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Is This Fossil a New Species of Humans? Some Experts Say "Yes"

Download This spooky image shows the  controversial cranium of Malapa Hominid 1, Holotype of Australopithecus sediba unearthed in April 2010 in a South African cave. Fossils of the bones of the young male and  adult female suggests a controversial new species,  that walked upright and shared many physical traits with the earliest known human Homo species.

Lee Berger from the University of the Witwatersrand and his team discovered the skeletal remains of the two specimens they determined to be a new species of human. The two partial skeletons may belong to a previously unclassified species of pre-human dating back almost 2 million years and may shed new light on human evolution.

The finding of the pre-human, or hominid, fossils -- which scientists say are between 1.78 and 1.95 million years old -- was published in the journal Science and where believed to possibly answer some key questions about where humans came from.

The skeletons had characteristics of previous species of Australopithecus, but also of Homo, leading the researchers to believe they may have found an evolutionary connection between the two, which evolved into a classic academic battle, with many believing there was no connection to Homo and that what they had discovered was really an ancestor of later Homo species.

At the annual meeting of the Paleoanthropology Society on April 12 and again on April 16 at the annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Berger and his team presented new findings on their most recent bone analysis.

Kristian J. Carlson discussed the size and shape of A. sediba's brain, showing that by synchrotron scanning of the interior brain case, they were able to determine the estimated capacity to be around 420 cubic centimeters, which led to a very small brain size and is the reason researchers first determined these new skeletal findings to be in the Australopithecus genus.

However, they also discovered that the frontal lobe of this small brain contained organization more similar to that of humans, showing that contrary to what was previously thought, organization and brain size with human characteristics may not have been a simultaneous change. The pelvis of the A. sediba is what researchers believe show the strongest link toward the beginning of an evolutionary change to the Homo.

Researchers have always linked the larger brain size of the Homo to the evolutionary change in the pelvic structure between the two. However, even with the small brain size and cranial structure of A. sediba, the pelvic structure has changed from previous Australopithecus to much closer to that of Homo.

The Daily Galaxy via More information: http://en.wikipedi … hecus_sediba

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Image credit: Photo by Brett Eloff, courtesy Lee Berger and the University of the Witwatersrand.


Duh... it's not 'new', it's OLD silly

I don't get how we think different cranial dimensions and size = new species. Thousands of years from now, if you dug up Andre the Giant and Mini-me; wouldn't they qualify as two different species? Last time I checked, they were both homo-sapien...

The skull filled with mud, sticks and rocks - it's a politician.

more than stupid!

It is just like all the rest. Just another species of monkey.

@Spaz the way the determine that is proportional i.e. andre the giants skull my be bigger than mini me's but proportional to their size the brain capacity is roughly the same (kinda like how even though kids are smaller than adults they are in the same proportions). Different species of hominids have different brain capacities in relation to their body size.

And there was Mungo Man who suddenly changed from Gracile to Robust and his extinct DNA doesn't matter ,as he has become an Australian Aborigine (Political correctness)I believe we should do more research on the two species of bi pedal primates on the planet now
If Taxonomy is legitimate
We have two species
For Darwin the same bird with a different beak was a different species but when it comes to humans
a different physiology , different skull, foreman Magnum, hip, bone lengths, and frontal lobe, and lower IQ does not make a different species! wake up and smell the roses
So a monkey is an orangatang ? ! and A horse is a Donkey
and if Gracile and Robust are different species, and they are
and if intellect and accomplishment have a bearing and Science and History are taken into account
Why are you people so ignorant of the truth ,scared of the Truth
that Homo Erectus walks amongst us
Because it does not suit your sensetivities, or religion
stuff the truth and the science
you disgust me with your peanut intellects and pure stupidity

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