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'You Couldn't Make This Up' Dept: Denver to Vote on UFO initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission

UFO This November, voters in Denver will decide whether to create a seven-member Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission “to help ensure the health, safety, and cultural awareness of Denver residents and visitors in relation to potential encounters or interactions with extraterrestrial intelligent beings or their vehicles.” First reviewed by Denver City Council in April 2009, the E.T. ballot initiative is the work of Jeff Peckman’s EXTRA campaign. The campaign’s web site explains the need for a Commission in terms familiar to students of the UFO disclosure movement: “If our Federal Government continually refuses to openly and honestly deal with this matter … we need to handle it at a more accessible and accountable level of government. We need grassroots efforts to restore our faith and trust in our systems.”



This is what happens when you put scientologists in charge of things... Tom Cruise would be proud

what morons...

i agree with the spirit of free enterprise. No one need to be allowed to put in one's own version of science on this website. UFO and alien's search has become a scientific investigation and it needs to pursued with freedom free from any bias. Colorado State is a lucky choice for such citing s in the past and it is only proper that Denver's youngsters have raised their voice.
i have been advocating singly for a broader vision of this website's Editorial Board through international representation on it. Any narrowness is bound to encourage fake scientists to form a lobby and gain access through dubious means to present their science as genuine one. Science is democratic activity and no lobby is required but the widest representation. This will also help reduce criticism of Editor Kazan who seems to have a historic monopoly on this website. No personal criticism meant but only opening of the avenues of freedom in the search for innovation and excellence.

alex you dumb cunt fuck..

may I ask...why are they morons you cock sucking moron?

E-mail this post does not appear to take place even after a long... wait. Why? i just wanted the contents of this page along with comments made to have wider circulation among the readers of the Daily Galaxy daily alerts!

Hey...quite using pictures from Washington State (looking into Oregon, at Mt. Hood) for an article about crazy Coloradans.....

that picture looks like a flying bug got in the shot and got blurred lol

are the ufo exist?? who can tell me ?

To be honest, I do not believe in most of the UFO sightings, but we know that even if it is unlikely there seems to be a possibility of extraterrestrial contact. Even if this is not definate by any means, I think it appropriate to have an official group providing more reliable information to the people, and calming the false alarms.

There's no need for the obscene language earthling. Grow up.

Here is my problem with the whole ET thing. If you think about it, humans are basically walking toxic sludge. We got all kinds of nasty stuff in us .. mercury, lead, methane, dioxins. Not to mention that we are an infected bio-hazard.

We are mean, vicious, murderous and find joy in the pain of others

Why would some alien species want anything to do with us?

The poor alien that does meets us .. I really feel sorry for. Especially if it is some guy in a double-wide wearing a diaper.

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