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48-Million-Year Fossil of Zombie Ants Unearthed

The Time Traveler


How cool is that car! Another great retro cover -"The Automobile 1973"- of Science & Invention magazine -one of Hugo Gernsback's famous popular technical magazines first published in 1920. The August 1923 and August 1924 issues are considered to have been the "first" science-fiction magazines published in the 20th century. The success of these two issues led Gernsback to publish a specialized fiction magazine, AMAZING STORIES, beginning in 1926. Our big question: Why 1973?



because it was 50 years in the future

For more information on Hugo Gernsback check out a recent biography available on Amazon.

I found this document when we closed down Gernsback Publications in 2003. It was an old ms that I edited and produced as a book.

Follow the link and you can go to the book and thanks to Amazon’s “look inside” feature, you can even get an idea of what it covers.

Also at http://CreateSpace.com/3119407

Hope you find it interesting.

The book is also available as an E-book for the Kindle or your PC or Mac at Amazon. Here is the link:


Other Hugo Gernsback Titles available at Amazon as e-books for Kindle or your PC:

100 Radio Hookups E-book

The Collected Works of Mohammed Ullyses Fips
A collection of April Fools Articles by Hugo Gernsback

1933 Official Auto Radio Service Manual

Coming soon:

Radio Service Man’s Handybook

Radio-Cracy & Mini Radio Craft

100 Radio Hookups

French Humor & Tidbits

For more information feel free to contact me, Larry Steckler, at PoptronixInc@aol.com

Where is my Flying Car? Where are the Mars Colonies? Where are the Grand Space Stations? Who comprimized our future with national debt, stupid politics and endless wars?

And why does nobody give a rats ass?

looks like bucky fullers dymaxion car.

I am thankful we were not wearing those fashions in 1973.

Why 1973? Its stated that the article was originally printed in 1923... 1973 would be 50 years later. Is this not completely obvious???

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