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Massive Inhabited Planets Could Exist in Weird Space-Time Orbit Inside Black Holes

Phot-33a-05-preview "Advanced civilizations may live safely inside the supermassive black holes in the galactic nuclei without being visible from the outside."

Vyacheslav Dokuchaev at the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

We love Russian astrophysicists at The Daily Galaxy: The discovery of stable orbits inside certain kinds of black hole implies that planets and perhaps even life could survive inside these weird objects, says Vyacheslav Dokuchaev at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

Dokuchaev points out that certain black holes can have a complex internal structure that could allow photons, particles and perhaps even planets to orbit the central singularity without ever getting sucked all the way in. Cosmologists have been aware for some time that there are regions inside charged, rotating black holes where objects such as photons can survive in stable periodic orbits.

Dokuchaev's contribution is to study these orbits in detail and to explore their dynamics. One of the problems that would at first seem to negate any chance of planetary orbits inside a black hole is that inside the event horizon of a black hole, radial dimension becomes time-like, rather than space-like. Conventional orbits are clearly impossible. But further in there is another horizon where the dimensions switch back again (at least, inside charged and rotating black holes). This is the inner Cauchy horizon and it's beyond here that Dokuchaev says the interesting orbits for massive planets exist.

Dokuchaev calculates that the stable orbits are nonequatorial and have a rich structure. They would also be brightly illuminated by the central singularity and by photons trapped in the same orbit.

Dokuchaev also believes that a planet in such an orbit could support a complex chemistry that is rich enough to allow life to evolve. "Advanced civilizations may live safely inside the supermassive black holes in the galactic nuclei without being visible from the outside," he says.

Such a civilization would be subject to huge tidal forces and  energy density that builds up in these stable orbits as photons become trapped. There's also the problem of causality violations, which some cosmologists predict would afflict this kind of weird space-time.

The Daily Galaxy via technologyreview.com

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Image top of page: Near-infrared images of the active galaxy NGC 1097, obtained with the NACO adaptive optics instrument on ESO's Very Large Telescope, disclose with unprecedented detail a complex central network of filamentary structure spiralling down to the centre of the galaxy. These observations provide astronomers with new insights on how super-massive black holes lurking inside galaxies get fed.


Very Interesting!

Sounds like a series of books written in the 1980's by A.A. Attanasio. It's called the Radix Tetrad. Very good read.

they should stop drinking vodka, that's just bullshit. and this website should not publish that.

Right Tifon ... And you've actually visited a black hole?




The universe does somewhat resemble the inverse of a black hole - maybe WE ARE living inside one. What we see as the residuals of the Big Band is actually looking at twisted space/time and in truth is the inside view of an event horizon. (Gulp)

How many angels can dance around a black hole? It doesn't really matter.

Here's a major issue...

Because of the effects of time dilation around singularities, billions of years would pass outside for even one year inside.

How old is the universe again?

Here's another major issue: supermassive black holes get that way by swallowing a lot of stars--millions or billions of them. These stars enter the black hole at all different trajectories and velocities. Even if you had a planet in a stable orbit inside the event horizon, what's to keep it from colliding with an infalling star (or other massive chunk of matter) at some point and getting obliterated, and/or knocked out of its stable orbit?

For that matter, how would a planet go about getting _into_ such a stable orbit?

Well, you see, Michelle Obabmas thighs are the center of the universe so.....

What if C-A-T really spelled "dog"?

Nerd: Inside a black hole it does. True story.

This article sucks cock. I've never read so much bullshit in my life.

Well, given the whole Hadron Collider thing, it's always good to know.

It's a deja-vu like in The Matrix, so we are either in The Matrix or a black hole. Either way: we're f*cked.

The universe does somewhat resemble the inverse of a black hole - maybe WE ARE living inside one. What we see as the residuals of the Big Bang is actually looking at twisted space/time and in truth is the inside view of an event horizon. (Gulp)
Posted by: SB | April 12, 2011 at 11:07 AM
I agree

Therefore time exponentially slows down via each rabbit hole. Yin yang-like view of exouniverse. Each universe has inverted universes. At a certain point mathematics begins to morph into spirituality. Think about it... 1: Yin. 0: Yang.

Reminds me of a short story I wrote once about a ship being caught in a black hole and experiencing causality issues, though I may have gotten a few of the details wrong about how it would work.

Big bang theory has already been proved wrong lol its so funny to watch people try to make sense of the universe when the fact is that we will never know or understand it ever its all just theorys scientist should focus on what's happening on our planet not places we'll never go or understand

While I do think of time/space as y=1/x, where y is time, I don't see how this could be possible. Perhaps a planet could stay in a stable orbit on the event horizon, but how would it get there? Wouldn't it get torn to shreads first? Second, if this is true, wouldn't it only appear to be stable from the outside, but from the inside be sucked in in a matter of seconds?

Andrew T your a douche! Michelle Obama's thighs....

going off the "Anything's Possible" script I see...

The possibility is amazing but not unbelievable, it makes sense that other Universes would be in their own sort of cocoon. In a parallel way all universes stay in their place. Once it was said that the earth was flat & if you walk to the edge you would fall off, anyone who didn't agree was crazy. I love the possibilitys :)

I have microbes living in my black hole.

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