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New Footage of the 9/11 WTC Attack

New Footage above of the moment the second plane crashed into the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001,has been released. These new images are just a few minutes among hundreds of hours of amateur video and images being collected by the National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center which has launched a website containing examples of citizen journalism of the tragedy.

"9/11 was probably the most widely documented event in modern history, witnessed by literally billions of people in real time, around the world," said Memorial Museum Director Alice Greenwald.

According to today's press release the museum has issued a world-wide invitation for the public to submit media related to the 9/11 events through a new online initiative "Make History." will become a permanent digital archive and help build an interactive, mapped time line of events on the web.

9/11 Memorial and Museum President Joe Daniels said, "Public participation is critical to building the historical record of the events of 9/11."

Each photo will be placed alongside current Google "Street View" photos of various locations. Users can click on locations, themes or time of day to view the footage or images from the locations they were actually taken.


Yeah people, never forget 9/11.

That's when the military industrial complex finally overtook America. Using it as an excuse for billions and billions in war money, contracts, invading other countries (and Iraq, that had nothing to do with it), implementing fascistic laws, the Patriot Act, NSA-spying, torture.

I call B.S. Everyone at Democraticunderground knows that 9-11 was an inside job, this is just more BS.

No, only a few at Democratic Underground believe that.

Marc, you need to read up on the Disaster Capitalist. Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine" details how some leaders use times of crisis to push their personal agendas. Bush Cheney did not cause or let 9-11 happen, but they did exploit the fear and chaos to push their military and domestic policies.

All leaders do that, some for the betterment of the country, some not.

Happy 9/11! It's like Christmas for the republicans. Santa Bin Laden was oh-so-good to them that day.

I can't believe that you people would have so little of a soul to believe that republicans (or anyone for that matter) would treat 9/11 as a Christmas-like holiday. Please, stop building your conspiracy theories so that you can explain the motives of extremists. Al is right, 9/11 wasn't planned, yet it was an opportunity for leaders to instill fear in citizens. But whatever, the rest of you guys can go back to your lovely Michael Moore-esque beliefs.

Oh yes Ashley, please. You seem to live in a bubble.

Study history a bit please and you'll see it's nothing new. And i'm not even necessarily talking about false-flag op's.

Conspiracy theories: gotta love 'em. Any evidence which directly contradicts the theory, is actually in _support_ of it, because dont'cha know, the evidence is part of the conspiracy too!!

(This post paid for by your friendly neighborhood Illuminati association, who is concerned that the "Truthers" are getting Too Close, and wishes to make them look stupid.)

I'm amazed how people always bring the "Illuminati" and "Aliens" and stuff like that into these topics to ridicule it.

Just study some history and you'll see it's not the first time governments abuse power and neither are false flag op's anything new.

Can't stand truthers. I dislike them as much as I dislike republicans.

did you notice the plane hit at a 45 degree bank to inflict maximum damage spanning more floors than level flight. i think both planes did this.

it is the most inhuman act to have occured in the human civilsation history of over thousands of years of evolution. The barbarism involved shows the lowest depth in society. Can we say that human selfishenss can have extremes both in richness and educated culture vis-s-vis poverty and illitrate societies. The technology appears to serve both the extreme ends strangely.

First off the conspiracy is against us.
Nano-Thermite, Building 7, No wreckacge on and on and on and ONNNNNNNN...
I wonder how much coverage they will give Building 7. How do you they they can paint that to smell anything like STINK!

This is NOT new footage. This is the famous "Dot Shot" where you can see that the camera has picked up an infrared targeting laser on the side of the building. Watch the white dot as it slowly moves toward the impact region.

LOL! Yes of course if you believe 9/11 is a conspiracy you must also believe in aliens(we are the only ones in the ENTIRE universe after all), Illuminati(no such thing as a small group of people manipulating the financial and political systems for personal gain wouldnt and couldnt ever ever happen)ect. Just explain building 7 to yourselves. That's it. Just properly explain how after so few hours in all that mayhem they managed to wire the entire building of 7 and then "pull it". It had to have been wired b4 that day....had to be. Follow the facts folks...use your own common sense. OH and ps stop watching FOX as your main source of news, CNN and all that rubbish too but Fox would be a good start!

If you look at frames 11 seconds and 12 you will see Satans Face appear on the left hand side!!! I see horns a goatee and an evil snarling face... looks like the Devil to me!

Stop on EXACTLY second 6 and tell me what you see, minions?

Pause this at 6 seconds and you can clearly see that there is no plane. If there was a plane there would be a explosion as soon as the plane hit and in this video the whole plane is in the building and no explosion?

Next, if there was a plane the holes in the building would be there as the plane is already inside, and you can clearly see the supposed plane is inside and the building is still in tact.

There were obviously explosives placed to outline where the plane was to enter WTC. It was a missle with a holographic outline of a plane, search project Blue Beam.

I'm surprised at the lack of emotion from the people shooting this film, just wierd...

It took me a minute to remember which '9/11 conspiracy' movie I watched, that had this footage in it.
I BELIEVE that it was entitled, 'SEPTEMBER CLUES'.

Pretty old, in fact...

I almost missed this video on YouTube, posted APRIL 15, 2008, using the footage that you have linked in your story.
The 'THEORY' that is discussed is like teaching a kindergartner to tie his shoes, to some of you...
'Merican Joe' is probably putting his fingers in his ears and screaming 'I can't hear you!'...
Old tech, old story, NEW 'American Century' (as in, P.N.A.C.)!

I'm sorry...
I should be ashamed of myself for not watching twenty times and picking up on the whole thing.
The footage that I have referenced was first broadcast the day of the attack, or perhaps within days after, on MSNBC, whose logo is clearly visible in the seven seconds from 0:53 to 1:00 in this post:

Same footage as your NEW stuff, isn't it?

It's interesting that the ONLY 2 pieces of paper that can be seen land right next to the photographer. The entire parking lot had no paper the street had no paper only next to the girl. Curious

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