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Homo Sapiens -"The Dark Network"


Brain researchers have recently discovered that when we perform mental activities such as adding numbers, comparing shapes, or identifying faces these areas of our brains light up, other areas go dark. This "dark network," according to Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert, comprises regions in the frontal, parietal and medial temporal lobes. Gilbert writes that "if you climbed into an MRI machine and lay there quietly, waiting for instructions from a technician, the dark network would be as active as a beehive. But the moment your instructions arrived and your task began, the bees would freeze and the network would fall silent. When we appear to be doing nothing, we are clearly doing something. But what?"

The answer, Gilbert says in his book Stumbling on Happiness, is time travel.

The human mind can move through time from past to present or present or past to future and in any gear. Our ability to imagine future events is a recent evolutionary development, and unparalleled in the animal kingdom. "We are a race of time travelers," Gilbert says "unfettered by chronology and capable of visiting the future or revisiting the past whenever we wish. If our neural time machines are damaged by illness, age or accident, we may become trapped in the present. Alzheimer’s disease, for instance, specifically attacks the dark network, stranding many of its victims in an endless now, unable to remember their yesterdays or envision their tomorrows."

Neuroscientists refer to the dark network it as the brain’s default mode, which is to say that we spend more of our time in other modes. Posted by Casey Kazan.

Daniel Gilbert Video on Evolution & the "Fat Brain"

Story Link


Time travel? A theory. But our brain ("our", "my brain"), who is asking? Through hard testing, I came to the conclusion that
"I" am a small energy field, using the brain throughout its physical life, for different ends. For instance, representatives of traditional Medicine currently keep stating that "there is no possibility of regenerating cartilage..." Having showed to the medics who left me with a stiff leg for life; that I managed to regenerate the shattered kneecap and recover the 100% use of my knee joint and leg, got no practical reaction. Same, when I used my brain as a tool once again, to regenerate a crushed intervertebral disc. After trying (unsuccessfully) some 100 times to help people suffering from column related problems, am posting messages like this in the hope that SOMEONE OUT THERE SHOULD HEAR ME. Developed a simple routine, adaptable to each person's character.
Believe that the lack of interest is the preference to believe in something esoteric, with no proof of result, like a virgin birth 2009 years ago; or millenium old messages from cruel Gods or prophets, promising from 70 virgins to suicides, to the eternal bliss consisting of watching a God's face for eternity. This is what generates power and money through the ages. Giving people happiness and health, seems to be a wrong turn of the road.

Simon Says

Are you joking?

You might be good but NOBODY is that good!

also, they meant "time travel" as a flowery way of describing memories and expectations.

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