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Updated Theory: "A Hidden Universe Could Exist Inside Every Black Hole"

6a00d8341bf7f753ef0133f49ca4a7970b-800wi “Our own Universe may be the interior of a black hole existing in another universe.” In a remarkable paper about the nature of space and the origin of time, Nikodem Poplawski, a physicist at Indiana University, suggests that a small change to the theory of gravity implies that our universe inherited its arrow of time from the black hole in which it was born.

Poplawski proposes that the universe in which the Earth exists may be located within the wormhole of a black hole which itself exists in an even larger universe. A universe could exist 'inside every black hole,' claims scientist

Using an adaptation of Einstein's general theory of relativity, Poplawski analysed the theoretical motion of particles entering a black hole. He concluded that it was possible for a whole new universe to exist inside every black hole, which could mean that our own universe could be inside a black hole as well.

"Maybe the huge black holes at the centre of the Milky Way and other galaxies are bridges to different universes," he told New Scientist.

Explaining his theory in the journal Physics Letters B, he said he used the Einstein-Cartan-Kibble-Sciama (ECKS) theory of gravity, in his analysis to account for the angular momentum of particles in a black hole. Doing this it made it possible to calculate a quality of space-time called torsion, a property believed to repel gravity.

He says instead of matter reaching infinite density in a black hole called "singularities" in Einstein's theory of relativity - the behaviour of the space-time acts more like a spring being compressed with matter rebounding and expanding continuously.

Dr Poplawski explains that this "bounce-back" effect is caused by the torsion of space-time having a repulsive force against the gargantuan strength of gravity in a black hole.

Dr Poplawski also claims that this recoiling effect could be what has led to our expanding universe that we observe today and could explain why our universe is flat, homogeneous and isotropic without needing cosmic inflation.

It is hard to see how we could test whether or not Dr Poplawski's theory is correct; the force of gravity in black holes is such that nothing can escape, so no information about what is going on inside one can ever reach us.

However, according to Dr Poplawski, if we were living in a spinning black hole then the spin would transfer to the space-time inside, meaning the universe would have a preferred direction - something we would be able to measure. Such a preferred direction could be related to the observed imbalance of matter and anti-matter in the universe and could explain the oscillation of neutrinos.

Poplawski says that the idea that black holes are the cosmic mothers of new universes is a natural consequence of a simple new assumption about the nature of spacetime. Poplawski points out that the standard derivation of general relativity takes no account of the intrinsic momentum of spin half particles. However there is another version of the theory, called the Einstein-Cartan-Kibble-Sciama theory of gravity, which does.

This theory predicts that particles with half integer spin should interact, generating a tiny repulsive force called torsion. In ordinary circumstances, torsion is too small to have any effect. But when densities become much higher than those in nuclear matter, it becomes significant. In particular, says Poplawski, torsion prevents the formation of singularities inside a black hole.

Astrophysicists have long known that our universe is so big that it could not have reached its current size given the rate of expansion we see now. Instead, they believe it grew by many orders of magnitude in a fraction of a second after the Big Bang, the period known as known as inflation.

Poplawski's approach immediately solves the inflation problem, saying that torsion caused this rapid inflation, which means the universe as we see it today can be explained by a single theory of gravity without any additional assumptions about inflation.

Another important corollary of Poplawski's approach is that it makes it possible for universes to be born inside the event horizons of certain kinds of black hole where torsion prevents the formation of a singularity but allows energy density to build up, which leads to the creation of particles on a massive scale via pair production followed by the expansion of the new universe.

"Such an expansion is not visible for observers outside the black hole, for whom the horizon's formation and all subsequent processes occur after infinite time," says Poplawski. For this reason, he emphasizes, the new universe is a separate branch of space time and evolves accordingly.

Poplawski's theory also suggests an solution lto why time seems to flow in one direction but not in the other, even though the laws of physics are time symmetric.

Poplawski says the origin of the arrow of time comes from the asymmetry of the flow of matter into the black hole from the mother universe. "The arrow of cosmic time of a universe inside a black hole would then be fixed by the time-asymmetric collapse of matter through the event horizon," he says.

Translated, this means that our universe inherited its arrow of time from its source. "Daughter universes," he says, "may inherit other properties from their mothers," implying that it may be possible to detect these properties, providing an experimental falsifiable proof of his idea.

Casey Kazan via Ref: Cosmology With Torsion - An Alternative To Cosmic Inflation

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Everything sounds very fractalized here - blackhole/universe/blackhole/universe/blackhole/universe - deeper and deeper and deeper, on and on and on infinitely. To go "up" you leave the outskirts of our universe, to go "down" just pop into any super-massive blackhole at any galaxy center. Mind bending if true.

We live in an Escher drawing. Fun article. Thanks.

It's obvious that this Universe is a black hole, (When you think about it, it could be nothing but a black hole!) so why not other black holes?

so everything our telescopes can see is really inside a black hole? does that mean all black holes (like those depicted in the center of galaxies) exist in black holes?

Fractal. Nothing more to say.

Raygunner: if it's true that nothing can leave a black hole once past the event horizon, then, if our universe is inside a black hole, we can't leave by going to the "outskirts of our universe".

the preferred direction of the universe is along the EM cosmic axial dipole of the fine-structure constant alpha. This EM force varies over vast distances, and aligns with the dark flow which is an inferred black hole 150 billion light years away says Kashlinsky of NASA. The fractal self-similar size invariant black holes are actually plasma EM forces that scale the entire universe, without phony dark matter nor actual black holes nor arrogantly ignorant big-bang gravity beginning 14+ billion years ago and still counting each day. Lab plasma physicists have produced plasmoids with jets and x-rays, and the LHC has failed to detect black holes. LIGO has failed to find gravitons nor gravity waves. EM forces are that one force of gravity that Poplawski should identify with, as should the rest of all science in order to progress society.

Q, it was just a comment to frame the fractal impression I got from the article, I really didn't mean it was possible to physically do this. Certainly this is a trip that could be made mentally, maybe even spiritually or via a quantum process, but not using classical physics. Thanks for allowing me to clear this up (at least little anyway).

this article was already posted a few months ago why is it on here again? Oh let me guess its because this site is to lazy to write new ones!! huh go f%ck yourself


Alpha, the EM Force "constant" is the fine-structure constant that all of current physics and cosmology is based on ! alpha has the shape of a BAR MAGNET and varies in strength along a preferred cosmic North South dipole that is aligned with the Dark Flow !!! The big-bang is wrong arrogant gravity nonsense. EM forces explain the dark flow both do not diminish in strength over vast distances as does gravity !! WAKE UP COSMOLOGY

It’s so nice Article. I appreciate it.

you may end up in same shit-hole

too many words


Someday i would like to come up with a "THEORY" too.. that doesnt make any sense whatsoever.. something like black holes contain white holes through which all information originates and is transferred to other black and white holes and so on till the black and white holes are tired of this meaningless exchange of blackowhitu particles. Gibberish! i know.. just like the story of the universe that has been unveiled so far.

This also explains the idea between universes in black holes, as well as universal transfer between black holes.

Hidden universes sound cool, I hope their economies are better than ours !

I stuck my ding a ling in a black hole once, I don't much about her event horizon, but I made it out

I am so totally baked. This is like, the best. I think that inside each one of my thoughts is the whole world. And yet my thoughts are inside the world. Wow, that's really... like, wow.

T'is so! 1950's Science Fiction comic books of mt youth even said so.

Below is the content of a letter which I sent to the letters page of Scientific American in January 2000. Understandably, it wasn't published, but I'd like to lodge it publicly now, as the above article seems to support several of my statements. Perhaps more of them will be supported by other work in the future:

*** Unwashed Cosmological Axioms for the New Millenium ***

As an armchair cosmologist, I hereby absolve myself of the burden of scientific proof for the following claims. I hope that some of these ideas might contain some raw truths that can be taken further by someone. Comments anyone?

- A galaxy is a Julia set

- The Mandelbrot set is a gravity model of the universe

- A black hole is a mathematical ‘lens’ which transforms the shape of space from a Julia set, through the singularity and becoming an exploding/expanding skin (pocket universe) of matter with the surface characteristics of the Mandelbrot set.

- The universe is far from smooth

- Every black hole in a parent universe is the big bang origin of a child universe

- On the collapsing side (parent universe), all time elapsed from expansion to demise is represented on the expanding side (child or pocket universe) by the split-second of the expanding side’s big bang. An observer would perceive an extreme relationship between a parent universe and its child in terms of scale of time (and perhaps quantity of matter too). Ie They may appear equivalent to an observer in each, but 30 billion years may mean a split-second across the lens. Perhaps the entire pocket universe is contained within the space of the black hole singularity, and there is no ‘other side’?

- There is no such thing as dark matter – only normal matter that exists in these pocket universes

- String theory and singularities seem to have graphical analogies in the structures of the Mandelbrot set.

- Old universes don't die, they just fade away. Each pocket universe will continue expanding after its big bang, but the point will be reached where there is no matter left (dissipated through black holes) to enable us (what us?) to identify whether it is expanding, contracting or doing nothing.

Yes! I am some how happy with this theory, but i have something to do, that is to investigate this theory

It’s not that complicated. Take 200 billion galaxies in the universe with 200 billion suns each and you get a mass of the universe of about 8x10^52 kg. Take that mass and a radius of 1.3x10^26 m (14 b.l.y.) and you get an escape velocity equal to something close to c. If the escape velocity really is c this mean that our own universe is a black hole and other black holes should be the same as ours - another universe.

This is what i have ALWAYS thought since i was in grade 2.... it seemed the only way it could make sense.. Some of it is a bit above my education on the matter but I have always to some degree thought this was the way it was. I always figured I was silly for thinking that, because my teachers always told me what is "really" the case. I never thought my silly theory as a kid could be a reality.

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