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Image of the Day: The Terrifying Beauty of the Cone Nebula


The Cone Nebula, part of a much larger star-forming complex, is at bottom with inverted Christmas Tree cluster NGC 2264 above the cone; the bright star just above the cone is the tree topper and the very bright star at the top of the image is the center of the tree trunk. The Fox Fur Nebula is at the top right corner. 

The Snowflake nebula is in the middle which shows up better on the infrared image. The cone's shape comes from a dark absorption nebula consisting of cold molecular hydrogen and dust in front of a faint emission nebula containing hydrogen ionized by S Monocerotis, the brightest star of NGC 2264. The faint nebula is approximately seven light-years long, and is 2,700 light-years away from Earth.


Credit ESO


Is that true? I mean took by a camera?. Its very nice.

Is that true? I mean took by a camera?. Its very nice.

Is that true? I mean took by a camera?. Its very nice.

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The picture is not in color when taken in space. People actually add color based on the elements located in that area. So for all you ragging on the first dude, get the facts straight, pussies.

I want to go there... Just imagine... It is certain that there is more than this "life" and humanity... I find that very pleasing...

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