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James Cameron on the Creation of Avatar (VIDEO)


In Belgium, 600,000 people in two weeks went to see James Cameron's three-dimensional movie, Avatar. Today, it just became the second most successful movie in history (behind Titanic). The world is swept up in the awesome myth of the alien planet, Pandora and its spiritual inhabitants. In less than a hundred years we've evolved from the fictional worlds of Jules Verne and H.G. Well's War of the Worlds to a real world of the Hubble and Kepler Space Observatories and the almost weekly discovery of new planets beyond our solar system to robots, dark matter, black holes, clones, pentaflop supercomputers and augmented reality. Will the discovery of a Pandora, become a reality too in the near future? We hope so, but with a vastly more humane ethos than the sad and too familiar images of the preemptive imperial violence of Avatar. 


Seems a little more informed in this interview. I read one in Playboy awhile back and he stated Pandora was a planet. It's fairly obvious it's a habitable moon throughout the entire movie. And don't get me started on the liberal undertones he injected throughout. "It's some sort of shock and awe campaign!" "Fight terror with terror!" - This had me laughing hysterically in the movie theater. The little kiddies had no idea why and were shushing me. Anyway, great effects, but the script boils down to nothing but a comedic hyperbole. Cameron is an egotistical prick.
/end rant

Could somebody be kind and make this interview availible for us earth citizens living outside U.S? Hulus's video library can only be streamed within the U.S.

Interesting to get a perspective from the guy who wrote it.

Some critics pan the heavy handed politics but they miss the point. Avatar is not about an alien planet but our own, and the real dilemma of our own ecological collapse due to not seeing the real wealth of our own planet. We are both the natives and the aggressors, those who cannot abide nature and those who must have it surround us or life is meaningless and degraded. The theme of blind loyalty to short profit is very germane to our civilization and a real dilemma in much of the so called third world.

Nice interview, and I loved the movie both for the message and for the incredible detailed and semi-plausible creation of an alien planet.

BTW it is no crime to refer to a habitable moon as a planet when it fills that function.

Humans are never going the truth about the universe.

This film is a real humdinger. I wish the stupid, ignorant Na'avi would have gotten their asses handed to them by the humans. "Oh, lets trust a goddamn tree that doesn't take sides because saving all the people that worship you get killed by aliens that want to rip you apart is wrong and against the balance of things." Also, why the heck did that Na'avi refuse medicine and other technology? They just wanted their sick to die and make their lives harder?
Why did they plan their battle so poorly? Who's idea was it to just charge noisily into a battle with arrows when the enemies have huge guns and mapping software?
The Na'avi are worse than the humans, they use all the animals (but it's humane because they 'link' with them. It's worse, because they steal all self control from the animal and crush its brain. No, the humans that don't abuse animals because they use machines they offered to the Na'avi are bad.) Also, the Na'avi are racist. They won't teach humans their culture because they're human, and they only almost accept one because he looks like one of them. How incredibly shallow. The humans immediately opened a school to try to share their culture and learn the Na'avi culture. Instead, the Na'avi refuse to attend it, and instead stick to their stupid, primitive mysticism that infuriatingly saves them and makes me increasingly angry.

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