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You Couldn't Make This Up Dept: NASA Astronauts on Extraterrestrial Life


"We have contact with alien cultures."

--Dr. Brian O'leary an American scientist and a former NASA astronaut and the deputy team leader for NASA's Mariner 10 Venus-Mercury television science team.

"In my official status, I cannot comment on ET contact. However, personally, I can assure you, we are not alone! 

--Charles J. Camarda, an engineer and U.S. astronaut who flew his first mission into space onboard the NASA Space Shuttle mission STS-114.


True we are not alone, but the intelligent aliens are all terrestrial.

what is it? random quotes open to interpretation? why do you put this here? I need more info

LOL! intelligent ones are terrestrial? Don't be daft. There's way more intelligent beings out there than you can imagine. And yes, they ARE extraterrestrial!

Brian O'Leary and Chuck Camarda are right. There is intelligent life out there and plenty of it — just listen to what NASA astronauts have observed, including the Apollo 11 astronauts into the third day of their mission. American astronauts including on the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle missions (as well as Russian cosmonauts) have from time to time looked out their portholes and viewed unidentified spacecraft tracking alongside from a distance. This means that some of these ET astronauts make it over to Earth.

weird weird stuff. my greatest wish is that I could know the ultimate truth

Thank you for the vague comments:

"We are not alone" - Wow profound!
"We have contact with alien cultures." - No kidding!

We'll be sure to take them out of context and interpret them in a manner that precisely fits our preconcieved world views.

What really does it matter if they tell the public about alien life! I mean if they exist and have been here. I think we have a right to know. Who really cares if we have been visited by aliens. I want to know more. Is this just to spark our minds and keep up our hopes or is this just another way to say that im better then you so I cant tell. Its fricken 2010! Quit pulling our chains and give us some dam evidence for us to think about!!!

What really is such a big deal if they tell us what they know about aliens? of course your gonna have crazies, but the people who want to know, it will full-fill our imaginations and shed light where light is needed in space and technology. I believe our only role here as a species is to get off our planet. If we are smarter then our instincts. We should NEVER take that for granted. Space is big for a reason. It shows you how insignificant we really are. The time for human life to S@#t or get off the pot is here. Who do really think we are? This isnt our world to begin with.

The idea that only "crazies" will get upset must be from a person who doesn't think. If these are ETs and thre here than many questions must be answered once contact is made. Suddenly abductions would not be so far fetched. Cattle mutilations also would be a serious topic. What would happened if they were a type of non-capitalist species? What about if they were atheist? How would Christianity deal with a God that created more species in his image? Also these "crazies" are millions of fundamentalist who believe now, if aliens show themselves, they would be demons in disguise. How about the fear level we don't even trust other humans could you imagine the paranoia with other higher intelligent species.
Anyone who thinks this is a easy decision is uniformed and hasn't done their homework.
UFO Media Matters
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where the fuck does that leave us? I would like a link to the guy who stated these "facts"

For certain, there are things our governments are collectively not telling us and I would like to know why.

Umm, how do we know that this isn't just some hallucination that plays out in our heads once we enter an antigravity environment. We are still trying to understand the human brain in a "normal' environment let alone under various electrical/ radiation/ antigravity/ sensory deprevation conditions.
I'm not saying it IS all made up, but if it's not where's the proof?

Aliens? Extraterrestrials among us? You mean like Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown or Dennis "Space Cadet" Kucinich? Those guys are DEFINITELY from "out there", somewhere.

Old News.

Ok guys (sorry girls) has anyone thought about the possibility that these little hints are possibly just a way to control the general public. Quite simply how do magicians work? They work by misdirection. That's my 2 cents for what its worth.

only when we live morally correctly
will the aliens visit us

That's it, off you go from my reader.

really joe? you telling me, that the idea of us knowing that aliens exists would create chaos and make people mad. there is no doubt about it that aliens exist. but if they were to come here and show interest in us would be awesome to me. It doesnt matter how mad any of us would get. theres nothing they could do about it anyway. and quite frankly i could care less how mad they would get. Its interesting to know that we are not alone and something is actually caring about us. if they show interest theres one thing for that. They want to help or destroy us. and if they "could" want to destroy us. I feel that i have a right to know. and if you cant get your mind around that, then maybe your not "fit" to handle the reality of the situation. So kiss my ass. and abductions are nothing but the what the mind likes to do is imagine. we all have our fantasies of unconcious thoughts.

We can't even get along with our own kind on this rock. What makes you think we can get along with an alien civilization?

Yes, some more context or a complete interview would be nice. This is exactly the kind of sound bite surface treatment that discredits the whole subject. If there was something more substantive said by in favor of the reality of ET contact by yet another astronaut it could be of incredible significance. Please elaborate or knock off the bs.

Pictures? Proof? Something more than second-hand anecdotal stories? People love to attribute supernatural or extra terrestrial explanation to anything that isn't blindingly obvious. It's so much easier than thinking.

We have made contact but they all turned out to be communists. Red Planet, Red Shift - it was always there but you just weren't paying attention. There is hope, however, because the Andromedans want to open a MacDonalds' franchise.

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