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If Dark Matter Fills the Universe, Astronomers Should Detect the Gamma Rays it Produces --But They Don't


Among the most dramatic events in the universe are the death of stars that generate huge blasts of neutrinos that can sometimes be picked up by giant neutrino telescopes on Earth. Neutrinos usually pass straight through the Earth. Astronomers have only once detected neutrinos from beyond the Solar System and that was almost 25 years ago during a supernova called SN1987A.

The most efficent and effective way to study these supernova events using gamma rays, ultra high energy photons. The mother of all gamma ray telescopes is the Fermi Space Telescope, which has been peering into the cosmos from low Earth orbit for three years now. Fermi's eyes see the occasional burst of gamma rays from distant violent events that are, albeit briefly, among the brightest things in the Universe. These gamma rays bursts are thought to be the release of energy equivalent to the mass of our Sun in a single second, probably as giant stars collapse to form black holes or as black holes or neutron stars collide.

Fermi has so far seen several hundred bursts of gamma rays from distant violent events that are, briefly, among the brightest objects in the Universe --at energies that stretch over six orders of magnitude, the highest being an event on 10 May 2009 which produced photons with an energy of 31 GeV, the highest ever observed in space.

Fermi's most controversial result involves dark matter. The thinking is that dark matter particles should annihilate producing gamma rays. This ought to produce gamma ray lines at specific frequencies but Fermi has found no evidence of this. Fermi ought to be able to pick up the gamma rays this dark matter generates, but ao far it has seen no evidence of this.

But, as Carl Sagan used to say, "the absence of evidence isn't the evidence of absence. The task of  Fermi's physicists and astronomers is to work out whether the evidence is there and Fermi can't see it or that they it isn't there at all.

The Daily Galaxy via and Ref: Science highlights from the Fermi Large Area Telescope

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Just because we have believed for 300 years that some mysterious yet-to-be-specified property of mass can either attract other mass or warp space does not make it so. Where is the dark matter? What is the the dark energy? From Newton on down, scientists have assumed that it is the mass of the sun that attracts the planets. Has anybody ever considered that it could be the copious amounts of luminosity emanating from it that is attracting the planets? This simple possibility can easily be tested in the laboratory. I have found that when a ~1kg test mass was placed above a 1000 W hot source and below an ice-filled cold source, its weight INCREASED by ~10%! The textbook says this cannot happen. But it has, and some high-minded, insular scientist overly inculcated by the textbook needs to replicate this far-reaching easily-observed, experimental result which any amateur such as I has carried out.
Attractive spreading luminosity has potential for explaining the flat rotation curves and cosmic acceleration. And it can do this in a plausible way.

Consider these words of nonsense from the Scientific American:

“Dark matter is five times as abundant as normal matter in the universe. But it continues to be an enigma because it is invisible and nearly always passes right through normal matter. Astronomers only found out about dark matter by inferring its presence from the gravity it exerts—notably, it keeps spinning galaxies from flying apart.”

Ah, Dark Matter. The ‘stuff’ that -according to orthodox cosmological thinking- makes up 90% of the Universe. Of all modern theories this is the one that’s closest to pre-Copernican epicycles, flat Earths and luminiferous aethers. The properties of this ‘stuff-which-ain’t-stuff’ are too miraculous. It can’t be found, observed or measured, purely ‘existing’ to excuse the holes in Newtonian mechanics & Einsteinian General Relativity. It lives around planets, except when taken away, except you can’t take it away because it won’t interact -not with anything, mind you; light, radiowaves, throw a boomerang at it and it will fly right through…..well not ‘quite’ right through as dark matter will still exert a push, a pull, a friction, in all the directions.

Ever wondered why galaxies rotate like a DvD? Dark Matter! Ever wondered what sped up universal expansion after the big bang? Dark Matter! ever wondered what will cause the universe to re-collapse? Dark Matter! Ever wondered what heated up the Earth’s core? Dark Matter! What tilted Uranus’ axis? Dark Matter!

Dark Matter is utter nonsense.

Peter, I like your experiment, and visited your blog link. I truly hope someone can take that and run with it. Talk of this
unidentifiable ghost 'stuff' is getting hard to read about every day.

@Peter Fred,

If your theory were true a measurable difference in the orbit of the moon would be apparent during a Lunar Eclipse as the moon passes through Earth's shadow, that has not been seen - sorry.

Hi peter Fred,
I read your theory, but i wanted to tell you that dark matter is present in our universe.It is surely uninteractive and just blindly floats through the normal matter. but it is neccesary because it holds supermassive black holes in their right place. If it werent present , the monstorous black holes would float like those relatively small wandering balck holes and destroy everything.Mind you that galxies and all the other normal matter exists wherever there is high concentration of dark matter or vice versa. anyways anything is possible in our universe and i would like to add u as a friend of mine if you wish, my email is

You generally cannot see a new moon. But you can with infrared goggles. In my experiments I use a 1000W hot plate heat element that for the most part puts out infrared radiation. With this radiation a ~10% increase in weight is observed. In my paper you will see that I talk about how infrared radiation "aligns the molecular vibrations along the vertical."
They now have satellites that can detect infrared radiation and this should should shed further light on gravitational phenomena found in the universe.
You talk about a possible anomaly in the moon's orbit. But I have a serious anomaly that can be observed by earth bound experiment. Just because I am an amateur and am not funded by the National Science Foundation with a $100,000 grant, should not in itself invalidate my results and and sufficient reason to be summarily dismissed. My experimental results represent a serious anomaly and something should be done about them.

I didn't mention anything about a new moon, I referred to a full moon having all/most of the sunlight including IR block during an eclipse. If IR did effect mass/gravity, a change in the moon's orbit would be detectable. There are reflectors located on the moon than measure it's distance with the accuracy less than a mm, you show the world a orbital change during an eclipse and you'll win your fame.

Maybe there is a giant black hole at the center of the universe that everything is spinning around (and would account for the missing dark matter).

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