The Daily Flash -Eco, Space, Tech (3/19)
Image of the Day: The "White Dwarf" Nebula


Apparently these aliens never inventedd any image-editing computer softwares.
Now that is one thing our Terran technology surpasses them.

We should try to trade Photoshop for their Reticulan Hyperdrives.

I understand what this image is trying to say, but come on! Sure I a believe most UFO pictures are doctered, but even if one in a thousand are true it doesn't change the ramifications.

Clearly Photoshop causes UFOs.

Maybe the aliens invented photoshop to help cover their tracks, as they go around cutting up cows and freaking out people who live in the middle of no where miles from any living people.

wierd theories...but most do see UFO.the latest one in chile (even cnn and BBC made it a news) . The problem is UFO means unidentified flying objects ..the object is unidentified that dosent mean that it is a alien space craft....

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