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You Couldn't Make This Up Dept: "Why is Mars' Moon Phobos Hollow?"

Phobos-mars-enhanced Mars' Moon Phobos has been analyzed as being one-third hollow according to European Space Agency reports, which has triggered some wild and utterly fascinating rumors and speculation that we've featured below.

From "The Phobos Blog" -- published on March 25th: General , Science 25 March, 2010 17:21 

Radio science result from 2008 Phobos Flyby now accepted for publication:

We report independent results from two subgroups of the Mars Express Radio Science (MaRS) team who independently analyzed Mars Express (MEX) radio tracking data for the purpose of determining consistently the gravitational attraction of the moon Phobos on the MEX spacecraft, and hence the mass of Phobos. We conclude that the interior of Phobos likely contains large voids. When applied to various hypotheses bearing on the origin of Phobos, these results are inconsistent with the proposition that Phobos is a captured asteroid. 

For a Martian moon that is demonstrably "1/3 hollow" ... as measured by two totally independent space programs, and separated by ~20 years ... under any likely astrophysical formation scenario cannot exist as just a "natural" moon. The MARSIS radar imaging experiment -- according to "inside" ESA sources recounted "a Phobos' interior filled with 'cavernous, geometric rooms ... right-angle walls ... and floors -- detectable via the semi-regular 'structure of the returning, interior radar echoes ...' as they were impressed upon the reflected MARSIS signals ....'"

MARSIS was physically seeing (via this radar) a three-dimensional, totally artificial, interior world ... within Phobos; and a "reflection void interior geometry" ... which correlated eerily with the earlier (lower-resolution) Phobos "interior gravity tracking data ...." No natural "space rock" could possibly possess such an enormous range of "natural radar absorbers and reflectors"; nothing "natural" could reflect (or absorb) EM energy that way across so many orders of magnitude.

In other words -- the MARSIS radar reflections officially published on the official ESA Phobos website... contained explicit scientific data, from multiple perspectives, which strongly "supported the idea that this is what radar echoes would look like, coming back from inside 'a huge ... geometric ... hollow spaceship'

In fact, they were the primary source of the decidedly "internal, 3-D geometric-looking" radar signature.

The concurrence of all three of these independent Mars Express experiments -- "imaging" ... "internal mass distribution" (tracking) ... and "internal radar imaging" --  now agreed that "the interior of Phobos is 'partially hollow ... with internal, geometric "voids" inside it ....'" Meaning that- Phobos is artificial.



Almost sent this on until I saw the source. Check your source my dude. Very disappointing to see a story of this gravity referred by a complete nut.

I mean, if you went for this, why not just link everything on Enterprise Mission? Hoagland's been hard at work misunderstanding or falsely representing information like this for quite some time now.

Something unnatural in Phobos Moon. It's interesting other country like Russia, China and Japan planned to Asteroid-like object especially Phobos. Actually and fact, there is space race, Russian has planned launching robotic shuttle to Phobos year 2012. the ship call "PHOBOS GRUNT" that has ability to pickup material from space to earth. You can search via google or wikipedia.

Good job reporting this. Shows courage. Notice how the vast majority of negative posts focus on the person (Hoagland) without regard to the data. Age old skeptic strategy. Most likely, they haven't even looked at it. Much like the clergy of several hundred years ago refused to actually look into a telescope, since they were so convinced of what must be true. A really troublesome human tendency.

Have you ever seen somebody lick the chutney spoon in an Indian Restaurant and put it back ? This would never have happened under the Tories.

Of all the possible reasons why this moon is hollow, Hoagland's is the most fun. I'm sure after more investigation it will be something mundane like a giant gas bubble, but for now I'm going to pretend it's an alien probe.

'baters gonna 'bate!

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WOW you don't believe Hoagland? SURPRISE! look up LUNATIC in Websters, his picture MAGICALLY appears!

Richard C Hoagland has noted numerous times that a cover up and the moon landing hoax was actually perpetrated by !NASA! imediatelly after the first moon landing as a way to control the factual scientific info and ruins (as well as ET company) that was wating for us when we got there. you do realize that they mapped out the 4 landing sites by sattelite over a decade before we were sent there publically. NASA itself has "lost" the original evidence. THINK about it yourself!! they have had 40 years to "deface" mars and the moon, our US gvmt sent 2 payload explosions to the moons south pole in 2009. At the exponential rate that technology advances, what do YOU think is possible beyond our atmosphere? But most of you will pay $400 for THE SAME IPHONE every 9 months. We all need to open our minds beyond the limits of what we are being force-fed as reality. The tibetens believe in a positive benevolent future, why must they be the only ones collectively balancing the INFINATE possiblities of OUR future?!?

Horses? Steak? WTF?!?! This aint Uzbekistan Fool< we dont eat horses ace, we ride em

and phobos is a inntergalactic supreme anunaki or pokimon master hyper dimetional waveflux knob-flogger & gobbler class 1 spacecruiser with Cinamax in SPACE HD! You could make it to Saturn in 27 minates in that bad boy wit its 5000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 horse power spud injector driveshaft engine if it worked still but its broken, BUMMER!!! :( LOL NAH JUS Messin, its a potatoe

why u keeps erasing my comments? fags!

i kind of wanna go peek inside, but i kind of don't want to at the same time

who knows how large another being may be ? maybe someone just stopped by got bored and poked it with a stick!!!!! i take it thats how most good science is done!

The geode theory explains the odd radar returns, but Phobos is over 12 miles in diameter, and geodes are formed in only two ways-- via sedimentary action under water, or by volcanic action. Water of course is out, so where's the colossal volcano-- active or dormant-- that could spit a rock weighing however many quadrillion tons into orbit?

I don't know what's up with Phobos, but this particular theory does not pass the sniff test. I would suggest that the almost religious fervor with which otherwise intelligent, articulate folks immediately dismiss and ridicule evidence of off-world intelligence-- from whatever source-- sadly explains why governments would find it necessary to conceal any such information from the panicky masses.

Amazing arrogance: "It's not artificial. It's geode." REALLY? Listen to yourselves! You blather on about how ridiculous a hollow phobos sounds and then you spew massive speculations about how its a geode. So I ask you in all seriousness? Have any of you been there?
I didn't think so.
Why don't we wait until we HAVE been there before trash-talking each other and making wild speculations either way...or is this how people who claim to be intelligent talk to one another now? You people make me sick.

Chance how much you put Mr Hoagland down, he is, like many other researchers , trying to get to the truth of our very dark history.
The majority of comments I have read must have come from people up to there waists in mud, basically there intelligence and open mindedness is going nowhere. Remember there are a great deal of anomalies on the moon and mars we have all seen the photo`s.Do we ignore them or do we ask questions.
I think many of you are perhaps frightened of what could be the truth, so you revert to basic human instinct, if its different, if you do not understand it, then ATTACK IT.

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