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Image of the Day: One of the Most Massive Stars in the Universe


The Pistol Nebula surrounds one of the most luminous massive stars in the universe, the blue variable Pistol Star 1.7 million times as bright as the sun, and 120-200 times as massive, located 25,000 light years away from Earth, near the Milky Way's hot and violent, galactic center, deep within its central bulge. The nebula contains approximately 10 solar masses worth of ionized gas that was ejected by the star several thousand years ago. 

Image credit: NASA


WOW....The red cloud surrounded in the planet really beautiful

And what, exactly, happens to us when this thing goes bang? If it hasn't already done so?

what happens to earth if it blows...??

stick em up earthling dogs.

Very impressive. If it exploded today we wouldn't see it for 25,000 years. Too bad. That would have been some explosion.

It seems such a massive stars of universe may be responsible for the borning of our solar system including life on earth

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