Image of the Day: Japan's Quake & Tsunami Devastation
Weekend Feature: "Japan Quake Will Shift Earth's Mass" -NASA Expert

Weekend Feature: "Eye-of-Sauron" Galaxy -Bright Blue Core Created by Actively Growing Super-Massive Black Hole


43 million light years away from Earth, NGC 4151, named by astronomers, Eye of Sauron, after the all-seeing symbol of evil in The Lord Of The Rings, is one of the nearest galaxies to Earth to contain an actively-growing black hole. Powerful X-rays generated by the super-massive black hole produced the bright blue 'pupil' of the eye at the galaxy center. The red halo around the 'pupil' is made up of hydrogen atoms.

NGC 4151 is one of the nearest galaxies to Earth to contain an actively-growing black hole. It offers astronomers one of the best chances to study the interaction between a super-massive black hole and the surrounding gas of its host galaxy.

The new image was released last night by the American space agency NASA's Chandra X-ray Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Daily Galaxy via Chandra X-Ray Center


Hmm - looks more like the Eye of God to me.

Maybe God is the Universe.;)

Also....beautiful. yet so mysterious.

OK, wow this makes a lot of sense!

Science does not want to be associated with religions, they will certainly most likely never will use the word "god". peace

wow it really does like the eye of sauron. i guess in that galaxy sauron took over middle-earth and then conquered the galaxy.

and here come all the religious nuts to proclaim that a cloud of hydrogen giving off pretty colors is clear evidence of god.

Anyone with an active imagination can think of a myriad of substitute names for an entity. As many grains of sand on the beaches of earth, there is a name of god as there are stars with planets with inhabitants that may worship god or gods.

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