The Daily Flash -Eco, Space, Tech (5/28)
You Couldn't Make This Up Dept: "Why is Mars' Moon Phobos Hollow?"


well, yes, I do admit its bigger than the iphone

iPad invades New York City

There it is! Kill it, kill it!

Wonders of the past and present meet over Manhattan skyline

**** off mate, I've been here longer than ya!

Where is Godzilla when you need him?

Apple and statue of liberty are looking both equal in height.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.


New for 2011: the imaxipad.

Bring me your weak, socially incompetent and lame. Bring me those that are lazy to work a keyboard or turn a page.


In a surprise second attack Osama Bin Laden uses IMAP to crash our newest addition to the NY Skyline.

TIME AND SPACE !!!! ????

Finally! A structure that terrorists would rather use than destroy!

Waste of space!


"Steve, I think we should have done a little more market research on this one!"

Market Analyst: "Well... extrapolating from Apple's latest product releases... that's what we predict they are going to release ten years from now..."


Lady Liberty: "Too bad you're waiting for HTML 5... I would *flash* my boobies to you..."

There's an app for that.

mirror mirror on the wall , who's the most liberal of them all ?

why is this on

Very bad joke.

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