"Kryptonite" Comet Making Closest Approach to Earth
Image of the Day: Monster Pulsar at the Center of the Crab Nebula (Weekend Feature)

Beyond the X Files? "With U.S. Air Force Testimony, Extraterrestrial Presence Goes Mainstream" (VIDEO)

Neutron-7 There has been some outrage recently, spurred on by Stephen Hawkings view of hostile ETs, over attempts to contact intelligent aliens, where instead of just listening real hard some astronomers beamed intense directional messages up up and away. Critics decried these actions as dangerous, though their fears reveal more about us than any eventual ETs. They assume that they would be similar to humanity, so their first response to finding a more primitive culture would be to exploit the hell out of it. While such a fate might be pleasingly ironic (for anyone who isn't human, at least), others contend that any species that can make the journey here has advanced to a point where their goals are rather higher-minded than "Invade Iraq."

Testimony offered by seven former U.S. Air Force pilots Monday makes us think that Stephen Hawking may be more right about Black Hole radiation than about the intentions of extraterrestrial visitors to our pale blue dot. If the fly boy observations are real it seems their intentions would appear benign, if not altruistic. 

 According to CNN, Robert Hastings, a UFO researcher, declared: "I believe--these gentlemen believe--that this planet is being visited by beings from another world, who for whatever reason have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race which began at the end of World War II." 

The pilots told of red glowing objects and things that sent beams down from thousands of feet above. In one incident, at the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana in 1967, they claimed that some of the nuclear missiles were temporarily disabled by these beaming beings, according to CNN. 

"Regarding the missile shutdown incidents, my opinion...is that whoever are aboard these craft are sending a signal to both Washington and Moscow, among others, that we are playing with fire--that the possession and threatened use of nuclear weapons potentially threatens the human race and the integrity of the planetary environment." 

Some of the planets finest minds are grappling with the possibility of the existence of extremely advanced etraterrestrial civilizations, not the least being Lord Martin Rees, president of the Royal Society and astronomer to the Queen, who said recently that the existence of extra terrestrial life may be beyond human understanding. 

“They could be staring us in the face and we just don’t recognise them. The problem is that we’re looking for something very much like us, assuming that they at least have something like the same mathematics and technology,” Rees said. “I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms we can’t conceive. Just as a chimpanzee can’t understand quantum theory, it could be there as aspects of reality that are beyond the capacity of our brains.”

  Casey Kazan with Luke McKinney Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-20017885-71.html?tag=rtcol;pop#ixzz114qTUoIF


Something is happening in the media and in world governments. This subject seems to have taken a serious turn now with serious discussions. This is a good thing.

And some say nuclear detonations are a better signal to outer space. The same complaining loons, probly want to drop more bombs on any country who just doesn't understand authoritarianistic 'freedom'.

If visiting aliens are here, then they probably already control various human beings leaders of nations, industry Etc.

Considering that with our primitive tech. vs. a vs. any alien species able to travel interstellar space we are on the verge of creating an interface between our brain and computers, I imagine they are far far in advance of us in similar technology.

Such technology would make controlling a "primitive Earth species" rather easy.

Easy and undetectable.

It's unlikely that the humans they direct would know their desires and goals, probably ones most destructive to humanity, were not their own, nor would they accept that their goals were harmful or if they did they would not care.

Of course we imagine any human under alien control would be like an automaton easy to spot, but there is no reason to believe this considering such an advanced tech. would have long ago figured out how to make those under their control act natural.

Also it's unlikely they'd have to have 24/7 absolute control to get what they wanted done. All they'd have to do was affect key decisions of major leaders, like going to war, economic policy Etc. to cause wholesale havoc.

One thing for sure, I seriously doubt their goals would coincide with ours. Most likely they'd see us as native vermin that had to be managed or exterminated before they could do whatever they liked with Earth.

After all tech. advancement isn't necessary to cause problems for a race possessing tech. superiority on the order of centuries.

Ants cause millions of $ of damage to our structures. Zebra mussels do tremendous damage to our water works Etc., and they do this with no mind, nothing we'd call intelligence or motivation to do us harm.

We could present the same problem to an alien race wanting to use Earth for their own ends.

It would be nothing we did or do, but that we were in the way and our living requirements made their goals difficult if not impossible to achieve.

Ironically our super primitive tech. vs. a vs. any alien species could be one of our few advantages.

Should they desire to achieve their goals covertly, doing so would probably require wholesale manipulation of the human race AND our technology.

If they're anything like us, trying to use ancient tech must be truly a nightmare if the difficulties we have trying to use tech from decades ago is any indication. Often the info is irretrievably lost.

Perhaps that's what they were doing at the nuke silo. Trying to figure out how to control this super primitive tech, figuring out principals their own civilization only vaguely knows of in their history texts.

Let's get real, people. I'll bet you dollars to donuts that the media (and the government) will just let time bury this story. They won't even drag out NASA's shill, James Oberg, to say that these men are UFO buffs or are unreliable sources or just old guys seeking publicity in retirement. All they ever have to do is just let it pass. And it will pass.

I think i will go buy that new book "UFOs" by Leslie Kean. I have seen her on the talk shows and she seems very objective about it.

I find the idea of alien beings that are discretely controlling the earth highly ridiculous. Assuming that such beings exist, and have indeed traveled through interstellar space to reach earth, we have to wonder what their motivations would be. Maybe we can't understand them - but more likely, we could. What is the idea behind exploration, after all? Natural inquiry, the curiosity that drives scientific beings (and we'd have to assume that these are beings who hold science in some regard), or the search for raw materials, or to establish colonial outposts. The first two options seem entirely likely given the presumed nature of advanced beings. However, would beings like this personally visit our planet? Wouldn't it be more efficient to send out some kind of self-sustaining, possibly self-replicating robotic explorers? Enter UFOs.

Now about an advanced alien species looking to control earth for its own purposes. Put yourself in their place, would you invest decades, possibly centuries, to infiltrating and covertly taking over organizations that would take you no more than several hours to completely topple?

And as far as aliens species "sending us a message" about nuclear weapons, what a crock. Why aren't they beaming down on small-arms manufacturing plants, which account for far more death and suffering than nuclear weapons? What about missile factories? Do these aliens really care about stopping human destruction, or is it just the fact that we've split the atom that gets them so upset?

It sounds more to me like the collective human fear of what these new, unprecedentedly destructive weapons could do and just what their implications were for the changing, post-war world. Notice that the report of the interference occurred in 1967? Why not now, when we have more of these weapons, and they're more destructive?

this same story has been posted a googleplex times.


Luckily, I don’t read English, only Yiddish and Hebrew.

This seems to be somewhat of a dimwitted article.

No alien craft sent a signal to Washington and Moscow. All missile incidents are basicly of simple technical defects. Alien visitors are using an advanced interface, to communicate with human civilisation on earth. There are still no evidence of extraterrestrial visitors.

Chris Wood, there are ufo/nuke related incidents purportedly going back as recently as 2003.

Funny how most people think that the Aliens want them and or their planet, LOL, how egocentric can earthlings be ?

and aliens want war ???, that is inconceivable considering their knowledge and capability.... who wants to wake vicious rabid sleeping dogs ? LOL...just move on nothing to see here --->

But that's just it, aliens are only here to observed the end times for earthlings.... much like psychological testing

The question"Should Earth be allowed to self destruct or NOT ?", rages on Allied Mind News, directly beamed intergallactically to each citizen's mind on demand.

Consensuses is that earth should be allowed to self destruct, unhindered

except, as a interesting aside, small packets of relevant information are fed into the Earth data system on occasions..... if there is a positive response, some reaction indicating sanity, to determine if maybe there is hope

so far.... thumbs down LOL

The Earth seems to be in total and fatal denial

Many Advanced Beings or Aliens as we people here on earth call them, live here on earth far below the earths surface... protected from the current limits of our modern technology being able to detect them. All of us here on earth have incarnated many times to learn our individual lessons and overcome challenges we are here on earth to learn thru our life experiences. We are here to search for truth, see ourselves for who we are and evolve. The way the universe works which is a self-correcting machine, we go through thru (4) 12,000 yr cycles orbiting from low pressure to high pressure with each cycle. When we enter a new cycle, that means the earth being the machine that it is, is too hot in some places; therefore, to cool off, it must shift gears, which can cause catastrophic floods, earthquakes, droughts, etc… during these cycle changes and we are nearing the end of a cycle. This is quite normal and when you look at our history, we know this has happened many times before. It’s also quite normal when some of the catastrophic events happen, that sometimes we are forced to live as primitive people once again! Mankind has gone from primitive, to modern to advanced many times before but we still have not learned our lessons. Currently, we live in a modern society with quite a bit of technology. However, in the future when scientists learn how to map the inside of a particle, they will discover that we are multi-dimensional beings and we will become an advanced society with advanced technology or other dimensional technology. Let’s face it… no one truly wants to die and that’s why scientists are studying our genes, etc… (we have been here many times) but once they discover the secrets of other dimensional science and technology, they will learn there are ways to become immortal (just as this has been done in the past by Advanced Being/Aliens brothers and sisters) but it has been done in the most primitive way with “science" (meaning mankind or not all known facts) advanced technology as written herein. To make a long story short… let’s just say… the ones we consider Advanced Being Aliens now, they screwed up by not having all the answers and making the decision trying to become immortal by man’s technology or science. There is only one way… the “right way or God’s way” to become immortal and that is by becoming a “Divine Being”, the type of person that can live in Paradise with God’s technology! This is God’s plan and these Advanced Beings made choices without knowing the whole truth or consequences of how to become immortal God’s way, to where they could still be human, happy and yes, have earth sex for it cannot be synthesized and sex with our loved one, is truly a gift from God! That is the reason for these articles we post… so that hopefully truth can finally be learned and understood… there is only one right path for us all to take and many wrong paths which we keep doing time after time because we have not learned our lessons of past and keep repeating them over and over. We are at a time now being a modern society with modern technology, that people can now finally understand this truth that is being taught in these articles if people will just read them!!! There will come a time in the future where some (usually the powerful and wealthy) will be faced with these same choices that Advanced Being Aliens have made in the past of how to become immortal. And unless we search for truth and see ourselves for who we are and why we keep making these same choices; we will continue to make them again following each other into oblivion of this that we think, feel, believe or theorized to be truth… which is no TRUTH at all! Answer this... why is it that we would we keep making the same illogical choices over and over, lifetime after lifetime? That's the million dollar question and if you can learn to listen to the answers that are given to us from within our heart center (not with the mind) which is where God is always talking to us... we will hear truth and do it the right way, the only way, OR continue to follow each other into oblivion! God will not give us truth if we already "believe" we know it. That's illogical and does not follow the universal law of physics. God is a great parent and does not give us anything we do not work for. Truth has to be earned by doing the work and stop "believing" we know. So until we can finally say to God, "I know nothing" with a sincere open heart and ask God to teach us this that we need to know and work hard in asking the questions and learn to listen from within and not to others, we will continue the same evolutionary path. It's time to evolve and do it the right way, the only way!!!

Knowledge and technology doesn't equal compassion and kindness. Were westerners more compassionate than the natives of Earth.

Sure it's silly to assume aliens are going to be a negative effect on us. But even if there's a half chance or even a quarter, is it wise to contact them without even debating the issue?

"This seems to be somewhat of a dimwitted article."

Not surprising. The UFOer nutzos are dimwitted people, as the comments on this article clearly demonstrate. More correctly, they lack the ability to think critically, and to evaluate the relative credibility of different sources and types of evidence. For whatever reason, they take unsupported claims as fact, and then go on to make their own unsupported claims, which others then take as fact, and so on...

In some cases, I suppose they simply *want* to believe so much that they're willing to latch onto any supposed "evidence" however flimsy. In others, perhaps it's just an innate tendency toward irrational fears. It's clear, however, that we live amongst some very credulous and gullible people.

It's horrifying to see. But I'm not sure what the solution is. There may not be one. More focus upon the study of formal logic and critical thinking in schools might be a good start. But I'm not sanguine regarding its effectiveness. How often I hear people say, with a sort of perverse pride in their voices, that they were never good at math or science... knowing full well that most of the other people in the room understand... because they're the same way. I suspect that any attempt to teach rational thinking skills to these people would have similar effect.

Here in the US, at least according to a Fox News poll (yeah, I know...) a shocking and disheartening number of people believe in extent alien invasions, astrology, witches, heaven, hell, and that they have an imaginary friend they can pray to who'll grant them wishes. And these people have the same voting power as rational and intelligent people. It's quite sad. And more than a little frightening to contemplate.

Perhaps, someday, the rational portion of the human race will have the option of emigrating to someplace like Gliese 581 G (though personally, I'd prefer a little lower gravity) and just start over with a better gene-pool, leaving the rest to whatever consequences their irrationality creates for them. But alas, apparently not for a very long time, if ever. Irrationality and natural selection may well claim the human race before we can get to that point.

Before this "CNET" goes making accusations, it should take a closer look at history. We invaded Iraq because we were bombed by middle-eastern terrorists. We knew about a hundred anti-american organizations operated all throughout the middle-east, so we set up shop in Iraq (because it was the easiest of the options to establish a base in) and waited for the terrorists to swarm into Iraq hoping to kill some American soldiers, then we killed them. The only thing we exploited is the stupidity of middle-eastern Anti-American terrorist organizations.

As a matter of fact, the last time I can remember anybody 'exploiting the hell out of' anybody else was when Hamas started shooting improvised rockets across Israel's border, blowing up civilian houses and school buildings, while the U.N. condemned Israel for even thinking about retaliating.

I think it's high time that people like Casey Kazan take a long hard look at where there allegiances lie. Things are going to change in the U.S.A. after this November, and we're going to stop being so lenient to ungrateful, unpatriotic, treacherous weasels like him and CNET, whatever that is.

This is not a science article, it's a political article, and I've seen way to many of them on here lately. If Casey Kazan want's to start his own political news site, he's welcome to it, but this is the "Daily Galaxy" not the "Daily Al-Qaeda."

Anybody that agrees with me, go to my site:


Now to examine what little science is involved in the article, one of the things they aren't taking into consideration is the unlikeliness of 'similarly intelligent' life anywhere in this galaxy. I think it's fairly likely that life exists, but not life of human-level proportions. One of the problems with the old Star Trek was the abundance of humanoid races they encountered that where at or near our level of development (being off in all cases by less than 100,000 years.) As a matter of fact, if you condense down the entire existence of the Earth into a single year, humans have only existed for the past few minutes. Minutes, out of a year. The vast and incontrovertible odds are that any life in the galaxy would either be vastly inferior, or unfathomably above us, and so we are in very little danger from violent 'invasion' If an alien race is capable of taking control of Earth, it is likely that they could better devote their resources to the 'terraformation' of other planets that would be more convenient than exterminating life on an already populated world. It takes far more energy to drive a species extinct than one might expect.

Don't we get what the aliens were doing!? They were telling us that we can put our macho attitude away and get rid of these bombs. We don't need them any more and all... ALL they can bring is trouble. Somebody bombs somebody and all of a sudden we've got BIG trouble in our hands. Why can't we get over our differences and come to peace. It's about time we all start coming together to help each other out rather then kill each other. We need to stop this pussy attitude and take charge in a more possitive way. I'm pretty sure we/someone knows how to do that. Why can't we get that damn it!

The problem with Stephen Hawkings thinking is that it's a very shallow outlook on aliens. He has aliens essentially thinking like humans which is absolute nonesense. It would be a different specie, a different society and a different mindset. The primary problem will be a specie that is very advanced will not want to contact humans since there is absolutely nothing to be gained. And what resources does Earth have that you cannot manufacture or find elsewhere closer to home ?

What Ins0mniac said--ditto.
"Songs of Distant Earth" by Arthur C. Clarke
Religion was thoughtfully, and then deliberately left behind when Earth had to be abandoned for a new home. We can no longer afford the luxury of magical, irrational thinking.

maybe we should just give earth to the aliens, its not like we're doing any good for it.

Every piece of commentary I have read about the nuclear weapons deactivation scenario has concluded with the idea that they must be benevolent. The men who spoke at the conference said this, and every one else seems to agree.

We probably think this because, in pretty much everyone's minds, nuclear weapons = bad, ergo aliens deactivating nuclear weapons = good.

However, this is another possibility nobody seems to be considering....

What if these aliens are actually running "war games" against our defences?? They could just as easily be practicing how to disarm us as trying to help us!

Justin. I get what you're saying man. Nobody ever said "I don't want world peace" but it's just not that simple when you actually try to do it. Humanity (like the majority of other lifeforms) has evolved for the sole purpose of survival through competition. Whenever food gets scarce, we compete. When resources get scarce, we compete. Sometimes we even compete over mates just like wild animals, because despite all the subtle complexities of our brains, when it comes down to it we're all just one form of animal or another.

Likewise when the best interests of one geographical group of people clash with the interests of another group, they compete. If the U.S. disbanded it's nukes, we'd be conquered very quickly by Russia, China, North Korea, or possibly Iran now, depending on how well their nuke experiments are going. They all know the same thing would happen to them if they backed down, and so they won't either. Trying to do away with nuclear weapons is like trying to tell a dog it cant lick itself, or trying to tell a bird not to fly. It's a hopeless endeavor.

Don't be too gloomy about it, though. It's possible in the next couple of centuries humanity will be able to put so much of a gap between it's nations that competition won't be necessary anymore.

This is interesting. I did this calculation for an article I was writing, and it sort of stuck in my head. The maximum speed ever attained by humans was reached by the NASA X-34 Scramjet. I forget how fast exactly it went, but I calculated that if you accelerated to that speed upon leaving Earth, it would take approximately 290 years to fly into Proxima Centauri (the closest star other than the sun to us.) Just wanted to throw that out.

Steve Bergman on his comment above said it all. But I have something to add. That guy on the video must be releasing a new book. As we see on the comments here, it will be an easy sell.

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