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EcoAlert: China's Yellow Sea Oil Spill Mirrors Gulf Tragedy

China-oil-825x550 Tourists were barred from China's Bangchui island and Dalian beaches amid ongoing efforts to clean up the slick that stretches over at least 183 square kilometers (70 square miles) of ocean, the China Daily newspaper said. More than 25 tons of oil-eating bacteria and dozens of oil-skimming vessels are being used to remove the slick, after a pipeline explosion and fire on Friday sent tons of crude spilling into the sea.

In this photo released by Greenpeace, a firefighter covered in oil is rescued following an attempt to fix an underwater pump. Some state media reports put the amount of the spill at around 1,650 tons, but others said the total amount was unknown. So far, at least 500 tons of oil have been scooped up, according to the Xinhua news agency.

Dalian is China's second-largest port for crude oil imports and a major domestic production hub, according to the China Daily.

Source: AFP

Photo credit: © Greenpeace


Oil spill is a big worry for the entire world and nature.

I've seen some of the pictures; the oil looks horrendous over there and it's many times smaller than the spill in the gulf. If dispersant makes that big of a difference then it works way better than I originally thought. From a PR standpoint the dispersant route was the only option. Anything else would have been suicide.

Good post viser...
As time goes by and our oil dependence increases we will see more and more spills like this. We are drilling for oil in more dangerous places than ever before and it will only get worse.
Governments all over the world need to start investing in new research for new technologies now.

alex agu -

Most oil companies don't WANT to invest in alternative energy sources, because they view it as cutting their own throats, or biting the hand that feeds them.

Reliance on dwindling supplies of dirty fossil fuels, obviously, is NOT the way to continue.

People say that 2012 is BS.. Well, we've already started poisoning the oceans. Then what? what's left?

It's truly sad. Scientists don't need to START RESEARCHING anything. The fact is technologies exist. There are far more efficient fuel sources but implementing them would cost too much and so people, Oil Companies for example, choose to remain ignorant. They just put a plug in the sea floor, Seriously..

I've always shown an interest in the end of the world. Theres 2 holes in teh seas floor that didnt work out so well so its a matter of time until they poke a few more. It just shows how much as a people we don't care about our environment or self preservation.we got 2 yrs left ppl. Enjoy it.

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