Stephen Hawking on the Possibility of Non-Carbon-Based Extraterrestrial Life (A Galaxy Classic)
NASA's "Mono Lake Discovery": What Did They Really Find?

Epic Discovery: NASA Finds New Non-DNA Based Life Form -To Be Annouced at 2 pm EST


Hours before their special news conference today, the cat is out of the bag: NASA has discovered a completely new life form that doesn't share the biological building blocks of anything currently living on Earth in the ancient 800,000 year-old poisinous, arsenic waters of Mono Lake in California. This changes everything in the astrobiology of the Milky Way and beyond: The universe suddenly becomes alive with potential life forms in the trillions of possible planets in galaxies known and unknown.

At their conference today, NASA scientist Felisa Wolfe Simon will announce that they have found a bacteria whose DNA is completely alien to what we know today. Instead of using phosphorus, the bacteria uses arsenic. All life on Earth is made of six components: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur. Every being, from the smallest amoeba to the largest whale, share the same life stream. Human DNA building blocks are universal on Earth.

This alien bacteria appears to be completely different. Discovered in Mono Lake, this bacteria is made of arsenic, something that was thought to be completely impossible. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mono Lake once covered a large part of Nevada and Utah, which would put it among the oldest lakes in North America. At its height during the last ice age, the lake may have been 900 feet deep. While she and other scientists theorized that this could be possible, this is the first discovery. The implications of this discovery are enormous to our understanding of life itself and the possibility of finding beings in other planets that don't have to be like planet Earth.

No details have been disclosed about the origin or nature of this new life form. The world will know more today at 2pm EST at NASA News Conference


Casey Kazan


I wonder how many times we're going to encounter "something that was thought to be completely impossible" before we figure out that nothing should ever be dismissed as such.

there goes one of the arguments of the creationists, the DNA as symbol of inteligent creation.

So zombie apocolypse then?

Go ahead!

God created everything.

Well, honestly I was hoping for something even bigger.

The new life is made of arsenic? That's harsh. I was hoping any new life would be made of bacon.

There is so much life out there. This is wonderful news to be confirmed. I wonder if this bateria can be useful.

Bigger? Seriously? Cant wait to see what the creationist morons come up with now. Religious jackass'

@ Bob G. then you figure the Dinosaurs did the same? Maybe you should wait until we know more about this recycled PBS show and what purpose this ancient form of life may have served.

NASA = Space Exploration

New species on Earth = Animal Planet

we know all this already. This is not news. News would be reporting the connection between the dna, us and our e.t origins. What an embarrassment to Nasa if this is all they announce. I mean come on now, the bible writes about our E.T Ancestors. What is going on here? We can't pretend to be brain dead any more!

this is big, as it shows life to be a necessary outcome once the conditions are right. Life on Earth is not an extraordinary event, although intelligent life (referring to most of the advanced mammals with the exception of religionistas) may well be

John H: I seriously doubt that the dinosaurs even had the intellectual capacity to dismiss anything as impossible, and I really don't see what it would have to do with arsenic-based life in any event.

I wonder - is it possible that so-called science experts don't know as much as they claim to know? Is it possible that this new discovery HAS to be alien, or "separate from DNA", so as not to lose the confidence man has in science? Maybe there is even more "life forms" yet to be discovered? For example, there are many recent discoveries of animals once thought to be extinct.

I appreciate this statement (Bob): "I wonder how many times we're going to encounter "something that was thought to be completely impossible" before we figure out that nothing should ever be dismissed as such." - well put.

Posted by: Bob Greenwade | December 02, 2010 at 08:18 AM

there goes one of the arguments of the creationists, the DNA as symbol of inteligent creation.


Intelligent is spelled w/ two t's.... Guess that leaves you out. Haha

And that's the end of Darwin theory of common ancestor, ROTFL...


First, I didn't post the remark you quoted. It was posted by Antonio Sequeira. The name of the poster appears below the post on this board, not above.

Second, Antonio correctly used two t's in "intelligent"; his spelling error was in using just one l.

Third, there's no call to be snide. I also happen to think that Antonio's assertion is rather ridiculous, but I see no reason to insult him personally over it.

He used two ts. He forgot an l. Guess we'll exclude you from the intelligent life category too.

That is fairly creepy. It is very possible that we may find aliens who may be toxic to us ? The location of the find pretty much tells you that humans will have a damn hard time finding any like this on an alien world.

Just an unprovocative suggestion that many commenting here would find it useful to read a little bit about "scientific method". Here's a great, quick overview:

There seems to be a misunderstanding in the general public between the concept of "belief" and "knowledge".

Just saying. Hope springs eternal that some of you will start thinking and reading...


"Bigger? Seriously? Cant wait to see what the creationist morons come up with now. Religious jackass'"


They already have. Lmao.!/apologist315/status/10355871448039424

Actually, scientists have known for some time that it's possible that organisms may use arsenic instead of phosphorous, it simply doesn't make sense to. This is not because it's impossible, it's simply because that organism has a disadvantage against phosphorous cased organisms. Lab tests has shown that phosphorous based organisms will replace the phosphorous with arsenic if subjected to an increasingly arsenic-laden environment:

Always cross-reference the 'scientific journalism' of many nations to gain a clearer picture.

Life on earth IS an extraordinary event. Do you see it repeated on any other planet? God is the ultimate scientist.

Helen: While I agree that "God is the ultimate scientist," the answer to your question "Do you see [life] repeated on any other planet?" is only "No" because we haven't been to any other planets yet.

Whether we find life elsewhere or not is, in itself, completely immaterial to the existence of God, one way or the other. The only indicator we'll find is when we learn what sapient life from other planets believe, and even that will only be an indicator and not proof.

beautiful picture... Makes us feel fortunate that we live in such a place surround by billios upon billions of stars in our galaxy alone.

Are we alone? Not in the slightest...

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