert gravity on all neighboring bodies.

My idea of spinning universe is simple: As all galaxies are composed of stars and the smaller bodies that orbit them, a look at our solar system will explain how the universe is put together. The sun spins on its axis, in an anti-clockwise direction, when viewed from the Northern Hemisphere. All the planets both spin on their own axes, also in an anticockwise direction and, orbit around the sun in an anti-clockwise direction, at an orbital velocity determined only by the distance from sun. This is called the "Inverse Square Law". These two observations clearly mean the sun's axial rotation is making the planets orbit in one direction around the sun, all close to the ecliptic. The question is why and how? Here is the answer:

All bodies have this inherent property of spinning on their axis, in the same anticlockwise direction. (There are exceptions to this, for example Venus which rotates on its axis in exactly the opposite direction and, in a very slow rate. Please check my website:, the articles entitled "Assigning a role for spin...." and also the main article "Spinning universe, a hypothesis" for other examples and for explanations for them). This spin counteracts the inward pull of gravity which all bodies exert on all other bodies, with the well-known principle of centrifugal force. This is just like the centrifugal force of a ball at the end of a tether that keeps it in a circular path. So, the close-in bodies orbit faster and keep in the orbit with correspondingly icreased centrifugal force, although, the inward pull of gravity from the main body (such as the sun) is stronger. Thus, a balance is struck. This is a logical solution to keep the order in the solar system and the larger universe.

One can discard the "Big Bang" and the "Expanding Universe" and all the difficulties current cosmology is going through, to try to fit this square peg in the round hole. Why should galaxies that are made of stars and their "solar systems" behave any differently from their component bodies, all of which spin. Why should the galaxies alone fly apart in a radial direction?

Of course, when I sent off my article "Spinning Universe, a hypothesis" to Science and Nature, and I talked to some astronomers, I expected rejectione and ridicule. Otherwie, they will have to discard all the (ridiculously naive and amateurish) ideas in current cosmology and re-write astronomy. Just think about the notion of space itself being made even now, from nothing, ever since the supposed bang, at almost the speed of light! And this for the past 13 or so billions of years!

In conclusion, what I proposed was that the matter in the whole universe will behave like matter every where and contribute to spinning of the whole universe, perhaps once in 13-15 billion years. I want to stress that the empty space of the universe does not participate in this; the matter, whether seen or unseen, is what spins. It is just like the galaxies, just a much grander scale. You just need the imagination to visualize this. Dr. Longo just came along and did an appropriate study and validated my idea and imagination! Kudos to Dr. Longo!

A couple of quick comments:
Is it possible that the universe itself has substance and that substance has physical properties?
Is it possible that the spin of planets/galaxies/subatomic particles that we observe is a sign of a spinning universe NOT the cause of force itself? For example, if a particle was immersed in a liquid that was spinning, it would also spin. Although the spin of this object would not itself cause other particles nearby to change course, the spin of the liquid/medium would. It would appear that there was an inherent force of the particle itself but this is simply an illusion.
We have quite a good example of this in weather patterns and our spinning atmosphere. We see how measurable pressure changes cause forces but it is clear that a tornado or cyclone does not in itself produce the force but rather is a sign of the extreme change in pressure.

Is the substance of the universe full of "pressure" changes brought about by spin and the inherent "tension" of the fabric of the universe? Could these exist on a large and small scale and explain the forces of nature? Has anyone modelled this?

That is an interesting take on the observed phenomena. But I get the feeling you are trying to extrapolate from weather phenomena here on earth, to what is happening all over the universe. Some of these are at the subatomic level, while all bodies small and large in the macro level also exhibit. Just think about the extreme properties displayed by Neutron stars. (these are remnants of stars approx. eight times as massive as our own star, having exploded in a superova explosion, scattering much of its matter and condensed into a sphere the size of a small city. It is composed almost exclusively of neutrons). These bodies spin on their axes from several times to hundreds of times a second! It spews enormous amounts of magnetism and gravitational pull ( a teaspoonful of matter on these bodies will weigh as much as the Mount Everest!). I will have a great deal of trouble explaining an external force imparting such properties on these "Pulsars". However, it is easy to attribute such properties by imagining that this tight ball of nuclear material is just displaying what comes natural to a large congregation of it. In other words, it is betraying the behavior of a nucleus of an atom, if only it could exist free in space. I will just as easily have difficulty to explain how the elementary particles like electrons and neutrinos will be made to spin on their axes, also perhaps extremely fast, by some external influence. I can use the same principles to explain many more phenomena in the universe. Examples are the shape assumed by all bodies (which are not true spheres but somewhat bulging around the equator), the generation of magnetism in bodies that spin fast on their axes, the location of orbiting bodies along the ecliptic of the mother bodies etc etc.

Here on earth the phenomena you describe are all the result of the interaction of the spin of earth (carrying with it its atmosphere) and the gravity. This combination explains why the tornadoes and hurricanes spin (perhaps in an anticlockwise direction in the Northern hemisphere), why when we flush the toilets the water turns in an anti-clockwise direction in the Northern hemisphere and the reverse in the Southern hemisphere. I think even the direction hurricanes travel in the oceans are probably determined by earth's axial spin.

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