13 Billion BC -Enigma of Ancient Galaxies at the Very Edge of the Observable Universe
The Earth's Calling Card: Our 50-Lightyear Electronic 'ET' Billboard (Weekend Feature)

From the X File Dept: The NASA Files

6a00d8341bf7f753ef0134844482d3970c-320wi "I've been asked about UFO's and I've said publicly I thought they were somebody else, some other civilization."--Commander Eugene Cernan, Commanded the Apollo 17 Mission. (LA TIMES, 1973) "At no time, when the astronauts were in space were they alone: there was a constant surveillance by UFOs."--

NASA astronaut, Scott Carpenter

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I believe , though I have no proof of it, we never have been alone.

We are the test subject at the business end of a galactic microscope and they are watching for changes, unsure if we are a virus or something more beneficial.


A child culture in some mad sociologist experiment. Part of a universal reality show, who knows ... But i believe we have never been alone.

Yes, i believe too that there are other civilized and intelligent species in this universe of ours. They may be primitive or far advanced than us.
Regarding the barrier of the velocity of light, it has the value c whose magnitude depends on the homogeneity of the space around. If one can contract the space ahead and expand it behind a space ship, it will not have the barrier of the magnitude that we feel through our current value for 'c'.

Yes there are technological civilizations in the universe. A very young one is located at the periphery of a spiral arm of the "Milky Way" galaxy (us).

Others "adult" civilizations presumably exists on the same and other galaxies.

Unfortunately we are from the very young one, so we still have no proof of the existence of anybody else out there. However, if I could bet....

Greg Ruo

Consider the hysteria over "illegal aliens" in the US today. When we can't cope with fellow humans from an adjoining country, what would be the reaction toward beings from another planet? People fear what they don't understand, and fear is a leading cause of stupidity. I have no confidence that a rational approach would be taken to such an event.

Hello all
I tend to agree with the peoples above comments. We only have a rudimentary understanding of quantum/relativity physics, with certain hypothesis from these theories saying that time travel, faster than light travel are possible, who's to say beings from other worlds acquired the knowledge & technological ability to use & build machines that can travel the vast distances between stars to visit us or other worlds within our lifetimes.
If they had any sense they would avoid open contact with us, for many reasons, some of which we couldn't or wouldn't even conceive of. Perhaps Humanity needs to mature mentally & learn to live in harmony with ourselves & our world, maybe then these "people" may contact us openly. ????

I find it disturbing how many people assume UFOs are alien visitors.Considering the bizarre possibilities inherent in Quantum Physics,it is more probable that UFOs and similar phenomena are in fact brief glimpses of events taking place in parallel universes.I say this because the latest thinking in evolutionary science suggests that the development of intelligent beings such as ourselves is likely a very rare event,as natural selection does automatically lead to tool using intelligent creatures.As a result,life may exist on millions of other planets in the universe,but only as lower order animal life at best.

Hey TDG, have you joined in the great romp too now? There's rumours of UFOs all over the place now.

But no hard evidence, and no formal disclosure.

Unless we count highly accomplished and qualified astronauts' testimony and the UN's initiation of an ET office....

Hmmm...that's pretty official, isn't it?

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