Hubble Unveils Universe 1.0 -Was it Destroyed by Dark Matter? (Video-A Galaxy Classic)
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Hubble: The New 3D Movie -"A Religious Experience" (3D VIDEO PREVIEW)


“Hubble 3D” offers an inspiring and unique look into the legacy of the Hubble Space Telescope and how it has changed our view of the universe and ourselves.

Hubble 3D is a pretty simple movie. It's also one of the most stunningly beautiful and powerful films in the history of cinema.Hubble 3D was shot over several years by three different NASA flight crews, documenting both the launch and subsequent repairs of the Hubble Space Telescope. 

Through the power of IMAX® 3D, “Hubble 3D,” narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, takes moviegoers on an unprecedented voyage through distant galaxies to explore the grandeur and mystery of our celestial surroundings. Experience never-before-seen 3D flights through the farthest reaches of the universe, and accompany spacewalking astronauts on some of the most difficult and important endeavors in NASA’s history.

The outer space sections are rendered from Hubble data that was wedded to spectral analysis and other techniques that allowed artists to create an extremely high fidelity 3D model of astronomical objects like nebulae and galaxies. Director Toni Myers manages to keep the narrative structure fairly simple and let the footage and rendered fly-throughs of Hubble photography speak for itself.

Our personal window on the Universe is terribly small within a stunnng range of wavelengths.The human visual spectrum from violet to red is but one octave on an imaginary electromagnetic piano with a keyboard hundreds of kilometers long.

Much of the great Milky Way panorama above us is outside our human visual band, our eyes cannot register wave photons no matter how powerful they may be. Longer that the visual wavelength limit -up to about a millimeter-lies the infrared. At the short end is violet, with orange, yellow, green, blue and hundreds of overlapping shades. Longer waves, into kilometer-wavelengths toward the unknown end are what we call "radio." Shorter than the visual limit are the ultraviolet -all running in the vacuum at the speed of light. At less than a percent of the wavelength of visual light are X rays, and at a factor of 100 smaller are the deadly gamma rays.

One of the great achievements of modern astronomy is the intersion of "human sight" -opening the electromagnetic spectrum to our view and discovery beginning in the 1930s with radio astronomy and ending with NASA's great fleet of space observatories spearheaded by one of the greatest achievements of human history: the Hubble Space Telescope.

Casey Kazan

Hubble 3-D Movie Trailer


Hubble is very strong in terms of searching in the galaxies.

If I hear that St Lucia commercial one more time in my headphones I'm going put my fist through this monitor. That is the MOST annoying commercial i've ever heard and is ruining my favorite site the daily galaxy. Take that stupid pathetic commercial off please it is blowing my eardrums out. Piss off st lucia you suck.

by the way i will be watching this movie asap. It looks terrific. oh yea st lucia can bite my grundle.

Let the St. Lucia commercial people know that NOBODY WATCHES IT!!! I hit the "X" button as soon as it pops up.

I agree man. These pop up ad's are going to be the death of this site... These roll overs are among the worst I've ever seen. I know they bring money in for the website but dear god choose another add to display!

Amazing. This surely beats playing Starcraft.

Yes, seriously...I've had it with this goddamn St. Lucia lady....

No other telescope enriched mankind's knowledge about universe than hubble . No wonder that it was Edwin Hubble who told us that the universe is expanding and there are 200 billion galaxies other than milky way in the observable universe. From the pillars of creation (eagle nebula.. got a intresting info that the pillars disintegrated due to a supernova explosion 6000 years ago.. the light had not reached us and we can still look at ),horse head and orion nebula where new solar systems are forming, to the stars in ursa major and ultradeep feild ..Hubble broadened our horizons ..

The videos haven't been running within the Daily Galaxy framework, at least on my computer. Maybe I should just go directly to YouTube or whoever has the video ( I'm guessing YouTube ). Could it be a bug within Windows Vista ? It's a small annoyance, but still an annoyance.

I doubt it, I have Windows Vista and it's working fine. But yeah, I'm pretty sure it's on Youtube.

Thanks, Dawn. I'll just go right to YouTube then.

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