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080616-hinode-sun-hmed.widec Dark matter has become trapped at the center of the sun and is cooling down its core temperature according to a new study by Dr Stephen West from the Department of Physics at Royal , University of London. 

“Dark matter makes up more than 80 per cent of the total mass of the universe. We know that dark matter exists, but to date it has never been produced in a laboratory or directly observed in any experiment, as a result we have very little information about what it actually is. It is important that we examine all possible ways of probing the nature of dark matter and the sun could provide us with an unexpected laboratory in which to do this,” says Dr West.

Dark matter is expected to form a halo around our galaxy and since the sun is in motion around the galaxy it experiences a dark matter "wind" as it moves through this halo. Some of the dark matter particles may collide with the elements in the sun and become gravitationally captured by the sun, which could lead to a build up of dark matter particles at the center of the sun.

The research team’s simulations show that the effect of this build up is to reduce the temperature of the solar core. The dark matter particles can absorb heat at the core and transfer it out towards the surface, decreasing the temperature of the core. This change in temperature affects the number of neutrinos produced as by-products in nuclear reactions within the Sun and it is hoped that by examining these neutrinos we can gain information about the Sun's core temperature and whether dark matter plays an important role in solar physics. This in turn could provide information about the mass of individual dark matter particles and how they interact with the elements in the sun.

“The next step in the work is to look more closely at the change in the predicted number of neutrinos produced in the sun as a result of dark matter collecting at the core and to examine the sensitivity of existing neutrino experiments to this change," adds West. In addition, an investigation of the possibility of probing this type of dark matter at the Large Hadron Collider is planned. The LHC could provide complimentary information about the properties of dark matter which along with the information from the sun may lead to a clearer picture of one of the more puzzling issues in physics.”

Jason McManus via Royal Holloway, University of London


Dark matter is just their way of accounting for the mass that they calculate should exist, but doesn't appear to. I think i've already made my opinion of this painfully clear in the last couple weeks, and i don't want to get myself worked up today, so i'm not gonna go over it again. On a more technical note, I hate how they always refer to "Dark Matter" as if it where one particular type of matter that they're trying to create. Dark Matter is normal matter, just like what you see all around you, it's just located someplace where we can't detect or account for it. It might be another state of matter (colder than super-fluid or hotter than plasma) or it might just be interstellar dust in unlikely locations, or it might be that the Universe is a big place and their calculations aren't anywhere near as reliable as they think they are. What about those clouds of interstellar dust they where talking about a few weeks ago? I thought that theory had the potential to account for "Dark Matter."

Take my word for it: the matter exists somewhere. It won't be anything astounding when we locate it, it'll just be some matter somewhere that we failed to account for in all those calculations.

Also, the calculations might not quite be accurate. I suspect that whereas Hydrogen exists mostly as the 1H isotope in this galaxy, the 2H isotope (Which is very rare around here) might exist primarily in other galaxies, which would make Hydrogen atoms in other parts of the universe have twice the mass. I expect it's something simple like that that just never occurred to them.

In case that last part didn't make sense, I was referring to Hydrogen's average atomic mass (1.01.... something like that) It's more than 1 but only just, so the majority of hydrogen has a mass of 1 unit (the units of measurement being represented by the mass of hydrogen) and a few hydrogen atoms around and about have a mass of 2 units. It's possible that these 2H atoms are more common elsewhere than the 1H.

If "dark" matter exists throughout the universe, we shouldn't need to look too far to find some. The sun is as good a place as any to house stores of dark matter.

"Dark matter is expected to form a halo around our galaxy and since the sun is in motion around the galaxy it experiences a dark matter "wind" as it moves through this halo. Some of the dark matter particles may collide with the elements in the sun and become gravitationally captured by the sun, which could lead to a build up of dark matter particles at the center of the sun."

Now we are just getting silly...It's just as possible there is a dark matter core in my butt....where I apply for my grant?

maybe "the dark matter" is the solvent where our world can exist.

Aren't dark matter and dark energy merely fudge factors in equations? To say they "absolutely" exist really pisses me off.

After reading this article, this item has to go under the category 'where do the come up with this stuff and how do they procure funding for it?' (I just want a piece of the action.)

No...really! If I were to state the theory that it is not dark matter, but rather Keebler Elves that inhabit the core of the sun because that is where they bake their chocolate chip cookies and all that missing mass is in one gigantic cookie oven along with billions and billions of tons of chocolate chip cookie dough.

I think my idea is just as plausible. Do you suppose the NSF would like to fund my research!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Mark, did you read my post>? the one right before yours? "Dark Matter" as a substance does not exist. the phrase "Dark Matter" is just a term they came up with to represent matter that should exist (by their calculations) but doesn't. It's not like we're going to stumble upon a black blob in space and say "That's dark matter!!!" dark matter is just a filler in their equations, which doesn't exist in real life

that's the problem with scientists today: They don't care what really exists and what doesn't , as long as their precious math works out. Math was created to explain the world, not the other way around.

I am astonished by the ignorance of the comments. The article makes logical sense. Dark matter is what scientist call the unaccountable mass in the universe and it's a mystery because the source of the mass is undetermined. Law of Gravity states that masses attract each other; the most massive object closest to us is the sun. If dark matter can interact with normal matter, the most likely place they would be is the core since that's the densest part of the sun. Or the dark matter particles could be affected by the gravity but merely pass through normal matter. But to even suspect that scientists miscalculated because of something like the average atomic mass of an element!?! Calculation that involve mass of the universe isn't done by some guess on the total number of each element and multiplying it by it's atomic mass. What a naive thought. The law of physics don't change from one part of the universe to another. The average amu is determined through both theory and experiment. The result is a weighted average of all the possible isotopes that can form, and the probability of them forming. Rolling a 6 sided dice is always going to give you 1 ~1/6 of the time; that ratio isn't going to change is you are rolling the dice on earth, on the moon, or on your favorite planet, pandora.

I think that evenb if dark Matter is Present in The sun,wouldn't the sun's Spectrum be different from thae one ,say, a decade Ago???
Try to compare The two and Calculate/Find out What Dark Matter is!!!

Didn't the collision of the bullet cluster convince anyone? dark matter may be a general term, but it is believed (based on observations!) to largely be non-baryonic matter.
Jones got it right, the ignorance displyed on this page are reminisant of youtube. Some parts of science don't follow common sense, that doesn't mean it's not true- your personal experiences do not encompass the whole of existance and the intricate and astronomical scale of the universe. Experiments and detection are whats necessary.

They still are not sure dark matter even exist, it's easy to make things up but prove it. Mr. Hawking makes things up all the time, then changes what he has said.

Dark matter? Black Holes? Crap from nonthinking morons who've never learned the secrets of sacred geometry or plasma physics. What your mathematics lack your geometry gives in abundance. There are no black holes. There is no dark matter. Hard to see the real truths with your head shoved up your %$$!

We know so few about the universe that everything can be said and tomorrow just the opposite. Astrophysics particularly is perhaps the most empirical "hard" science today, because we have plenty of theories but almost no certainties.

If we don't learn from the errors of history we deserve to repeat them!
About two centuries ago the was the ether wich lately figured out there is not .. but actually is an electromagnetical medium in which all the signals travel, plus it has a certain location you can't transmit everywhere, it is a sheet that envelopes earth.
Same is with dark matter and dark energy, their position is pinpointed but their nature is unknown.
Now we should look the following on earth proton and neutron has the weigth of 1 but in the LHC the want to make the proton to have a weight of several orders of magnitude greater and not by uniting more than one but merely by accelerating it in an electromagnetic medium --> by TRANSFORMING ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY INTO MATTER.
Than what should the halo of dark matter be other than energy - and oops energy does not have a position rigth? - well enery can exist in two ways potential energy/ or stored energy in a capacitor and in energy flow - hence dark matter is only stored dark energy and both should be treated as electromagnetic since LHC proves that this can be transformed into matter.
So by the end of the day we can say that energy don't dissapear only transforms - sometimes also into matter.

It is possible to speculate that there is no dark matter after all,and the fact that the universe is expanding ever faster as we look further in to space or past,does that not indicate that things are actually moving slower than past,and why not theorize that the dark matter they are kooking for is located at the very outher boundadids and edge of our universe and its gravitational force is pulling the entire universe apart rather than the stupid invisible dark matter that exist every where

what is the difference between potential and kinetic energy what is dynamic energy dynamic energy is holding something in place although it is not potential and kinetic it is being held in place by dynamic energy this explains gravity and explains what you guys are talking about the dynamic energy comes from a powerful being that exist outside of our dimension

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