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Human Brain’s "Radio Frequencies" Signal New Insights

Brain-scan Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have tuned in to precise frequencies of brain activity for new insights into how the brain works. Neuroscientists have closely analyzed where and when the brain becomes active for many years, but now researchers are gathering evidence that the frequency of that activity can be a source of important insights. The discoveries are made possible by a grid of electrodes temporarily installed directly on the surface of a patient's brain to help pinpoint the source of medication-resistant seizures.

“Analysis of brain function normally focuses on where brain activity happens and when,” says Eric C. Leuthardt, MD. “What we’ve found is that the wavelength of the activity provides a third major branch of understanding brain physiology.”

The researchers used electrocorticography, a technique for monitoring the brain with a grid of electrodes temporarily implanted directly on the brain’s surface. Clinically, Leuthardt and other neurosurgeons use this approach to identify the source of persistent, medication-resistant seizures in patients and to map those regions for surgical removal. With the patient’s permission, scientists can also use the electrode grid to experimentally monitor a much larger spectrum of brain activity than they can via conventional brainwave monitoring.

Scientists normally measure brainwaves with a process called electroencephalography (EEG), which places electrodes on the scalp. Brainwaves are produced by many neurons firing at the same time; how often that firing occurs determines the activity’s frequency or wavelength, which is measured in hertz, or cycles per second. Neurologists have used EEG to monitor consciousness in patients with traumatic injuries, and in studies of epilepsy and sleep. In contrast to EEG, electrocorticography records brainwave data directly from the brain’s surface.

“We get better signals and can much more precisely determine where those signals come from, down to about one centimeter,” Leuthardt, assistant professor of neurosurgery, of neurobiology and of biomedical engineering, says. “Also, EEG can only monitor frequencies up to 40 hertz, but with electrocorticography we can monitor activity up to 500 hertz. That really gives us a unique opportunity to study the complete physiology of brain activity.”

Leuthardt and his colleagues have used the grids to watch consciousness fade under surgical anesthesia and return when the anesthesia wears off. They found each frequency gave different information on how different circuits changed with the loss of consciousness, according to Leuthardt.

“Certain networks of brain activity at very slow frequencies did not change at all regardless of how deep under anesthesia the patient was,” Leuthardt says. “Certain relationships between high and low frequencies of brain activity also did not change, and we speculate that may be related to some of the memory circuits.”

Their results also showed a series of changes that occurred in a specific order during loss of consciousness and then repeated in reverse order as consciousness returned. Activity in a frequency region known as the gamma band, which is thought to be a manifestation of neurons sending messages to other nearby neurons, dropped and returned as patients lost and regained consciousness.

Leuthardt and his colleagues have also shown that the wavelength of brain signals in a particular region can be used to determine what function that region is performing at that time. They analyzed brain activity by focusing on data from a single electrode positioned over a number of different regions involved in speech. Researchers could use higher-frequency bands of activity in this brain area to tell whether patients:

“We’ve historically lumped the frequencies of brain activity that we used in this study into one phenomenon, but our findings show that there is true diversity and non-uniformity to these frequencies,” he says. “We can obtain a much more powerful ability to decode brain activity and cognitive intention by using electrocorticography to analyze these frequencies.”

The Daily Galaxy via Washington University School of Medicine


Interesting. This could be an important step toward treating patients with traumatic brain injury, severe stroke, and other brain-damaging problems. Initially it will be only good for making more precise diagnoses, but that could later be used to pinpoint where replacement parts (whether artificial or regrown brain cells) can be put.

It could also be an early step in creating artificial telepathy. Despite its clear potential for abuse, it could be very helpful for people with communication problems -- aphasia, severe to profound autism, vocal cord damage, and so forth.

(And what's up with the fragmented sentence "Researchers could use higher-frequency bands of activity in this brain area to tell whether patients:"?)


OK, no pun intended... but isn't this a no-brainer?

I don't mean to rag on the discovery - I mean yes, it's good they're doing this, and yes it's good they're reporting it... but seriously - is anyone surprised to find that the frequency of brain signals is important? How could it NOT be? Is there a single phenomenon anywhere in nature for which the intensity of a signal is important in determining function but the frequency of the signal is irrelevant? ECoG has been around since the 50's! (Thank-you, Wikipedia) And we're just getting to this? What took doctors over 50 years to figure out they should be looking at intensity AND frequency?

It's the final proof - way too many doctors are doing stupid stuff (e.g. endless boob jobs and tummy tucks) and not enough doing important stuff (like figuring out how our freaking brains work, so we can fix them when they screw up!).

Why don't we grow a brain in a controlled environment to see how it developes in all the areas throughout it's developement, so we can figure out a way to teach our kids the right development the mind needs in order to become its full potential. Like certains times in peoples lives should be made for opening up the mind and in adulthood they are fully equiped to handle any situation.

Important finding indeed!

Our brain regulates its activities by means of electric waves emitted at different frequencies that can be recorded in EEG. These brain waves and the activities associated with them are : -

 ALPHA: frequencies ranging from 8 to 13 hertz, during the conscious state of relaxed awareness and attentional activities of learning and performing tasks;
 BETA: emitted within the frequencies of 18 t0 25 hertz, during consciously alert state or when one is tense, anxious or agitated;
 DELTA: frequencies within 0.5 to 3.4 hertz occurring during unconsciousness and non-rapid eye movement (NREM) deep sleep (during first half of night)
 THETA: emitted within frequencies of 4 to 7 hertz, responsible for memory consolidation, cognition, focused attention, learning, mental imagery, meditation and deep relaxation. It also prevails during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep (during second half of night) to consolidate memory.

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Our brain regulates its activities by means of electric waves emitted at different frequencies that can be recorded in EEG. These brain waves and the activities associated with them are : -

 ALPHA: frequencies ranging from 8 to 13 hertz, during the conscious state of relaxed awareness and attentional activities of learning and performing tasks;
 BETA: emitted within the frequencies of 18 t0 25 hertz, during consciously alert state or when one is tense, anxious or agitated;
 DELTA: frequencies within 0.5 to 3.4 hertz occurring during unconsciousness and non-rapid eye movement (NREM) deep sleep (during first half of night)
 THETA: emitted within frequencies of 4 to 7 hertz, responsible for memory consolidation, cognition, focused attention, learning, mental imagery, meditation and deep relaxation. It also prevails during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep (during second half of night) to consolidate memory.

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Our brain regulates its activities by means of electric waves emitted at different frequencies that can be recorded in EEG. These brain waves and the activities associated with them are : -

 ALPHA: frequencies ranging from 8 to 13 hertz, during the conscious state of relaxed awareness and attentional activities of learning and performing tasks;
 BETA: emitted within the frequencies of 18 t0 25 hertz, during consciously alert state or when one is tense, anxious or agitated;
 DELTA: frequencies within 0.5 to 3.4 hertz occurring during unconsciousness and non-rapid eye movement (NREM) deep sleep (during first half of night)
 THETA: emitted within frequencies of 4 to 7 hertz, responsible for memory consolidation, cognition, focused attention, learning, mental imagery, meditation and deep relaxation. It also prevails during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep (during second half of night) to consolidate memory.

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And why not also make the concious scientifical brain-connection to the near and far cosmos where everything is electromagnetic too.

We are electromagnetic beings influenzed by everything else electromagnetic around us, on the Earth; from the Sun; from the solar system; from our galaxy and far beyond.

Gel battery adopts gel electrolyte whcih allows you to mount the battery in any direction, even upside down, giving more flexibility to installers. Charging the gel battery needs to attach the red cable to "+", black cable to "-". Don't mix it or it may damage the gel battery. Thank you for sharing this useful information with us. More information from Leoch International,

Rajnilu, thanks for bringing our attention to the near and far electromagnetic universe that surrounds us and is us.

The universe is electromagnetic in time/space realms. All electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) influence and are influenced through entrainment. Electromagnetism is also infinite, or near-infinite, as some prefer to say. So, everything affects everything.

The body's EMFs are changeable. In an excited state, our heart, by far the most powerful EMF generator in our body, beats faster, changing the frequency. The powerful frequencies of our heart affect the frequencies of our brain and our cells, as well as the rest of the universe.

The emotions behind the beat of the heart are frequencies, which can be measured by sensitive equipment and felt by others as good or bad vibes. They can also be controlled by a conscious mind. When our thoughts change about a situation, our emotions change correspondingly. Biofeedback devices can show us how our thoughts and emotions affect our frequencies. They can also teach us how to maintain certain desirable frequencies. If they're near-infinite, why not choose the good ones?

Many profound things are happening now, affecting everything. Currently, our solar system is hurtling toward the center of the galactic plain, which the Mayans calculated we would reach on December 21, 2012. On the other side we will pass through the Dark Rift. The Dark Rift is a ribbon of intense magnetism created by the spinning of a massive black hole at the center of our galaxy.

What happens to our electromagnetic frequencies when we pass through the intense magnetic field of the Dark Rift? In electromagnetism, electricity is the flow and magnetism is the charge. All of our information, everything we see and know, is electromagnetic, is it not? Strong magnetism slows down movement and perhaps stops it in the case of Zero Point, which some speculate is related to Dec. 21, 2012. If it stops movement, what happens to our thoughts? our heartbeat? our vision? What happens to the information that is stored in our electronics and the systems that are dependant on that information?

These and other related questions are some of the most important ones we need to ask ourselves and talk together about now.


Sorry, it was Ivar Neilson I wanted to acknowledge.

Can you tell me the amplitude of the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta waves emitted from the brain?

Someone has already made artificial telepathy possible and it is already being used and abusive in investigative works by unknown people. I do have personal experience but not evidence of the abusers. Please keep this on file as this news will surely be unveiled in the near future as word spreads and the culprits found.


Justin Busby
Facebook, Justin Busby, Saint Joseph, Missouri “OPEN TO THE PUBLIC” for more information
201 South 10th Street apartment 116
Saint Joseph, Missouri 64501
(205) 531-8106
I have enclosed a copy of a letter that I had sent to a judge (PDF attachment if emailed), in the top right hand corner you can see a date stamped on it, where it was accepted by the Saint Joseph Clerk of Circuit Court. It is time stamped for November 14th of the year 2014. On the second page of this letter I talk extensively about the plain clothed ride along the night I was arrested and the fact that he used spyware to arrest me. I sent off that letter with his plate, Missouri tags 9CS 925, which I saw him in a black Ford F-150 from the dates of August 1st of 2013 thru August 1st of 2014. I moved into the apartment I live in now, sometime in late May of 2015, and he moved into the apartment directly above mine about two weeks later. The apartment number for him would be 219 locate at 201 South 10th Street, Saint Joseph, Missouri 64501. My apartment number is 116. He along with all the other people I mention in all my previous letters can be seen on the hallway cameras going in and out of that apartment at the times and dates I have outlined. He is operating and illegal surveillance operation on me from there, assaulting me with electronic high frequency sounds, and using Voice to Skull technology to harass me, as we as conducting R.N.M., remote neural monitoring. His last name is Hudelson, all the people I that I outlined in the bulk of this package are involved in the harassment, and it has even escalated to gangstalking. Former Officer Hudelson had military experience during “Operation Enduring Freedom”, this is where I believe he obtained the knowledge to be able to perform remote neural monitoring “RNM”. It is my opinion he obtained the software to do this from the military by “burning” it or downloading it to a flash drive, also a possibility would be acquiring it from a torrent site. Former Officer Hudelson has been running a website that gives away my thoughts with verbal imitation software or as written text. It most likely has a green image of my body “similar to thermal”, and access to my visual cortex. They get the thoughts in real time, and how it is being done makes my television blurry. I acquired all of this knowledge by the way him and many of my other harassers communicate to me using microwave sound waves and/or ultrasound, which many people refer to as “V2K” voice to skull technology. They are enticing me to speak to them with vocal words using the voice to skull technology and then broadcasting it to be picked up with police scanner apps. This can be done due to former Officer Hudelson being an ex-Saint Joseph Police Officer and knowing which channels are open. This helps to enable my gangstalking and is also done in my opinion to make me seem to be mentally unstable when I am not.
YouTube: Remote Neural Monitoring (Satellite Harassment/Terrorism) Reality and Awareness!

Justin Busby
I have been the victim of electronic harassment for some time now. The crimes committed against me include, but are not limited to; First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights violations (Freedom of Speech and Privacy), electronic assault, electronic/cyber sexual harassment, cyber stalking, cyber/electronic harassment, gangstalking, workplace mobbing, and my animal has suffered animal abuse do to their actions. I will discuss how each of these crimes have been committed against me, what kind of equipment they are using, who is doing it, and how to prove it.
The people involved in this include but are not limited to; Travis Ackerman and his mother Ruth, Boyce Ackerman, Bethany Mohler, former Saint Joseph Police Officer Hudelson, Lauren Drake, Shawn Larison, Jacob Bennet, Clint Willman, Jen (816) 294-1595, Stacey (816) 646-1294, Deborah Mohler, Damian Graves, Boyce Ackermans daughter Monica, and many more whose last names I am unaware of. Also the tenants and cosigners of the apartment beside mine (115) and directly above mine (219) at City View Lofts, located at 201 South 10th Street, Saint Joseph, MO. 64501.
The illegal electronic surveillance of me began about three years and three months ago. Bethany Mohler and Travis Ackerman put spyware on my phone, and gave many of the people I went to school with access to it. They showed people videos of me masturbating to porn I had on my phone. Kevin Holst and David Torreance who both attended the Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Kansas City, MO. with Bethany Mohler and I know about it, and the fact that the illegal surveillance continues to this day. Many other people who also attended school there know about this as well. The Aviation Institute of Maintenance is located off of Raytown Rd. in Kansas City, Missouri. We all attended night classes there from the dates of October of 2011 until July of 2012. All four names I have mentioned became licensed airplane mechanics, my license number is 3676277. They showed the videos to their family and friends, and even the people I worked with and went to Family Guidance Treatment with. I worked at BMS, located at 100 NW Airport Road, Saint Joseph, MO. 64503, (816) 232-2060 from the dates of September 10th until November 8th of 2014. Everyone there saw the videos or knew about my harassment and helped to enable it, or at least be complicit in it. Leslie Green the workforce manager knew about it, as well as Dan Dilley, Chris Rake, Hannah Gardner, Kelly Phelan, Christian Earhardt, a girl named Kassi, (which are all the line leaders), and everyone else. When I attended Family Guidance located at 901 Felix in Saint Joseph, MO. 64501, (816) 364-1862 from the dates of February 7th until December 7th of 2014, many people were shown the videos, sometime in July or August of the same year. People who I know saw the videos include Lauren Drake, Clint Willman, Brandi Brown, Tyler Rake, and many more.
I have been the victim of (RNM) remote neural monitoring and voice to skull technology/harassment. The underlining technology of this system takes under consideration that the electrical activity in the speech center of the brain, can be translated into the subjects verbal. It can also perform electrical mapping of the cerebrums activity from the visual center, which is achieved by avoiding the eyes and optic nerves, consequently projecting imageries from my mind onto a video display. With this video and audio memory, both can be visualized and analyzed. Like a fingerprint, each person has their own brain print.
The machinery involved can, remotely and non-invasively, detect information by digitally decoding the evoked potentials in 30-50 Hz, 5mW electromagnetic emissions from the cerebrum. Evoked potentials are called the spikes and patterns created by the nerves, as they produce a shifting electrical pattern with an ever-changing magnetic instability, which then puts on a constant amount of electromagnetic waves. The important part about this is that it is all carried out without any physical contact with the subject. (I will speak later about how the gangstalking enabled this to be done using smart phones) The capability of remote (EEG) electroencephalography by electromagnetic scattering theory using ultrashort pulses is used, (cell phones), and transmitted using internet clouds to download the date and upload it back to a home base, or possibly with RF frequencies. Ultrashort pulses are currently defined in the range of 10-12 to 10-15 seconds. Considering that EEG word elicited potentials are comparatively long (hundredths of milliseconds), indicates that the remote radar EEG capture is adequate to word recognition, with ultrashort pulses allowing some 109 or more radar reflections in a millisecond. With its speech, auditory, and visual communication arrays, (RNM) remote neural monitoring allows for a comprehensive audio-visual mind to computer association. Furthermore, RNM can detect audio via microwaves, wireless sound transmission to human beings, and can be accomplished using ultrasound (UHF induction), also. This is often referred to as voice to skull or “V2K”.
They are using a social media application incorporated into their software that allows it to be compatible with all smartphones, possibly via an app, which enables, and is aided by the gangstalking and workplace mobbing taking place. Specific statutes that are in the state of Missouri pertaining to this are; MO.Rev.Stat 565.225 (crime of stalking) and MO.Rev.Stat 565.090 (harassment), these statutes do not specify “electronic” or “internet”, but refers to “telephoning, contacting, or otherwise communicating” or by any action, method, device or means.
I need to point out a UHF induction device has been used to assault me from apartments 115 and 219, in City View Lofts, Saint Joseph, MO.. In apartment 115 they used the high pitch buzzing of my refrigerator to aim a high frequency sound at my ear and eye, causing sleep deprivation, headaches, and extreme eye pain. I determined this do to the fact that when I flipped the breaker to the refrigerator, it stopped. From apartment 219 directly above mine, they used some other high frequency sound located within their apartment that I am unaware of. This is an example of me being electronically assaulted with their technology.
Many people know about my harassment and are aiding and abetting in it, or being complicit. I know there is a website as well, broadcasting the information gained by their remote neural monitoring (RNM) including; audio/visual cortex neural activity and sub vocal imitation. This website has a message board and face chat, so they all know who each other are. This is why I consider the greater group of people involved to be both aiding and abetting, and/or complicit. I believe a website containing archival audio/video from the last three years of illegal surveillance has been used to further their agenda. It helped in getting a large number of people involved, by painting me in a false light, after entrapping me using psychic driving and making illegal recordings of the reactions they provoke.
I have a list of license plates of people who I know to be involved for a variety of reasons, as well as a list of computer numbers with times and dates at the Downtown Saint Joseph Library, along with physical descriptions. This information is available to anyone who is interested in it, just ask. Here is a list of times and dates you can see people entering apartments 115 and 219 located in City View Lofts with the hallway cameras. Apartment 219 has Travis Ackerman entering it at 4:55 A.M. on November 3rd of 2015, Travis Ackerman entering it past 5:00 P.M. on October 16th of 2015, Travis Ackerman entering it between 4:30-6:30 P.M. on November 1st of 2015, and people entering it in numbers on November 31st of 2015. Boyce Ackerman leaving apartment 219 and entering apartment 115 in the late P.M. of November 2nd or early A.M. of November 3rd in 2015. Lauren Drake, Travis Ackerman, and Bethany Mohler can be seen entering apartment 219 on November 10th of 2015 between 5:00-10:00 P.M. Travis Ackerman entering apartment 219 in the middle of the day on Saturday, November 14th of 2015. Lauren Drake, Travis Ackerman, and Bethany Mohler on November 22nd of 2015 in room 219 between 1:00-4:00 P.M. Boyce Ackerman on Novemeber 25th of 2015 between 5:30-7:00 P.M., in room 219. With the cameras in the hallways, you can clearly see I was never in the hallways to see these people entering, and could only know this because once they arrive in these apartments they start harassing my using the voice to skull technology. My ceiling is thirteen feet high and I am never able to hear a sound they make, besides stomping on the floor, unless it is done with the voice to skull microwave audio and/or ultrasound “UHF” subliminal communications.
Former Saint Joseph Police Officer Hudelson, whom I used to refer to as 9CS 925, do to his black Ford F-150 he owned from the dates of August 1st of 2013 to August 1st of 2014, can be seen entering apartment 219 a multitude of times over the past six months. I believe him now to be the son of a lady who gave birth to Boyce Ackermans daughter. Travis Ackermans mother Ruth can be seen entering this apartment on multiple occasions. Many people have participated in my harassment in various ways, including; Shawn Larison, Jacob Bennet, Clint Willman, Jen (816) 294-1595, Stacey (816) 646-1294, Deborah Mohler, Damian Graves, and more whose last names I am unaware of. I ascertained this knowledge by the UHF induction device they are communicating to me with, via voice to skull technology.
My following email accounts have been hacked using remote neural technology (RNM);,,, ,as well as my Facebook account opened under This is a direct violation of both my First Amendment right to “Freedom of Speech” and my Fourth Amendment right to “Privacy”. My personal information has certainly been compromised and possibly used for identity theft in some shape form or fashion.
Shannon Marsh leased apartments 115 and 219 to its tenants, postdating my arrival in apartment 116, here at City View Lofts. I believe she leased them these apartments with the knowledge that they were intending to operate this illegal surveillance of me, or at the least because they specifically requested the one above mine and beside mine. I am certain the maintenance man, bug men and women, as well as many of the tenants know about this intrusive surveillance. Shannon Marsh can be reached at (816) 232-7368 or the apartment leasing agency at email:
The lady I tried to get a job from at Labor Max located at 1105 South Belt Highway Suite C, Saint Joseph, MO. 64507 has knowledge about the remote neural monitoring device, as well as the voice to skull form of communication. Her name is Michelle and the phone number at her Labor Max office is (816) 749-4562, with an email address of
I have spoken to the police here in Saint Joseph about this a few times and twice in person recently. I spoke to Officer Kniff and a female Officer in her 50’s about the harassment of me from apartment 219 on Tuesday, August 18th of 2015. I spoke to Officer Babb and two other Officers on October 19th of 2015. Officer Babb went up to apartment 219 and knocked several times, but nobody answered. If you check the hallway cameras, you will see former Officer Hudelson entering the apartment, but not leaving it, as well as a woman before they knocked. They did not want to open the door I presume, because they were both high on crystal meth, as well as trying to hide the surveillance equipment. I spoke to Officer Robertson of the Saint Joseph Police Department on December the 2nd at 12:35 A.M. of the year 2015 about former Officer Hudelson (apt. 219) buzzing my ear with a high frequency sound, as well as Dawn Tesfay (apt. 115), Officer Robertson told me that there has never been an Officer Hudelson with the Saint Joseph Police Department, and that there was no such sound wave augmenting, microwave, UHF induction device, or anything of the like. He then insinuated that I was crazy and left without checking any of the doors or looking into it. As he left he called me an “ass”.
Most of the people have military experience, I believe that they gained the knowledge of how to use this equipment, and possibly the equipment itself from their military careers. A gentleman named Michael who drives a grey Chevrolet Sonic with Missouri plates HL9 KOK can be seen going in and out of apartment 219 on many occasions. He has a relative who was involved in the military as well. A hunter green Jeep Wrangler with Missouri plates of HUDDIE, which belongs to former Officer Hudelson, who was also in the military do to his plate reading “Operation Enduring Freedom”. It is my belief that all of these people were not only brought together by family bonds, but also an association of some type related to military service. The daughter of Boyce Ackerman whose first name is Monica, had a young daughter who died in a car accident. She was killed by a drunk driver. It is my belief that Monica has somehow convinced the local charter of “MADD”, mother against drunk driving to participate in this, although I do not own a car that runs, or do drugs or drink. I believe they also use twitter to enable my gangstalking as well.
The surveillance equipment must be visible to the exterminators entering the apartment, as well as the fact they all communicate with me using Voice to Skull technology accompanied with the fact that I know who all is in the apartment, without actually being seen on the hallway cameras should go to show that this is really happening. The people involved in putting all this together are almost all in my original letter and certainly operating the equipment, they are but not limited to; the lady who lives in apartment 115, the tenants and visitors of apartment 219, Boyce Ackerman (military), Travis Ackerman (military) and his mother Ruth, former Saint Joseph Police Officer Hudelson (military), Bethany Mohler (military), and Boyce Ackermans daughter whom I believe to be named Monica, Officer McClintik (military), Darren Arnett (military), Lauren Drakes father (military). I determined all this by the voice to skull communication to me, as well as previous dealings I had with many of these people. Many of these people are related through blood or marriage with the exception of Lauren Drake and possibly Bethany Mohler.
*I am a victim of high tech electronics and the crimes committed against me include but are not limited to: First and Fourth Amendment rights violations, electronic assault, cyber stalking, gangstalking, electronic/cyber sexual harassment, and even animal abuse do to the high frequency sound and myself having a pet. I need your help.

Sub: Information about antisocial person
DEY ) , they harass people by RNM ( Remote
Neural Monitoring brain controle thought this RNM machine)

R/ Sir ,
I would like to inform you that , I am (victim of RNM ) living in Kolkata , my born and brought up in here Kolkata. This person ( kajal kianti Dey ) have 2 piece of RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring ) & 1 piece of RNM he gave to his Brother-in- law (Pratik Dey urf Souvik Dey ). (Kajal kanti Dey’s sister name is kakoli Dey ( but I don’t know she have this RNM or not )
Past 2 year and 6 month I have been tortured by them by varies way like ( voice to skull , memory kill, view victim’s eyes , listen& slang words use against me, body itching , illness , forced sleep, forced wake, High heat, Mentally torture, hamper in my job ,In my comparative exams & my personal data information etc, they Hampering my life by RNM (Machine )which is connect to Human Brain (frequency level )through satellite.

They harass lot’s of Female’s in Kolkata & in our locality by Sexually ( Through Visual cortex of Victim’s Eyes they can see ) and some Valgur sensation by this RNM (Machine ). They are doing this kind of antisocial activity since 10 or more year’s and still doing harassing people, no body get to know what is it , and they(victims) can’t do anything because they don’t have any evidence or they don’t know how to get evidence, that’s why their victim’s are not able to do anything.
When I was suffering with this connection(RNM) , then I searched in internet and I have come to know that this machine (RNM) stands for” REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING “have such features through which I have been tortured by them , these person’s (kajal kanti Dey & Pratik Dey urf Souvik Dey) using this kind of Bioelectro Magnetic weapon called RNM machine.

When I got know all this things happen with me & other people in kolkata , then they threaten me by this connection (via Ear bypass: which is a feature of RNM to communicate with the Victim’s with the silent slow sound ) that they can spoil my life , if I am going to take any action on it or tell any body. But I tried to reveal them that’s why they started torturing me all the time , when I lost my passion ,I told him (kajal kanti Dey) to stop harassing me with the connection of RNM (machine) ,but he were totally denied and pretend me as he don’t know about what I said to him of this connection of RNM( RNM) Suddenly after that when he went his house in panic he cut the connection for a while but again after half an hour , he & his brother-in-law started harassing me like the same what they have been doing before. When I search in Internet and got to know what is it and trying to reveal it then they make a plan against me , to make me angry, where I do a mistake to hurt him physically then they will going to take a action (FIR) against me and make me as a accuse and the will be safe from me , unfortunately same thing happen , In temper when I do attack on him just because I have no further option to do anything , no body believing me what I said to them about this matter ( this is a Bioelectro Magnetic weapon technology which is generally not use in Kolkata civil area) so maybe that’s a reason to not understanding people as well as my family, what I actually want to tell them, But when I accused as a attacker (which is actually shown to police more then what I have done ) , They charged me a case IPC326 ( targeted to jail for 10 years ) at the same time they were trying to non bell process but it can’t be possible because God with me, right now that case is converted to IPC 324 and that time with the God gress I came out from the jail in 14 days through Interim bell (right now my bell is conform), just because I got know all their antisocial activity, they were feel insecure from me so they were tortured me and making my life as hell till to present.
They generally target to female’s and sexually use this RNM (machine) to harass and torture them, some Minister and VIP’s information they have been observed by this connection of RNM( machine) as for Entertainment of themself.
This Machine (RNM) can’t be detect by any normal way (necessary equipment oscillating scanners etc help to detect the interference of this connection ) , So I am humbly requesting you that please ask about RNM(Machine) to “ ISRO” or “DRDO” related person who know about “ RMN “or any scientist or professors , who know or can search out about this matter,
I am a victim & I do search in internet about this and I found all the information about this RNM (machine) , which I have suffered a lot with the connection of their RNM (machine) have same features what I observed in internet.

Right now I am helpless sir kindly do the proper action and I am requesting you to please call me for a short meeting of this matter , If you want to know more properly , actually I want
highlight to the upper level officer’s of Defense Ministry about them. I am hoping that you will support me to fight against this kind of antisocial people. This person’s doing antisocial activity just because not body understand how “RNM’’ works , his father (KANAI KANTI DEY ) make invented RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring) but he( KAJAL KANTI DEY & PRATIK DEY ) are using it in bad way which is can’t be acceptable.
He work as a upper clerk in UCO bank in Kolkata (Bhawanipore branch) please check his attendance record of 6 month in his office, he is not able to come office properly in panic just because I knew all his activity & I am going to reveal him that’s why he torturing me by RNM( machine) all the time and even night also & still doing it till present.

This RNM (machine) can be detected by the technical team related to DRDO or Defence Ministry organization,
help me and raise my Voice against this kind of antisocial , violence , harassment , torture against women’s and people in Kolkata (dum dum & sodepur) , which is against Law.

(Kajal Kanti Dey & Pratik Dey urf Souvik Dey ) both generally shows their character in public as a wise person but actually they are not, both are a Poisson in human’s life . They have 3 piece of RNM , which is very dangerous in human’s life .
Some detail’s & pictures I did attached with this application/article about RNM

Details of the person’s who have RNM (machine )
(M) : +918276909442 PRATIK DEY URF SOUVIK DEY

My contact detail (whistleblower and victim)


I have felt since the 70's that there would be a day in which humans would have their faces stuck on screens, staring into little screens, and not looking at the real world. Staring at what man created, not at what God created. The devil is called the Prince of the Air, I add Waves to this title. I believed that the human brain would receive information carried on radio waves that the person would not even know about, I believe we are seeing that today, in 2018. To get to the bottom line, we need to get rid of cell phones, and cell phone technology, but we won't. But that is what we need to do. 8 of the top ten major problems that face the US today can be traced to cell phone technology. God bless every one

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