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China's UFO Insanity

500x_article-1211715-0651BCF1000005DC-865_634x286The UFO area of the internet, wedged firmly between (and overlapping with) the paranoid conspiracy section and the Star Trek fan-fiction boards, has been clamoring over news that the Chinese Purple Mountain Observatory lived up to its name by observing an actual Unidentified Flying Object.  And if your bullshit detector just went off, well done on knowing about UFO fans, but in this case there are problems in the reporting as well as the raving lunatics.

Reports in the Telegraph and Daily Mail lent a credence not usually found in the insaner online reporters (like the "All News Web" which not only reported on the UFO, but identified the exact species of alien involved.  "Axthadan", if you're interested).  The articles featured photographs, even videos of mysterious saucer-shaped splodges in the sky - along with confirmed statements from real scientists that they'd seen something!

If you didn't spot the flaw in that sentence, you're not alone.  The phrasing of the article has observatory director Ji Hai-sheng confirming that they spotted something near the sun, just under photographs taken by a student of the bizarre shape in the sky, and is extremely careful to never prosecutably state that the two are in any way the same thing.  They're just going to put these blurry pictures which make the Loch Ness Monster images look like a passport photo above a scientific statement about an entirely unrelated observation and hope the dumbasses will do the rest.  And they did.

It also relies on the average user not being able to translate the Chinese: the televised report does indeed report on recordings of strange shapes in the sky.  Recordings taken by a student and his grandmother, not scientists, in fact almost the exact opposite of scientists, and featuring objects so crappily recorded that they've as much chance of being the return of unicorns as they have of being alien craft.

Oh, did we mention they totally jam one of the student pictures right in the middle of a paragraph where the scientist was talking about analyzing the unexplained data?  We should totally mention that.  It's aggressively misleading presentation of information, an utterly shameless attempt to get attention (success!) without ever quite actually "lying".  Just presenting the information in a way to give a completely false impression.  Wait a minute, that is like lying.

Luke McKinney

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Highly Recommended:

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Telegraph Report


While I have not yet made the transition from Pollyanna optimist to bitter misanthrope, stories like this remind me that humanity really is not all that much brighter than our great ape cousins. Except that there is more than mere stupidity involved here. There is a noticeable lack of intellectual integrity on the part of those trying to make this into something it's not. The same lack of intellectual integrity found in creationists, conspiracy theorists, and other promoters of woo.

The older I get, the less gladly I suffer fools.

This article is a dead giveaway that this site is censured and we will never get the truth. UFO's, Crop Circles, Nibiru and anything that actually exists but is kept from the public.

The reality is illusionary or not! Sometimes we see something which others present on the same site do not concur with. Camera's however are not supposed to lie. But then if the person claiming to have used the camera in this event, have not brought a print out which is not from the same camera, but some other event recorded earlier.
Personally, i believe that UFO's exist, but their appearances are usually associated with sudden disappearance worries me. Why we can not have several observers recording the same event?

This picture seems a false.

However PLS do not be so sure about 'all' these strange pictures.

Some of them might be real...some sights may be less fakes than others.

I wold say that even though some of these things are clearly fakes they cannot be used to conclude that ALL pictures are FAKES.

Regards to strange things without an explanation

U. F. O. = UNIDENTIFIED Flying Object, no more, no less.

Jay -

Some people hear the 3 letters " U.F.O. " & they think "ooooohh... Visitors from outer space....... Whooooooo !!! "

Why do so many U.F.O. & abduction reports come from Kansas, Kentuck cornfields & Louisiana bayous ? ( & also Brazilian farmers, & people in the Australian outback ? )
I'm thinking a combination of boredom & the desire to liven things up a little, maybe combined with the local equivalent of moonshine & " whacky tobaccky ". Why don't these things appear over NYC, Chicago, London, the Giza plateau, Paris, etc. ? They NEVER do, except in science - fiction movies & series' like
" V " or " Independence Day ".

I believe in extra - terrestrial life. I just don't think they would bother with us, especially since the human race is busy at present making war over oil, squabbling about who can marry who, whose God is the one & only God, & befouling the planet. Their dictum regarding us might be - " Don't touch those humans ! They're crazy & you don't know WHERE they've been !! ". Cynical ? Maybe. But I think I'm close to the truth here.

That's not a UFO.

The Sky Goddess chose to manifest Her lips.

gs -

The shadow of Her smile ???

I believe in UFO's, but that doesn't automatically mean they're other - worldly space craft. The imaginative part of my mind would like to think they were " real " UFO's.

Around the infamous Area 51, there are **supposedly** testing grounds for experimental aerospace craft that would seem, to some impressionable / gullible types, to be vehicles of
" alien " origin that are being tested by humans.

We are developing new & different aerospace vehicles, some designed to go to LEO, some are designed for VTOL & then to fly horizontally like conventional air - craft.

Most likely THOSE are UFO's in the sane, down to Earth sense of the word. No crashed saucers, no alien tech, no " alien " bodies to autopsy. & no cover - ups of human / alien cooperation.

Part of the problem is that people on both sides of the coin are so quick to jump to conclusions one way or another. If you would actually investigate this a little instead of just assuming this story is all there is and this picture is all there is, you'd actually find that their is a video...of an solar eclipse...gasp, with an unidentified flying object flying in front of the moon as it transits in front of the sun. Is it an alien ship? Probably not. Probably a satellite or an asteroid, or maybe not. That's why the video needs to be analyzed, and determined if any of our objects up there were traveling in that direction at that time. But to just brush it away with the sideshow story of the grandmother and her son is just not doing this justice. Oh, and here's the ACTUAL VIDEO:

It's hard to see but you'll see it transit Luna at the left edge.

I had read that the observatory had 40 minutes of video of the object & they were studying it.

There was no mention of when or ever releasing it.

Many articles are confusing other sightings by other people.

How did this get on the main digg page? I don't mean to be rude but this article reads like a bad parody of skepticism.

You're upset that they insinuate the relation of two observations even there is no substantiation of this? Your response is worse as far as rational arguments go -- you state categorically that it's "an entirely unrelated observation." Geeze. Just the fact the two observations correlate in time and nature render this statement hopelessly wrong.

"almost the exact opposite of scientists" - This statement is entirely meaningless. Just say they're not scientists.

"they've as much chance of being the return of unicorns" - What's that, unicorns once inhabited Earth?

Incidentally, I have no point of view as to how valid the UFO observations are, it just annoys me no end to see someone making such a tainted argument in the process of critiquing tainted reporting. Urgh. People read UFO reports as light entertainment anyway, it's not an important part of journalism to attack. There are much, much better targets.

Like it or not, a lot of people believe that something happened in China.

90% of people replying to an online survey believe that it was a UFO.

I think UFO's are real.
electronic cigarette

This article is all kinds of fail, from simple grammar issues like starting sentences with the word "And", to disrespecting level headed people harshly in the opening two paragraphs.

U.F.O's are real. Have any of you seen the videos from the US south, mexico and south america that show thousands of light orbs flying around each other while witnessed by thousands of people each time. It's not a question of if there is something up there, it's a question of what is up there.

I got to this page through Digg's main page. "...It's aggressively misleading presentation of information, an utterly shameless attempt to get attention (success!) without ever quite actually "lying". Just presenting the information in a way to give a completely false impression. Wait a minute, that is like lying.". That's like the kettle calling the pot black, way to go, you fail.

Why are these pictures always blurry and fuzzy? You'd think someone would have a decent camera around for once. Honestly folks, if aliens had the technology to actually get to earth from another solar system light years away, I'm sure they would also posses some technology that would make them totally undetectable to us. So in other words if we have been really visited by aliens, we would probably never know the wiser unless of course they were in trouble and crashed like say in a podunk town somewhere in southern New Mexico.

i hate people who act like they know everything and anything about the world, and totally put down any sort of information that goes slightly against the things they believe are fact. Fuck 100 years ago peoples belief patterns were completely different, if you started to tell stories about the future where everyone has equal rights and the world is round and electricity flows through everything, you would be banished or killed, or some one would write a really close minded article about your findings. And post it as if everything that ever came out of the hole in his face was fact, and with this faux confidence others will feel dumb for thinking differently, and culture will be mesmerized by lame reality shows while the so called intelligent scientists continually spew so called facts to be proven wrong 30 to 50 to 100 years later.

All I have to say is that this is one of the most subjective and grammatically unintelligible articles I have read on the daily galaxy.
Jill H and Sally's comments some this up well.

Ross Burns writes:


Actually it's an excellent example of what often passes for skepticism these days: abysmally uninformed opinion by rabid know-it-alls who have done zero homework on the field on question, and engage in unjustifiable rhetoric on behalf of the real or imagined status quo. The scientific method be damned.

If you've practiced any profession or activity for more than a few years you can smell a rube a mile away. Most self-styled "skeptics" don't realize how badly they're embarrassing themselves by their ignorant assertions and twisted logic.

Granted, some things are true even if debunkers say they're true -- occasionally a skeptic does bust a hoax or two, and that's all well and good. But by and large their arrogant attitude grossly misrepresents the spirit of proper scientific inquiry. It has also caused grievous harm to the work of many people who are genuinely attempting to solve some of the most important and provocative mysteries of our time. In some cases it has delayed the proper investigation of these phenomena by decades.

Dan Drasin
Author, "Zen... and the Art of Debunkery"

" I'd love to see one of those damn silly lights, because I believe that there is intelligent life out there " - CE3K.

I would REALLY love to see a U.F.O. & have a board of scientific skeptics there ON SITE to see it, too. Especially if it landed or left some tangible evidence of its presence ! But what are the odds of that coincidence happening ? & have Penn & Teller AND James Randi there !!! They'd be tough nuts to crack !! If THEY were convinced, that would have some significance.

But such a scenario isn't likely to happen.

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