The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill from Space (Natural Colors)
Is Aging an Accident of Evolution? - (A Weekend Feature)


Stingy to invest in good maintanenace.

I think this is a darn shame. There are ways of cleaning it up. Why doesn't someone take the initiative to get it cleaned up before it reaches the coastline? Who cares about red tape? What's important here is our environment and that of our animals. Get it done!

Make 'em pay big time like Exxon.

The government is not only delaying cleaning it up,but planning on collecting fines and making money on it.Delaying reduces the cost of cleaning it up for those responsible, while increasing the environmental impact to sociey. Give the money collected from fines to the american taxpayers as a refund check and get the system called government working right.

screw the ecosystem my hummer needs gas yesterday. get your prius out of my way global warming chumps.

This makes me so mad! this isnt funny, this is one of the horriblest things we could do. The oceans are ruined. What the
hell world, your letting me down. This is horrible.

if you want to do away with ecosystem destruction, you'll have to do away with the people destroying it

We may be looking at the worst disaster of all times. Not only will entire industries be destroyed it might take several decades before fishing is restored to the entire Gulf and perhaps even a larger area than the Gulf.
The economic impact may effect the entire nation in a large way. If the insurance agencies fail to pay the hundreds of billions it is likely to cost in damages and go into default our banks will suffer as well as banks and insurance companies tend to own each other. Lay offs may take place over the entire nation. Gasoline will get more expensive. All products that consume oil or energy in production will tend to become more expensive for all of us. We may well be in a battle for our national and economic survival this time.

Don't worry, it's all over in 2012!

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