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Richard Dawkins: "The Stroke of Luck that Led to Life on Earth Exists Elsewhere in the Universe" (Weekend Feature)

Y203643394207973 It's no accident that we see stars in the sky, says famed Oxford biologist Richard Dawkins: they are a vital part of any universe capable of generating us. But, as Dawkins emphasizes, that does not mean that stars exists in order to make us."It is just that without stars there would be no atoms heavier than lithium in the periodic table," Dawkins wrote in The Ancestors Tale -A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Evolution, "and a chemistry of only three elements is too impoverished to support life. Seeing is the kind of activity that can go on only in the kind of universe where what you see is stars."

"It's an astonishing stroke of luck that we are here." That was Dawkins' evolutionary message at a recent speech to a packed auditorium at the Christchurch, New Zealand. "Every animal owes its existence to an astonishing list of contingencies that might not have happened. With so much chance and luck it might be thought that evolution itself is a process of pure chance, but nothing could be further from the truth."

It was predictable, for example, that eyes and ears would develop in different species, and they had done so independently several times over, Dawkins said. "Natural selection is the great engine of the predictable side of life, but it cannot start without certain prerequisites."

Dawkins said it was his gut feeling that there been another stroke of luck that would have developed life elsewhere in the universe.

"There are billions and billions of planets out there, so there could be millions of planets that have life on them, but the origin of life could still be a staggeringly good stroke of luck," he said.

To Richard Dawkins believing in God is like believing in a teapot orbiting Mars. Dawkins said that a sense of gratitude had developed as an essential part of human societies. This meant humans had an overwhelming desire to give thanks, even when there was no-one to give thanks to and this, in part, had given rise to religion.

Dawkins sees himself as a "religious non-believer" who's career has revolved around Darwin's view that all was 'produced by laws acting around us' described so powerfully by Dawrwin in the Origin of the Species:

"Thus, from the war of nature, from famine and death, the most exalted object which we are capable of conceiving, namely, the production of the higher animals, directly follows. There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved."

Casey Kazan


That is the best thing with Dawkins ...(Even though at times his hatred for religion goes beyond reasonable levals).. the last para of Orgin of species is really poetic and i feel that i owe to dawkings to let me read it as if i am reading colleridge or keats ...Below mentioned is his logic which even the most hatred opponent will appreciate ..(quote vaguly recollected from God delusion)

There are a billion billion planets in the universe..consider that there is a low probability that only one in the billion planet has life ... (such a low probability logic is itself not logical)even with such absurdly low odds,life still would have originated on a billion planets and earth has no special importance .due to interstellar distance the chances for finding this is like finding needle in a haystack.

Dawkins at times supports the concept of Martinreeves'Multiverse'
where the cosmological constants and four forces are not suitable..with failed bigbangs(Bangs that failed with out reaching the plancks constant)Universes with out stars in them, where the primodial matter had not formed into stars.

Dawkins showed us the beauty of evolution, the truth that we are cousins of chimpanzees,distant cousins of monkeys and tells us that correct scientific outlook lets us to see the world around us in a mystical way and feel how cherished our life in the planet is .

Well its only logical that there be other life out there somewhere.


Are we a tad bit narcissistic into believing that we are the template for life in the universe, and do we really believe that this is the only universe in existence? We want to look into the heavens and see our reflections in the pool of this universe, and proclaim that we are truly manifest destined to rule the universe; if only we can get our tricycle out of the garage and then maybe we can travel to Alpha Centauri. I do not believe in this deity or any of the other gods and goddesses that existed in the last 30,000 years, but I do believe that one day we will find that all that we hold to true, is just a figment of our own prejudice and fears that will one day get swept into the dust pan of history. Life is all around us in this galaxy, why are we in such a rush to find it, when we can't even make a collect call to talk to the other beings on the other side? I believe that time, space and matter are all infinite and that the sum of matter in "this" universe is finite. What created the Big Bang? Was it a Mega Nova the size of a galaxy that contained all the matter in this universe that was the end product of yet another universe in its earliest form? Did this universe exist in different forms through out infinite going up the periodic table? Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Instead of killing our selves in the pursuit of life outside our own, why not try to mature as we age in the coming Space Age, like the Bronze Age, become wise in our wisdom and knowledgeable in our knowledge, and let time take care of the rest .

life is probably everywhere but beyond our senses to detect. some soccer hooligans were on holiday in thailand. having their fill of lager they stopped at a monastery to relieve themselves. they did so on a statue of bhudda. the monks shouted for them to stop. the hooligans replied " show us where is not bhudda and we will pee there ".

Back to the drawing board!

Poor Richard has the "Religion of Atheism" worse than any Evangelical.

I have always said in my book "The Plain Truth About God" (What the Church Doesn't want you to know!) that any explanation of the Divine is tainted by a human agenda, but Dr. Dawkin's own words support the fact of a "First Cause" or "Divine Presence!"

Dawkins said. "Natural selection is the great engine of the predictable side of life, but it cannot start without certain prerequisites." These "prerequisites" and all the other "laws of nature" are not just happenstance, but rather, have a coherent origin!

The rub is that we just don't know what!

Trying to describe God is like asking a blind man to describe a colour! He may have seen the light, but he sure doesnt know what shade it is!

Interesting that one knowledgeable about the vastness and magesty of the cosmos would presume he has the status and intellect to deciher where it all began (or didn't begin).

"Dawkins said it was his gut feeling " Gut feelings are guesses, not science. He has simply proven that his bigotry about religion is neither rational, nor scientific, but ego driven and abusive.

No wonder so many people refuse to believe the opinions of real scientists about global warming (really happening, really caused by human industrial activity) - Dawkins' public persona creates the impression of scientists as egotistical sociopaths foisting their guesses and "gut feelings" off as fact.

Earthquakes trend is a sign of global warming, polar ice melting causes sea levels to increase, causing imbalance of weights on earth, and pushing costal parts downward.

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