"Asteroid Impacts are the Biggest Threat to Advanced Life in the Milky Way" -Stephen Hawking (The Weekend Feature)
Image of the Day: Hubble Hacked!

The Daily Flash -Eco, Space, Tech (9/28)


Lasers from Space Show Ice Sheets Thinning — Greenland and Antarctica

This week in the journal Nature scientists give the most comprehensive view of thinning ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica to date. Scientists from British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and the University of Bristol analyzed 50 million satellite measurements (from NASA) to show the massive ice loss on these polar giants.


10 Global Cities & Their Greenhouse Gas EmissionsA new report ranks ten leading world cities on their greenhouse gas emissions. It also examines how and why the emissions differ. As the report says, over 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Leading cities of the world, global cities, are the places where greenhouse gas emissions really need to be cut. The greenest city from the study is Barcelona and the worst is Denver.


Earth Microbes to be Sent to Mars Moon

The proposed experiment is called LIFE -Living Interplanetary Flight Experiment–and will be placed aboard Phobos-Grunt, a joint Russian-American mission to Phobos, the largest (and innermost) of Mars’s two moons (the smaller being Deimos). If all goes according to plan, it will be the first time living creatures from Earth will be sent intentionally beyond our Earth - Moon system.


World's Largest Bridge to Stretch Over 13 Miles Long

Construction on what would become the world's longest marine causeway, connecting Qatar and Bahrain, is due to begin next year, and what a project it is: We're talking about a bridge more than 13 miles long, costing around $3 billion.


Well, Luke, looks like "Earth Microbes to be Sent to Mars Moon" is much like you requested.

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