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The Astrobiologist: Sigorney Weaver as Dr. Grace Augustine in Avatar (VIDEO)

Avatar_122 "There are many dangers on Pandora, and one of the subtlest is that you may come to love it too much"

Dr. Grace Augustine is a xenobotanist in charge of the Avatar Program, who arrived several years before the avatar team. She explored Pandora, a moon of the planet Polyphemus, and literally wrote the book on its plant life and biology. She was the only person who was able to catalog all the species and discovered the "organic computer" of Pandora's ecosystem that defeated the invading American exploiters and destroyers of the Navi's home tree in their ruthless quest for unobtainium- one of the most powrful sources of energy in the universe. As an astrobiologist, Grace learned that all living things on Pandora connect to Eywa through a system of neuro-conductive antennae. 

To Grace, this interconnectedness, which on Earth is merely a spiritual concept, exists as a physical biologoical network, in the form of a mysterious, collective psionic consciousness embedded in the planet, drawn from all Pandoran life -a massive bio internet with the trees computer servers that store and relay information. The Na'vi can upload or download memories from it using their qeueus and it can even be used for mind transfers in certain cases.  

At her death, Grace's consciousness did not successfully transfer to her avatar, the neural link created when the tendrils of the Tree of Souls interfaced with her human body allowed her full memories to be "downloaded" into the "organic computer" of Pandora's ecosystem. Later, Jake begged Eywa for help in the struggle against the Avatar RDA Scorpion Gunship by asking it to access Grace's memories, which would reveal how Earth's ecosystem had been destroyed by humans, a danger which Pandora now faced. Eywa heard Jake's plea and summoned the life forms of Pandora to his aid.


With recent published research re Plant life and the fact that they communicate with eachother, the idea of all life being capable of communicating, as on Pandora, is not far fetched. The Jacobson's organ which detects pheromones (also secreted by plant life), through which the physical and emotional status quo of other life forms is established, is functional in other species, but not in adult humans. This too is communication.
If some have been left feeling sad after viewing Avatar, it is due to the loss they feel, for not being able to connect to or communicate with anything. The realisation of how separated they are from everything, even other humans.

Leah I thought your post was wonderful.

This idea has actually been around in Science Fiction for some time. For instance, in Ian MacDonald's The Broken Land, the heads of the dead are grafted onto the ancestor tree, so that their memories and wisdom can be consulted by the people. Similar ideas have been put forth by Phyllis Gottlieb and Sheri Tepper, among others.

leah, when we live closer to the earth, rather than suburbs and cities, when we eat clean unprocessed foods, drink pure water, breathe pure air, practice yoga regularly...we ARE connected to nature, we ARE nature...and know and feel that connection. this is my personal experience. i loved the movie, thank you for this post

The RDA corporation were American? I was under the impression that countries no longer existed on Earth?


The reasons Avatar made me sad was because I thought it was a wasted opportunity, and essentially propoganda. I thought many opportunities were missed throughout the movie to give both "sides" a bit of depth in their actions, the Navi seemed to be 1 dimensional stereotypical "natives" and the Humans were less then 1 dimensional.

The storyline was actually stupid, whats going to happen now when Earth's military come back and wipe out Pandora from orbit?

Posts like your make me angry because they echo the movies frankly self righteous sentiments and dont put forth anything constructive.

Mifkin, why would earths military comeback to wipe out Pandora?
If you've seen the movie you would know that it wasn't earths military that was on Pandora.They wore all retired soldiers working for the corporation that was mining the planet.Like a mercenary.

Duane, theres another book, Speaker for the Dead.

Wendy, I thought your post was wonderful.

As I watched the movie I kept waiting for this line.

did anyone else notice that Dr.Grace Augustines avatar looked different than the navi people? human nose, bigger boobs..

With the advent of indepth knowlege re Biophotonics, an understanding of Biophotonics, used in many sectors such as food production and cosmetics to mention two, and the research that has been done in the field of Cellular Health and communication via low level Ultra Violet light, goes a long way toward understanding what is being eluded to in the film.

This form of communication, is also part of the study of Black Holes, Hawking Radiation etc, light being a mode of information transfer. Really good article today on this website re this subject, which may as well include all modes of information transmission which we are familiar with to date.....TV, Radio etc.

The mere simple suggestion of the Na'vi being able to connect and communicate using their qeueus, and the obvious transfer of light, as in the scene where they are all connected to Eywa through The Tree of Souls, is a huge subject......here on Earth NOW, known as Biophotonics. So the story line of Avatar is anything but stupid or shallow, and that is just one of the interesting aspects of the film.

For those that are more interested in politics, commerce and conflict, all of which are man made, and have caused Earth much harm......the film is indeed lacking in attention to these areas.
It is quoted in the film that 'We have killed our Mother' being Earth....so it beggars the question, 'What would life be like once we have killed off Nature / the natural world completely ?'....a planet like the Death Star in Star Wars comes to mind. Cold and in deffinate need of a substance like
Un-obtain-ium as a source of energy....for absolutely everything, even to power the production of air to breath.

Me thinks the film offers the opportunity for viewers to decide what they prefer, a beautiful colourful living Earth, or a dead planet ravaged by its ruling species....that would be humans here on Earth.

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